Friday, May 5, 2017

Baking, blogging, and gardening ✽ Also, Joey thinks he's 30 if you didn't know

If I were a good blogger, this would be the monthly wrap up post that I told myself I would do every month this year... or, the birthday posts that I have yet to put up. I'm such a bad blogger. I know you aren't "supposed" to say that, because since each blogger is different, there is no reason to compare, and you're supposed to just let it be unique, etc... But the thing is, I'm not even comparing my blog to other blogs, I'm just comparing it to the unwritten but completely thought out posts in my head. Why can't there be a way to just think those words into a blog post? Because I would get a whole lot more posts and a whole lot less thoughts of "Ughhhhh, I have so much piled up" if I could do that ;)...

Also, if I were a responsible person, I would be crocheting or answering emails, or even just getting ready for bed right now. But I'm not doing that either. It's kind of a "spill-random-words-for-no-reason, don't-even-care-if-people-read-it" sort of evening. I get those sometimes... that's where most of my blog posts that don't have pictures in them come from, actually. Now you know ;).

I just finished some banana bread... Our recipe has been coming out super dry since we switched flours, so per Daddy's suggestion I made some changes... left out 1/2 cup of flour, added a banana, cooked it at 25 degrees lower for a little longer... it seems to have worked texture-wise, I just hope it still tastes good in the morning? I'll let you know... I'm worried about it right now, haha!

We worked in one of the flower beds this afternoon. It's been SO long since I did any gardening, and I really enjoyed it, EXCEPT, the WORMS, y'all. I have never seen such worms. So long, so wide, so many. I'm not kidding, I pulled up one plant -not a big one- and there were *5* giant worms curled all over each other. *gag* I used to pick up any worm I found on the road and throw it into the nearest lawn, but I NEVER would have touched these disgusting things (I say that, but I probably would have found something to move it with without touching it. I've still never forgiven myself for not seeing if that moth could have flown if I'd picked it up out of the snow and it had just warmed up for a minute.). Now that we've cleared out the weeds, though, we're pretty confident it should be pretty good growing soil, ha. That is, as long as the birds don't get all the worms now that there are no leaves to hide under. They were having a wonderful time out there this evening... Also, we found 50 snail shells (okay, I didn't actually count them...), a cicada shell (ugh!), and a cocoon of some sort. Hopefully it makes it longer than the caterpillar we found last year. It was so cute and Daddy let me name it Jocke and it was a fun little caterpillar, and I typed a whole blog post out about it, and then I noticed it might be dead, and, yeah...

Josiah when Noah got up: "Can I feed Noah? Here Noah, want a bite?"
Josiah every day: "Can I vacuum the boys room?"
Josiah when he saw the leaf blower: "Can I use that?!?!?!?"
Josiah when I helped him hold the leaf blower: "Can I do it myself?"
Josiah when we're done blowing leaves: "But I want to do mooooooore!!! Please can I do mooooorrrreeee???" *cries*
Josiah while "watching" Noah while he sat in his high chair while we worked in the kitchen: "I'm the boss, I'm the boss, Mama and Daddy's the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss..."
The child neither knows he's small, nor when to stop. Help us.
But he still asks to be fed his supper? He's so confusing. But I love my growling teddy bear.

I hope y'all have had a great week and have a refreshing weekend, and I'll try to be back soon to live up to my personal blogging standards, haha :).

Blessings in Christ,

Bri :)

*Whoops, almost forgot a title... that's not important, is it ;)? What link would blogger give your blog post if it had no title?... huh...