Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday, Bethi....

Although Bethi's birthday was, actually, on the first, I still wanted to share her birthday post, haha :). I ended up writing it on her birthday, but got called away and never came back to add pictures and edit it. It was a busy week, as we'd just gotten back from a trip to SC (I'll try to share more about that later this week!), and I had an Etsy shop order for 22 bookmarks! After that... I don't know why I didn't post this. But here it is now :)!

Bethi is eleven years old :)! Bethi is very bright. Those neon sort of colors? They perfectly fit her. They also look really good on her, haha :). But whenever we see a neon pink/purple/green, pretty much everything, one of us sure to say "That looks like Bethi...", heehee :). She's also called our little chipmunk, because, especially when she was littler, her laugh just has a chipmunk quality that is really cute :).

Bethi reads, and reads, and reads, every spare moment spent inside! History books, fiction books, how-to books, she loves them. She also really loves gardening, watering her little potted plants and pouring over flower books all the time. She tried to plant a garden down in the one area of free space we have in the backyard, but the squirrels had dug up the seeds and eaten them within a week, so she's had to settle for the pots until we get a more plant-friendly place. She chose to spend her birthday afternoon browsing the bookstore gardening section with a coffee in hand :).

Bethi enjoys making more "uncommon" dishes, like homemade donuts or breadsticks, and holding babies. She also enjoys laughing -and making Tori laugh. When she was about five, she would make up the most un-understandable "jokes"... things like "Why did the pizza cross the sea? Lobsters!", lol.... and, given how random they were, we would laugh, so she would make more. Even now, although she won't make new ones, she repeats some of her old "favorites" just to get Tori to laugh, haha :). And she LOVES making lists- for everything. And I mean everything, heehee :).

Happy birthday, Bethi :)!!!! I love you :)!!!