Sunday, July 15, 2018

Life Lately ✽ A Little Chat

Why is it that whenever I actually feel like it would be fun to do a month wrap up post, there is no reason for one? What is this strange irony? Why do I do this to myself? Haha...

Also, I just realized that sometime last January I stopped using the double title with the flower emoticon in the middle. I didn't mean to, it just happened. Hmmmm... Why? I didn't really want to use it for every one... but I meant to use it for ones that didn't have an obvious main title, because I kind of thought it was cute.
I just realized why it was. I haven't had a real "scattered" post since January, other than month wrap ups (although I mean those to be in this style as well). I always have an agenda when I blog, because I rarely blog. Oops. Oh well.

I have a lot that I could be doing right now... I have letters to write and crocheting to do and I don't even remember the last time I journaled... those little productively quiet activities that always sound like the perfect way to fill a Sunday afternoon with before I do my evening bible study. But I kind of wanted to blog about nothing in particular, haha... so here I am, sitting in our comfortable new chairs given us by a moving church member, enjoying so cold tea, and laughing at our wet little birds across the room. They always look dirtier wet than they do beforehand, but they are so FLUFFY when they dry!

I guess while I am here, I could share those garden snippets I was gonna share weeks ago... the only issue is, now it's all outdated, haha. Oh well. I don't have recent pictures!

Looking back on this pictures is kind of fun, because I feel like our garden is still so small, but looking at these, the basil is twice that size now and ready to dry! Basil smells delicious. I love to water it on a hot day and get to enjoy it's aroma!

And these tomatoes? They have to be three times this size now! I haven't seen them flower yet, though, and I am getting impatient. (Like patience has ever been my strongest virtue anyway, why would that fact be surprising ;P?)

This is the bell pepper bed. No, that big plant dominating the bed is not a bell pepper. The bell peppers came up a week later than they were expected, while a cucumber plant, that should NOT have been there, merrily grew as fast as it could, haha!

I didn't think the bell peppers would make it since they took so long to come up, but the plants look good now, we'll just have to see if we actually get vegetables from them!

It's seriously hilarious looking at these pictures. These cucumber plants in live time can't stand up right anymore, are probably a couple feet long, and flowering! I am expecting (or at least hoping) to see little cucumbers any time now. The cucumbers we planted last time we had a real garden were the best plants we had, so I'm not surprised these are doing so well!

Our squash did so well at first, and even flowered, I was so excited. But I am guessing they didn't have enough moisture for the flowering stage, because as soon as they'd flower, they'd wither, it was sad. Our lettuce didn't make it either, and we're still trying to determine the carrots and green onions.

Okay. These plants. I am so proud of myself, and feel like there is a lesson in here somewhere, haha. I asked Mama one evening f she had planted something new in the mailbox bed, and she told me no, just what we had planted in May.
"There's just some really cute plants in there... I wondered if you put something in there..."
"Still?" she asked. "You just weeded."
"Yeah, but I left those. They were cute."
She told me I should pull them before they took over, and I did, but without telling anyone but Bethi (who I could tell agreed with me that they were too cute to throw out), I planted them in an empty pot in the vegetable garden. Mind you, they were just leaves at this time. I truly thought they were weeds, although cute weeds.
Yes. I transplant weeds, y'all. That's the kind of gardener I am.
ANYWAY, fast forward two weeks to when I actually took these pictures to admit to y'all that I was cultivating weeds, and I noticed... those little feathery cone shaped buds...

These are flowers the girls gave Mama last year. We decided these weren't coming back because they should have been up by that point, plowed all the mailbox dirt up, removed giant weeds that ripped up the soil, laid down SOOOOOO. MUCH. ant killer, and planted new flowers in May. And then mid June, I throw out about fifteen of these, save the biggest even though they are weeds, and then find out they were actually our flowers.
I transplanted another three from the mailbox last week, too. They were obviously ground spreaders, haha! (Or we just really mixed them all up into the dirt, who knows.) But our five last year became ten this year, despite throwing out so many small ones!

These are also "weeds", but I didn't transplant these ones. They are growing out behind the vegetable garden, so I left them ;). We also obviously have passion vine in the garden, but it was in between the beds, so I left it, because I loved passion vines when I was little, but they never flowered. Oh well! I love all the yard work, but even with Bethi and I together doing all the weeding, it seems we are never caught up! As soon as we finish all the different areas, I realize that the first beds are full again, and we start over. It's a good thing that weeding is Bethi's favorite part ;).

We believe we had some sort of nest near the house, but we never did find it. But as the babies got older, we started to hear them frequently when we would sit in the family room; I told Mama they sounded like little squeaky tire swings, haha :). I haven't heard them for a couple days. I think we started hearing them as they got bigger and started trying out their wings, because I saw tiny birds hopping around out there a couple of times, and my guess is they are now on their own! I'm happy to suspect a bird's family actually made it this year. We don't have a lot of luck discovering a nest that has a happy ending :P.

Life has been busy the past week. We've been working on thoroughly deep cleaning the house (like, Mama is steam cleaning chairs and we're washing walls, haha), and normal life always continues. I've also been helping with a summer program held by the church that I volunteer at, working with their special needs program. A lot of the participants also go to the monthly respites that I help with, and it's been really neat. I'm only there five days out of the program, but three of those days were all last week, and by the third day, it was obvious that several of them were beginning to look for me there. These same ones have always accepted me at the respites before, but now they have kind of adopted me as belonging there, as well, which I think it cute. They are developing patterns for when they see me, which has been interesting; for instance, one of the younger girls has been testing my artistic skills. Hint: I have none. But she doesn't care, she expects me to draw anyway. I have a challenge for you all: tell me how to draw imagination. Please. This has been a struggle, because she frequently wants me to try my hand at this one, and I HAVE NO IDEAS. She's currently gracious enough to allow me to write the word instead, but I am just waiting for the day that she's in a determined mood and that's not enough anymore ;)!

My instagram Friday: *login from an unusual device to your account*
Eh, odd. *changes password*
My instagram Saturday: *login from an unusual device to your account*
Okay, that's actually creepy. *changes password*
My instagram today: *login from an unusual device to your account*
WAIT A SECOND. *double checks* THAT IS MY DEVICE, YOU STUPID COMPUTER. The only one I EVER get on instagram with, might I add. Since when is the only device a person uses their unusual device?!

I'm also working on a project for Baby Bear, who is expected anytime after next week! I did a 19x19 inch granny sqaure in 48 hours last week, and I will admit I was a bit thrilled with how it was coming together, haha :). Of course, now that the rows are getting longer (I'm spiraling out) it's taking me a but longer to see it grow past that. as it's now taking me over half an hour to take it up by just 2 inches and I have to be careful not to overdo it, so that I don't have to stop ;). My wrist never has really cleared up in the last year, just stayed under control, so, I'm going with it, carefully, haha.

And I think I have discovered that my laptop monitor color is off, because that picture looks SO much more blue on my laptop than on my phone, and I am beginning to wonder if maybe that's why I have such a hard time editing pictures for Etsy?! Something to experiment with...

Speaking of Etsy, not only am I trying to keep a blog for my shop, which you can view at, but there will be a new item listed this week! (Hopefully tomorrow, as long as I get home in time from the summer program... I have to post it about 2 for Etsy search reasons, and I often forget to do anything useful the first half hour I am back home, haha.)

That's about it around here, other than all the little moments that are worth holding on to but I feel probably boring to read about, haha. I'm hoping to be around a big more here soon... I have two tags I have yet to fill out, and a post I would love to share about a bible study I will be finishing up tonight :). But we shall see... I always make the best laid plans ;P.

Rejoicing in Hope,

Thursday, July 5, 2018

June in Review (Which Means the Year is Half Over Already?!)

Watching Veggietales while we older ones set up Emmi's party, because distraught toddlers need distraction from the fact that they didn't get to leave the house with the birthday girl, haha.

Emmi suspected what her birthday theme would be and apparently told Peter, "If I have a Care Bear birthday, set up all the Care Bears by the door so I will know." Nobody else knew that she had charged him with this task, but I had literally not even finished locking the door behind them before he was dragging the bin out!

I've been having some fun trying to do a bit of handlettering :). I'm willing to unveil this one here because I'm not happy with it yet, haha ;). I'll show the finished project on my shop blog/page later!

That, my dear readers, was found in a bag of baby carrots. I had to cut it in fourths.
And our favorite recipe site has been taken down, so we had to guess how to make the roasted root veggies, and I had to write down two recipes that I had memorized so that I'm not the sole holder of their yumminess,  and I'm trying to remember if all the other recipes were printed off or not... (Nope. We don't have our crouton recipe...)


"Popcorn is so much work to make."
*Spontaneously makes cookies instead*
"I mean... not that this isn't work. But I got excited."

Noah, after Andrew tapped the bottom of Noah's cup while he was drinking: "I saw your noise."

*everybody coughing*
*Noah, who is not sick, coughs too*
Tori: "Feeling left out, Noah?"
Noah: "Sometimes."

Joey: " Where is that book, Mommy?"
Mama: "Over here."
"IN YOUR EAR?!?!?!"

Josiah: "Can we listen to Piano Guys?"
*Tori and Joey watch some piano tutorials*
Tori telling us the story later: "He asked for the tutorials I watch and he liked them, but eventually he got bored, and then he went, 'Tori, you know what would be really funny? If we watched what I actually asked for first.' I should have laughed the whole time we watch Piano Guys and told him he was right, this was funny."

Noah: "I not a see bug, I not a see bug!"

Noah at the zoo:
Looking at the crocodiles: "It's a crocodino, it's a crocodino!"
Looking at the ostriches: "It's a big duckie!"
After getting off the merry-go-round (which he was slightly intimidated by, but enjoyed nevertheless!): "Yay!!! That was amazing!!!"
Hearing some children in the aquarium squealing about the fish: *joins their family* *Squeals along with them*

Some guy after watching me and Noah in the aquarium for a minute, to Noah: "Hi there!"
To me: "You can TELL he's your's! He looks just like you."
Er... um... thanks?... but...
Hahahahaha. For you older sisters of large families DO you get mistaken for your sibs mothers? And what do you say? Because I always feel rude and flat saying "Actually, he/she is my brother/sister/these are my siblings", but... there is nothing else to say.

Me: "I need to grab my name tag so they don't lock the church down when I get there."
Mama: "That would almost be funny..."
Me: *leaves my name tag in the van and doesn't realize it until Mama gets out of the parking lot*
At least I noticed it before I went in, haha...

Mama randomly told me I make pretty taco salads, and after my comment about a salad being a work of art last month (which Mama had neither heard nor read yet), I had to laugh!

Tori said Josiah fluffed his hair like Mama does to Noah's, in an attempt to bring out the curls he doesn't have, and when he saw the result, regretted it and smoothed it immediately, haha!

Mama: *reorganizes all the books, fitting each one perfectly onto the shelves*
Mama: *pulls out her chair to sit down for supper, and finds the biggest book we own sitting on it*

Andrew is standing beside me with a grin on his face.
I reach over and push down on his shoulders to get him off his tip toes.
I laugh uncontrollably as I realize... he's not ON his tip toes.

*Noah and Mama talking about Baby*
*Noah has a sudden revelation*
"That not Baby Bear! That a ball!!!"

Josiah, sneaking, sneaking around the house, when I look up at him:
*giggles* "That was a bad part of the spy. You saw me."

Noah, whenever he doesn't want to do something: "Oh, I so sick!"

Noah, when Tori asked him to do something: "I have a scratch!"
"I have bruises!"
"I soooooo sick!"
"No you aren't."
"Oh. ...I sooooooo tired!"


-June started with Emmi's birthday! Our baby sister is 8 now. It's so odd to realize we don't have a "little" girl anymore, after the family was mostly girls for so long! She took Mama and Daddy and Abbi to the zoo, and they rode ponies and had ice cream and enjoyed all that fun zoo busyness. Abbi and Emmi truly fill their birthdays to the brim. It was so late when they got home, and we still had gifts and cake to do afterwards. And then she stayed up after that... haha! She was so exhausted by the time it was all over.

-Our church held a lady's yarn fellowship, and Bethi (who has not shown any interest in crocheting or knitting for about 6 years now) and I went. It was fun, there was all kinds of yarn and all kinds of projects there that the ladies had brought as examples or inspiration or to finish. And some of the ladies were learning, and some were teaching, and some were just there for the company, and we had a salad buffet for lunch. One sweet lady there (she's one of ten children, so she has really taken our family in!) taught me how to make granny squares. It's not hard, but I have never taken the time to learn the science behind it, so when she asked if I knew how, I responded no. She told me she'd teach me, then. I sat down and picked up a crochet hook, to which she asked if I wanted a larger one, because that was more of a professional sized one and would be harder to use. I told her I was good. She showed me how to make a granny square, and then started showing me all the baby items she crochets. They were gorgeous, and as we were talking, I showed her a picture of the baby set I made for Noah... which, when she saw, caused her to promptly asked WHY she had just shown me how to crochet granny squares if I could already do something like that. "You asked, and I hadn't ever made one before!", I tried to explain, but she waved me off and told me that next time I need to be one of those teaching. Yes ma'am... haha! I think I got off easy with her, though, because I had been working with Bethi ;). Who CAN crochet. She just won't if it's not social, I guess...

-We went for our annual summer blueberry picking. Unfortunately it was really hot and several people were down right miserable by the time we finished, with half the blueberries we usually get. But we had lots of yummy berries for eating, plain or with strawberries and whipped cream, and making muffins and blueberry crisp, with some left in the freezer now. Noah was sooooo cute; he was very careful to only pick the blue ones (and sticks, but hey, he's a two year old boy, what could you expect? Sticks are all the rage), and about twenty minutes in, he apparently told Mama, out of the blue; "I happy!" Too cute <3!

How was your June :)? Two things that really stood out to you during the month? And how was your 4th of July :)?

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri <3

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sketches of Summer

Together we pull weeds, Bethi and I, with only a comment or two, perfect comradeship without words, because we are both doing something we love together. A gentle breeze blows just often enough to make the heat almost unnoticed, and centipedes travel rapidly past our fingers, unafraid of our invasion of their territory, unlike the timid pill bugs. We are gleeful over the simple facts that the lettuce is still standing, the bell peppers have finally shown their tiny leaves, the tomatoes which were wilting are now standing straight and growing in height from careful attention. "I don't know why, but I think I like weeding the best out of gardening," Bethani muses. The straight rows rising out of what was once chaos is satisfying.

The sun is beating down almost unbearably on anything that dares to show it's face to the out-of-doors; the sun is so bright, it is almost dizzying. But the garden is a friend, and it needs a helping hand even more on such a day as this. The carrot tops, feathery, abundant, thickly green, hide many weeds under canopies formed by intertwining plants, beginning to think of needing more room The squash shows little buds, the promise of fruit for our attentive care. Mental notes to transplant that pepper and stake the top-heavy tomato plants; the ground is hard and dry; it doesn't feel like anything could live in it. But the mist of water spreads it's beautiful prisms of color across the enclosure as the sun glints off it's surface, the gentle drops of liquid soak into the earth, and the ground is transformed into a life giving home for these spears of green.

I'm called to the window to see the little bunny that is nibbling clover under our double dining room windows. He's promptly named Timmy; and almost as quickly called Tiny Tim, for even a bunny is not exempt from having an endearing nickname. He seems to know we are watching, ready to run if the noises he hears turn out to be alarming, but he's not truly afraid, and seems to feel that the half hour of twilight is one to be enjoyed. He nibbles some more, and then lazily hops across the yard, and enjoys a long stalk of grass. Then he ambles and hurriedly hops by turns to the wooden yard fence, to creep along it through the bushes to his home in the woods. We expect to see him again; he has shown up just enough of late to make us feel as if we are a regular stop.

A light flashes in the dusk; it grabs my attention and I stand riveted at the window rather than hurrying past as I intended. Another and another blink on for a lingering moment, and then fade to be replaced by another. The display is simple and beautiful, reminding me of being seven years old and sitting out in my grandparents yard after a Fourth of July party, watching the fireflies put on their own light show. They are just as vivid and special this night, and their fairy sparkles over my garden fill me with a strong feeling of whimsy not often noticed, but cherished for it's briefness. I step out onto the deck, rid myself of the confining, distancing glass door. Here I am a part of the gentle night noises, the quiet stillness, surrounded by the twinkling lights that show the creativity and love for beauty that my Father not only created, but placed in me to love. 

Summer is here in full in South Carolina, and though the moment it arrives is difficult to tell, for often it feels it never truly ends, these little things are proof of the change, and a reminder that the simple moments can be breathtakingly beautiful and a gift contentedly taken is always a joy to the one who receives it. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Looking Back at May

Noah quietly playing by himself while we put together Bethi's little party.

I found a really off bug coming in from weeding, y'all. (But it's NOTHING like the beetles we've seen the last week. They are. so. big. ::shudder::)

Working on new product ;)!


Me: "Out of 8 women on this thing, 3 are Anne and two are Jane."
Tori: "What kind of poem was that?"
*blinks* Bethi had to explain to me that I made a rhymn, haha...

Joey: "I better get out of here before the fan messes up my hair!"

*sees someone on the internet say they are a crazy cat lady, but only have one cat*
*looks up from my phone as I realize I have zero cats*
"Okay, she could be a crazy cat lady. Amount of cats has nothing to do with it."

After weeks of Noah calling me Burrito, he is now in turn called Dorito, if anybody is interested ;). Except he hasn't seemed to notice yet, and I don't know if he just "gets it", or if he truly ignores me that much.

Me, as I am cooking in the kitchen and hear noises in the family room: "Awww, who's taking care of their beak?"
Thinks of this and laughs:

Image result for the only thing dog and cat people agree on is bird people meme

"A salad is a work of art." *stares happily at my salad*
Bethi: "Yeah... but I don't have that art..."

Standing in the kitchen of the church eating ice cream with some of the girls, when one of them says "I don't think I will have any, actually. I don't need it, I had a brownies today."
All of us; "WHAT!??!?!? But it's ICE CREAM."
One of us: "Well, but we feel bad for eating in front of you."
Responsible one: "It's okay, it's my choice."
Another of the girls: "Well, good choice!"
Literally at the exact same time, me: "But it's a bad choice."
Whoops. Don't count on me for support in turning down ice cream. Find you an Emily instead.

Tori: "My voice won't talk."

When the visiting evangelist gives a demonstration of what biblically speaking in tongues really looked like, and says "I am going to go out on a limb here, pastor, and say you don't speak swahili," (because who does, right?) and your sister jabs you and your dad tries to get your attention, because you actually know some swahili and they find it hilarious that he would choose that one. Good thing he didn't ask me, I would have ruined the demonstration ;).

Bethani, anfter I had joked to her that she needed to watch out for Andrew: "He's grown up, I didn't know I still had to take care of him."
Me: "BETHANI. You still take care of MEEEEE!!!!!"
Bethi: "Yeah, but, you're not grown up yet."
She just said she considers Andrew more capable than I am, y'all.
I would argue... but it half an hour that same day I had broken the straw to my cup and fallen into a wall. Sooooo... it wasn't a good day to argue.

Noah, dabbing at my face; "There's shwoklate, there's shwoklate."
"Chocolate? That's a mole, buddy."
Tori: "There's chocolate!? Lick it off!"
Noah: "NO. It's moldy!"

Josiah, obviously sick; "I just don't know what is the matter!!!"
"Josiah, you are sick."
"Nooooo, I am noooooot.
...I am never going to feel better..."
He truly said it in the saddest little wail, but it was so... Josiah like.

Tori, practicing her scales and arpeggios: "Ugh, this is hard."
*tosses book away* *plays a whole composition by ear to relax*

Tori: "I can't play this song, my hands don't stretch a whole octave! Bri, how far do your hands stretch?
No fair! You can reach OVER an octave!!!"
I got her extra key reach, now I just need to figure out how to use it...

Noah has a nightmare, wakes up, and explains that "the frogs in the movie scared him". All of us girls: "HE CALLS DREAMS MOVIES!!!"


Bethani became a teenager on her May Day birthday! We celebrated with a family party themed in cacti and llamas with a pink color scheme... because how much more Bethani can you get ;)?

I got to meet the wonderful Ashley behind Precious Moments! She and her mom drove by us to get to a wedding, and on the way back down, they stopped by our church to meet! It was so neat, and Ashley is so cheerful and gentle! We have been writing and getting to know each other for a while now, but it's fun to know each other outside of the page, as much as I love handwritten letters to connect :). 

Our church held a Justin Peters' "Clouds Without Water" conference, and though most of the family missed it due to being sick, some of us got to go to all the sessions, and it was really good. If you are interested in a biblical look at the Word of Faith movement or christianity as it is in our culture today, or in biblical teaching at all, it's up on our church's website to listen to for free. You can hear the first one here:, and there are links to the others near the bottom of the page :).

Daddy and Bethani and Andrew and I all went to a "near-by" park to see the synchronized fireflies, and despite the fact that Daddy and Andrew were attacked by some kind of large flying insect for 45 minutes, it drizzled off and on, Andrew had an allergic reaction to the mosquitoes, and my night vision is about none-existent and I couldn't see four feet in front of me for the last fifteen minutes of the walk back and kind of freaked out, haha... the actual moments that we stopped to watch the fireflies all blinking together up in the trees were worth coming for. It really was neat! It was a wonderful experience to have had... but I'm enjoying the unsynchronized fireflies through the window lately too ;). Daddy and Andrew had been to this park before, and we have a picture of Andrew on a tree that was way out in the water this time, the water was so much higher!

How was your month :)? Did anyone get to see the fireflies? What was something fun that your month included :)?

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri <3

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This is April's Wrap-up Post

Yes, it is very late. Yes, it is the reason I haven't blogged for almost two months. Yes, I have a lot of post ideas in my head after such a long break. No, that doesn't mean I'm back to stay, because I seem to be really bad at this consistency thing. BUT, I have missed you all, and do HOPE to do better for a while, even if I can't promise ;). And I had most of this half written and all of it jotted down in some way or another, and so I thought; why waste it ;)? I like to look back at laugh at the little things that happened that, usually, I have already forgotten (?!), and so I hope you can chuckle over them too :). 


Me: "Noah, is it hard work to be two?"
Noah: "No." Then, as if to prove his point: "...Veggietales."
Veggietales makes being two easy. Mkayyyyyy...

UPDATE a couple weeks later: This is what he meant when he said that. This child's reading comprehension is amazing to me, because he made that connection between the conversation and this book, which goes on to talk about how being small isn't so bad after all (because little guys can do big things too, obviously). I mean. Wow, NoNo. You're adorably smart.

Me: *bonks everything in the kitchen in quick secession*
Bethi: "Clumsy today?"
Me: "ME? Clumsier than USUAL?!?!"
Tori: "Wow, everybody away from Bri."

Me: *Writes secession as secessio and contemplates leaving it for Tori to find*

Tori: "Noah, what is a genius?"
Noah: "Josiah!"

Me to Peter: "Why do boys fight so much?" (Wrestling/tumbling, not mad ;).)
Peter: "I don't know!" (In a little tone that said, why would I ask if I couldn't figure it out.)
Peter, with sudden enlightenment: "I think... it's to make us... STRONGER."

Mama said Noah seems to finally be making the connection about Baby... they were talking and he asked "Kicking you???"
Finally: "Get it out!!!"

Noah has called me Burrito instead of Bri about 80% of the time he talks to me for weeks (edit at this time: months) now.

Noah as Daddy tells us goodnight (pretty much every night, because he is controlling and wants things to happen in a certain order, haha): "LIGHT."
Noah after Daddy turns off the light: "Whew. THANK you."
Tori: "Noah, you are bossy."
Noah: "Not Bossy."
Noah, two minutes later,  after no one has said anything else to him, he just wants us to stop talking to each other: "NOT BOSSY, STOP GUYS, SHHHHHH!!!"

Daddy: "Do I need to stop for anything on the way home?"
Mama: ...
Noah: "Pizza."
Mama: "Noah wants pizza..."

Me: "I WANT a caffeinated coffee, but I'll be responsible."
Mama a few days later: "I'm going to be responsible. Just get me a decafe."
"Mama, do you realize both of us use the word "responsible" most often in connection with coffee?"
Daddy: "Yeah... but I've never heard you use it with the word 'chocolate'."
One can only be so responsible.

Me: *texts Tori two questions*
Tori: "IDK. And IDK..."
Well, that's it. Nobody must know.

Mama took a picture of a teddy bear and her google phone app told her it identified a pet picture. It hasn't even identified our birds as pets before...

Aunt Tessa: "What do you think the rest of your family will do tomorrow?"
*gives her the two options on how the day might go taking into account one variable*
Mama the next day: *texts me they are doing one of the two variables exactly*
Aunt Tessa: "Tori isn't answering you back anymore."
Me: *looks at clock* "She will in a little bit. If I had to guess, they are getting the little ones ready for an early bedtime tonight so the older ones can do an ice cream night."
Tori:  *texts and lets me know they are doing that exactly*
Aunt Tessa: "It's kind of bazaar how you know exactly what's happening at home."
We're just predictable ;).

*I am texting Tori badly written sentences in "regional dialect" (think southern, british, scottish, etc.) late at night while I was out of town to tease her because she couldn't stand to see me butcher them as I was*


Our parakeet learned how to open the cage door. We're not sure which one, but either way, it was an issue, because one is aggressive and knows that we can't get her if she sits behind the sink, and one of them is clumsy and panics if a human is within two feet of her, and so their cage is now bread tied closed, haha.

The world's oldest spider apparently died by a wasp attack this month. ::sniff:: BUT NO, REALLY, HOW CAN THEY EVEN TELL?!?!?!?!?

So, he's blurred, but there's a genuine Peter smile, which does not happen when you warn him first ;).

It is honestly SO hard for me to put the little boys in their own beds if they fall asleep in mine before going to bed. They are just so squishily sweet <3.

Bethani and Abbi and Emmi and I put in our garden in April, and there are definitely going to be some posts on that in the future, because at least the carrots and squash seem to be growing well, haha. I love gardening, I'd missed it!

Two very exciting things happened in April... For one, our precious new cousin arrived :)! We got to meet him a couple weeks later. I stayed with my Aunt Tessa for a couple days first, and I made this little hat and diaper set for baby Kevin ( I forgot to bring Walter the Snowgie along with me, so my cup had to be the head form I use while placing the pieces) while Aunt Tessa did some school work and we watched a movie with cookie dough, haha :). We're great multitaskers, and we get along great together ;).  Kevin is just so sweet, and we were so thrilled to get to see him and hold him and love him up!

And for another thing, Mama and Daddy completely shocked us on Resurrection by announcing that little Baby Bear is a BOY! They had known for weeks; it had been long enough that I had stopped suspecting them of hiding the secret, because I honestly didn't think Mama could wait that long if she knew, so they must have decided to be surprised again... but no, Mama just wanted to save it for an extra surprising surprise ;)! We're evenly split now; five girls and five boys! Mama never suspected, after having one lone boy in the midst of five girls, that one day she would get four little guys in a row! Josiah seemed to really "get" that there was a baby on the way after he learned that it was a brother... I guess it helped him fit the baby into the family in his mind. He hadn't really responded at all up until then, but as soon as we learned Baby was a boy, Josiah started talking about him constantly, and it's just been really sweet!


April ended with an experience I'd rather have forgone (well... changed, not forgone exactly), but it gave some opportunities for growth, and most of the month was wonderful and fun, something I am definitely reminded of editing my own post :) And each month, each day, each moment, is a gift from God no matter what, isn't it? God's planned everything for His glory and our benefit, and when you remember all the cause God has to remove us from Himself forever, it's just a blessing to realize that you are living in His grace!

April was also pretty much South Carolina's only month of spring, so, there is that to set it apart, as well ;).

Next up, May's recap... which is only slightly late right now, right ;)?

Many blessings,
Bri <3