Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unexpected Captive ✽ State Spider

Earlier this week I was reading a post by a blogger I follow (hey Julia!), and she was telling us about a huge spider she found at the park. Literally the next day, I walked outside. I was just going to see if the basketball hoop in our backyard would be usable if we got a new net, because I had forgotten to when Mama asked me the day before. I saw a clear rubber maid, and thought that was weird. So I peek in it.


I kind of freaked out, because I figured, since the rubbermaid was from the garage, then that thing had been living in our garage. I checked the basketball hoop, and as I walked back by it, I couldn't help taking another peek, it was so nasty and fascinating.

And then I noticed that there were little tiny bits of dirt running around the box. EXCEPT THEY WEREN'T DIRT. It was a bunch of little spiders. And all those bumps on the spider? Yep. More baby spiders.

Then Daddy let us know that it was actually IN THE HOUSE the night before. He thinks he found it as soon as it got in, but it's still gross and disturbing. And then he researched it and found out that this was another famous Wolf Spider. Which happens to be South Carolina's official state spider. I live in the only state to have an official state spider. Ew. Oh, and by the way, when I say it was "another" famous Wold spider, I mean it. Apparently they are one of the few spiders to carry their young with them, and when I was about eleven, Daddy went to take care of a giant spider on the kitchen floor, and little baby spiders ran in every direction. I was in the kitchen doing supper dishes, and didn't know what was going on until Mama started shrieking, haha. It was a dramatic event. And now it's happened again...

Chatterback ✽ I have a Murderous Maniacal Laugh

Does anyone remember my blog post about the snowgie Mama set off at Kohls? (As an aside, were has the time gone?! That was our last trip out together before Noah was born, and now here he is 5 1/2 months, and IT DOESN'T SEEM THAT LONG AGO. But then I think of everything that has happened since then, and I'm like, how did we fit all that into such a short time?! Lol!)

So, Mama decided to give me one of these snowmen for my birthday. A lot of laughing ensued while she and Tori were in the bedroom wrapping stuff up, and at breakfast I was told that I would get to hear about it later. It turns out, they were laughing at this thing. Because when it started talking, Mama told some one it talks baby talk.
"Baby talk!!!" exclaimed the snowgie (BTW, Tori says that this is the snowgie Olaf named Walter. Since I like the name Walter and I dare not disagree with Tori, this stands ;).)
"It just said baby talk," Mama announced in consternation.
"It just said baby talk!" Walter chirped back.
"Mama, it SAYS "chatterback" on the box!", I am told that Tori informed her.

And as they were telling me this after I unwrapped it, I had a very bothering thought.
That "murderous maniacal laugh" I said "terrified me" last March?
That was probably a chatterback of my own.
I'm sorry to everybody who has to listen to me.

And as an aside, Walter likes to play his classical music in an electric guitar style. It's kind of entertaining and disturbing. And about fifty times a day someone wants to know if they can have my "snotman". And then I hear chicken nuggets and other random words chanted back and forth until I put him up, haha :). The whole family has gotten enjoyment from impressionable Walter from beginning to end ;).

Peter has no idea what I'm writing and just asked for him again... haha!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fulfilled Promises ✽ Love

I always love the first day of a new month. In a way it seems like a fresh start, a clean slate. It seems like a time for new beginnings, reevaluation and renewal of enthusiasm. It feels full of hope and promise. And so September 1st is always a day to look forward to, just like the first of every other month is. And for a dear friend, today was certainly a day of realized hope and fulfilled promises, and not just a reminder of those things.

Miss Lillian was a precious lady who loved the Lord- and loved others. If you were to sum her up in one word, "Love" would be the one you would pick. She had so many other qualities and blessings to share with others, and yet, through all of them, you just felt and saw and received... love. She was gentle, but spunky, and always so grateful. Nothing she did was ever for show, and it only made it that much more beautiful. She lived a long life of wonderful testimony to our Lord and Savior.

Today I woke up to a text from her daughter letting us know that this morning she went to be with her beloved King; to rejoice at the throne of her Lord, to be reunited with her husband as she has looked forward to so often in the past year, to receive the fulfillment of all the promises that the Lord has given those who serve him. And though we here on earth mourn the lost of her beautiful spirit, I am thankful to know that the Lord is faithful to those who love and honor Him. I will miss Miss Lillian, and my heart hurts for her family. And yet our future arrival on those beautiful shores will be that much richer as we join her in praising the Lord before His throne, and we have such precious memories of her to hold onto. Miss Lillian is now realizing the fulfillment of Christ's promises in full, in a way that even the strongest christian may never comprehend here on this fallen earth. Her Savior's love, that surpasses her own a hundredfold, is now being full made known to her. And I known that she is praising him for his mercies <3.

"Whoever pursues righteousness and love 
finds life, righteousness, and honor."

                      -Proverbs 21:21

I wrote this post last week, but I couldn't bring myself to post it right away. I almost decided not to post it at all, but Miss Lillian was such a precious part of my life, that I wanted to share this with you and ask for prayer for her family. She and her family were some of the very great blessings that made our time in VA something we wouldn't have given up, and I am so thankful that we were able to know her, no matter how short the time <3.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Perfection ✽ Picture Buddy

This is how my siblings play the game Perfection:
Josiah: "Can we play this?"
Me: "Sure, after we clean up."
Everybody: *cleans up and sits down with the game on our living room floor*
Andrew: *turns on timer*
Josiah: "NO!!!! It might pop!!!!" *turns off timer*
Josiah: *jabs a piece at about five random spots, asks me to put it where it goes, all the while with his left hand over the starter button so Andrew can't turn it on*
Peter: *systematically puts one in at a time*
Everybody else: *grabs pieces and throws them where they go like birds of prey*
Josiah: "NOW turn it on."
Andrew and Josiah: *try to beat each other at turning it on*
Everybody else: *throws hand over the gameboard* "Bri, put your hand over it! Come on, before it pops! Bri, hurry!!!!"
Me: *puts my hand over their hands*
Peter: *covers eyes*
Everybody: *waits*
Gameboard: POP!
Everybody: *Squeals* "We made all but (insert number) stay in with our hands! Let's play it again!!!!!"
Andrew: *turns on timer*
Josiah: "DON'T TURN IT ON." *click*
And repeat, haha :).

I was taking some pictures of recent projects earlier, and Noah was just soooooo cute rolling around on my bed that I had to share some pictures with you :). He's five months old now, it's so hard to believe!!!! 

Monday, August 29, 2016


Happy birthday!!!!!!

Abbi is eight years old today :)!!! She had a very full day planned, with lots of food, and a lot of shopping with Daddy, haha :). When we found out we were moving from VA, Abbi was sad that we were leaving behind Five Below. She had first went to the store when a friend took her for her birthday last year, and she has talked about it constantly since then! During our house hunting trip, we discovered that one had recently been put in here! So that was definitely on Abbi's list today, haha :).

Abbi is very sparkly, or, in her terms, "colorful". It was cute, because she and Emmi got Mama cards for her birthday... Emmi's had sweets on it, and Abbi's sparkles. Today, Abbi brought back a coloring book for her, and one for Emmi, and Mama leaned over and whispered to me, "Once again, Abbi's is sparkles and Emmi's is food...". Heehee :). We went outside the other day and I helped Abbi and Emmi put glitter on some pictures for our Aunts, which was fun :). My Aunts used to do that with me all the time, and so it was nastolgic and yet a little different to be doing it for them, but not with them, and as the responsible person, hahaha ;). (The responsibility factor was why we were outside; my aunts were brave, I'm not; the deck looks as gorgeous as their pictures now, hahaha!) Abbi also recently discovered that she's a very good artist. We've seen it for a while now, but it was definitely confirmed a few weeks ago when she took especial care in her art because she wanted to see if maybe she could put it in the fair, heehee :).

Many people say that Abbi has a "mischievous twinkle", and her grin is adorable (and Noah seems to have inherited it) :). She's very passionate about pretty much everything, and loves people- and frogs. It didn't take our pastor in VA long to figure that out... she even talked about them in children's church, haha :). She got her first bible this year, and it's sweet to see her bring it to family bible time and read along :). The other day she even learned how to read a bible reference and then find it :)! She was so excited!

Happy birthday, Abbi! I love you, sweetie!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mama and Daddy :)!!!

The Lord has blessed me so much through my parents! They have loved me, trained me, and guided me to the Lord, and I love them so much! They have followed the Lord in tough decisions, and constantly seek His will for our family. They have always done all they could for me, and yet taught me how to do things for myself as well. Now that I am older, and looking at where the Lord wants me now, they are still right alongside supporting and encouraging me. Mama has done endless research trying to help me find ways that I could work with special needs children, and every time Daddy meets someone at his store that talks to him about their own work ministering to these families, he takes note or gets leads and shares them with me. They both encourage me in my craft work; Mama is my biggest inspiration for new items, and Daddy is my best critic, constantly working with me so that everything I do is the best it can be. They find ways to lead our family in learning the Word, and frequently ask about our personal bible studies and give us ideas to take it further.
Daddy is awesome at looking at a situation and knowing how it needs to be fixed, even if it's something like taking the washer apart to fix something he's never worked on before. The employees at his new store are astonished at his variety of skills and how much he can accomplish in a short amount of time, haha :). He pretty much knows the answer to anything you want to know, and he'll change up the way he explain it as many times as you need for it to "click".
Mama is constantly giving to others. She keeps up with the house and all of us, and still takes time to make every holiday, birthday, or family outing a memorable treat. She loves to bless people with food, she patiently listens to all our problems and joys, and is my go-to editor when I write anything important, because her eye for detail and how something will be taken are the best :).
Happy birthday, Mama and Daddy :)!!! I love you, so very much!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A113 ✽ Chocolate Ice Cream

So, yesterday Daddy and I ran allllllll over trying to get me an I.D. card. Who knew that waiting to get your license until after you graduated could cause so many issues :P? Since I was homeschooled, I don't have a school I.D.; since I'm not attending college, I don't have one of those, either. Since I'm over eighteen, but didn't have an I.D., I couldn't open a savings account, get a job, a passport, or other proofs of residency to get an I.D.... It was a mess, haha! We ran all over trying stuff and getting papers, ending up in line at the DMV 3 times (third times the charm!). The supervisor finally allowed us to use several documents that we did have and pieced it together to sign off on my I.D., thankfully! So, now I have what I need to get a permit, savings account, etc. That's definitely a relief! Mama has vowed never to let another child graduate before they get their license, haha. When I decided that I was ready to start driving last year, we knew that we could be moving literally any time, but didn't know when, so I wanted to wait to take the test until we moved and I could take it just once... that almost turned into a disaster, but the Lord blessed us with people who were very helpful and it worked out :).Our ticket number the first time around was "A113" like the famous Pixar easter egg, which I thought was just fun, haha :). I wanted to bring it home to show Tori, but when Daddy set it down to pull out his card, the guy threw it away, and I didn't want to ask him to fish it back out of the trash can, lol...

And does anyone else like their chocolate ice cream only if it's mixed with some milk to make it a milkshake consistency?! Tori laughs at me, because I complain that chocolate ice cream melts too fast, so I put milk in it and stir it all up. She told me it's practically purposefully melting it. But I don't mind the taste of chocolate ice cream; it's the consistency of melted ice cream. If it's just melted ice cream, it's liquid with firmer chunks in it; if you make it into a milkshake, it might be softer overall, but at least it's smooth. I don't see how this solution goes against my complaints ;).

Friday, August 12, 2016

Last Day!

Under the Tapestry's 1st year anniversary sale ends tonight at 12:00 EST. You have until then to use the coupon code 1YEAR to get 15% off of your order!


Bri :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

1 Year!!!

One year ago today, Daddy sat down with his computer and asked me, "What is a username and password you won't forget?"

I was a little disturbed at what he could be doing ;), but after some persuading, I answered him, and the he asked, "Now what did you say you wanted to call your Etsy shop?"

I've considered opening an Etsy shop since I was about 14, but I always put it off as a "someday" project. Confirmed: if you haven't noticed, that's pretty much what I do with pretty much everything that I've never done before. A couple weeks before, Daddy had asked me, "Is starting an Etsy shop really something you want to do, or do you just think that you should because it's something we've mentioned you could do?"

"No, I really want to do it," I answered. "But you know me. I'll enjoy it once I'm started, and I want to do it, but I'm terrified of actually starting. I'm going to need a push before I'll do anything about it." So he set the wheel in motion. Yeah, he's pretty awesome :).

Selling on Etsy is fun, and challenging. It's challenging in that I do want to make everything I think of right away, but, you do have to sell some items to have the money to pay for others ;). And there was that one order I got that I was out of town when it came in, and in order for it not to be super late, I tatted 20 bookmarks in one day. A major victory and headache was gained that day. It's also a bit challenging in that I'm super un-techy, and everything internet side takes longer than expected.

But it's fun that I can be making money crafting, which is something I've always loved! I have a reason to make things that I don't actually have a designated purpose for, and I get to make things that other people get enjoyment out of, and it's really awesome to hear how much others enjoy using something I had so much fun putting together :).

As I was thinking about my shop's one year anniversary, I asked Tori, "Do you remember the craft shop I ran behind the couch when we were little?" We used to have this corner couch, but because of our fireplace, it was set up so the couch created a walled-in corner in our living room, rather than fitting into it. Mama kept an extra end table behind it, and I would take a small chair, put up an "open" sign on the window behind the couch, and wait for business- usually making hats or diapers for Tori's and my care bears. I also read back there, or watched the hummingbirds that visited the feeder right outside the window. I actually kept a "humming bird sighting log"... for about two days. There were so many that I just gave up. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that I pretty much lived back there for about a year, haha!

"YES! I had forgotten, but YES!", Tori answered. "I would come and ask you if you could make something, and you would say "Let me see what I can do". And if you didn't have time to make something, you would just make a paper pattern and sell me that. I always just glued the patterns together, I didn't actually make anything."

"And you paid with printer paper money," I remembered. And all of the hats fell apart, because I would cut holes for the Care Bear ears, not knowing how to bind off and then recast on in later rows, haha. It's fun to think back on, now that I'm doing it "for real". I'm looking forward to continuing to grow my Etsy, and I want to thank all of you who have supported my shop. Whether it was by teaching or encouraging me in a craft technique, or sharing or liking my shop, giving me your leftover crafting supplies, or in actually buying an item (or, in the case of my Mama, not banning me from crafting when those chopped up hats shed yarn ends all over the carpet for months), thank you!

And to celebrate Under the Tapestry's 1st year anniversary, all customers from August 10th to August 12th, 2016, may use the coupon code "1YEAR" in my shop to get 15% off of your order :)!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crocheted Hammer Applique

Don't you just hate it when a Pinterest idea you're really excited about dead-ends? Haha :). Early this year, I was making a baby hat for my newest step cousin, and wanted to make a little hammer to put on it like I had seen on Pinterest. But all of the "patterns" lead back to the same prepaid pattern set. I didn't want to pay for the whole set to use only this one. So, I decided to make my own. It took some trial and error, and it didn't turn out quite like the one I had seen. But it was a lot of fun to create it myself, and I think it did turn out well :). I've been meaning to share it for a while... but y'all know how my intentions usually turn out ;).

You'll need a  
Crochet hook of your choice (bigger the hook, bigger/looser the applique)
Brown yarn
Gray yarn

This pattern is worked on both side of the chain for the hammer handle, and back and forth for the head.

Chain 8 in brown.
Second chain from hook, sc; sc in next st; 3hdc in next 2 st; 3dc in next st;
Other side, hdc in first 3 st; sc in next 4 st.
Sc 7 st; 2sc in next 2 st; sc to end;
Sc around once more; fasten off.

Join gray at top; slip st two across; chain 1, turn
Sc two across, chain 1, turn. Repeat for three rows.
Chain six; turn; dc in 2nd chain from hook and across
Sc in last st; chain 2; hdc in first st on side; 2dc in next st; hdc in next st; sl st in next
Chain 1; turn; sc in first five; sl st in next; hdc; dc; hdc; sl st next five; fasten off.