Friday, May 5, 2017

Baking, blogging, and gardening ✽ Also, Joey thinks he's 30 if you didn't know

If I were a good blogger, this would be the monthly wrap up post that I told myself I would do every month this year... or, the birthday posts that I have yet to put up. I'm such a bad blogger. I know you aren't "supposed" to say that, because since each blogger is different, there is no reason to compare, and you're supposed to just let it be unique, etc... But the thing is, I'm not even comparing my blog to other blogs, I'm just comparing it to the unwritten but completely thought out posts in my head. Why can't there be a way to just think those words into a blog post? Because I would get a whole lot more posts and a whole lot less thoughts of "Ughhhhh, I have so much piled up" if I could do that ;)...

Also, if I were a responsible person, I would be crocheting or answering emails, or even just getting ready for bed right now. But I'm not doing that either. It's kind of a "spill-random-words-for-no-reason, don't-even-care-if-people-read-it" sort of evening. I get those sometimes... that's where most of my blog posts that don't have pictures in them come from, actually. Now you know ;).

I just finished some banana bread... Our recipe has been coming out super dry since we switched flours, so per Daddy's suggestion I made some changes... left out 1/2 cup of flour, added a banana, cooked it at 25 degrees lower for a little longer... it seems to have worked texture-wise, I just hope it still tastes good in the morning? I'll let you know... I'm worried about it right now, haha!

We worked in one of the flower beds this afternoon. It's been SO long since I did any gardening, and I really enjoyed it, EXCEPT, the WORMS, y'all. I have never seen such worms. So long, so wide, so many. I'm not kidding, I pulled up one plant -not a big one- and there were *5* giant worms curled all over each other. *gag* I used to pick up any worm I found on the road and throw it into the nearest lawn, but I NEVER would have touched these disgusting things (I say that, but I probably would have found something to move it with without touching it. I've still never forgiven myself for not seeing if that moth could have flown if I'd picked it up out of the snow and it had just warmed up for a minute.). Now that we've cleared out the weeds, though, we're pretty confident it should be pretty good growing soil, ha. That is, as long as the birds don't get all the worms now that there are no leaves to hide under. They were having a wonderful time out there this evening... Also, we found 50 snail shells (okay, I didn't actually count them...), a cicada shell (ugh!), and a cocoon of some sort. Hopefully it makes it longer than the caterpillar we found last year. It was so cute and Daddy let me name it Jocke and it was a fun little caterpillar, and I typed a whole blog post out about it, and then I noticed it might be dead, and, yeah...

Josiah when Noah got up: "Can I feed Noah? Here Noah, want a bite?"
Josiah every day: "Can I vacuum the boys room?"
Josiah when he saw the leaf blower: "Can I use that?!?!?!?"
Josiah when I helped him hold the leaf blower: "Can I do it myself?"
Josiah when we're done blowing leaves: "But I want to do mooooooore!!! Please can I do mooooorrrreeee???" *cries*
Josiah while "watching" Noah while he sat in his high chair while we worked in the kitchen: "I'm the boss, I'm the boss, Mama and Daddy's the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss..."
The child neither knows he's small, nor when to stop. Help us.
But he still asks to be fed his supper? He's so confusing. But I love my growling teddy bear.

I hope y'all have had a great week and have a refreshing weekend, and I'll try to be back soon to live up to my personal blogging standards, haha :).

Blessings in Christ,

Bri :)

*Whoops, almost forgot a title... that's not important, is it ;)? What link would blogger give your blog post if it had no title?... huh...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Review ✽ Hello April


-We watched "Mary Poppins" and Abbi became a one man band (also, she told Mama that if the bankers had sung their song to her, when she "heard all that nonsence stuff, she would have just run and given the money to the birds!")

-We took a fun spring trip to the zoo...

-Followed by a snow day soon after, haha! That's SC...

-Our cousin, baby James, arrived on the 15th :)! Mama drove up to see him that day, and while she was gone, to celebrate, I helped the little ones make cookies and gave them super crispy chicken nuggets and chips for supper... like, I've never had chicken nuggets like that before and it was not supposed to turn out like that, haha. But the cookies were good, so it wasn't a complete fail ;). Also, it had been a while since I'd made chocolate chip cookies, and I was shocked at how far a double batch doesn't seem to go anymore, haha. The girls helped me make some one Friday, and we didn't have enough for everybody by the time we got milk again, so I had to make more because I had promised them cookies with milk. Josiah was so ecstatic to get two at once, though, heehee :). It was cute.

Another bit of excitement was very unappreciated, so it was not a highlight, but a very big part of our month... Mama was reading our nightly story ("Heidi", for the curious -so that we could read the sequels, written by one of the translators, which we just recently found... I hope they're good, because I've always loved Heidi!), and had just started another chapter, when Noah was toddling around the room, and got all tripped up and fell straight into the edge of the bed rails and split his little forehead :(. He was so calm about it, he cried at the initial pain, but within a few minutes he was perfectly quiet, didn't even complain about Daddy cleaning it up a bit to see how bad it really was. Mama and Daddy took him to urgent care, and we're very thankful that they were able to glue it rather than needing stitches, but they didn't get home until 3 a.m. the next morning! He's been so good about it, but it's so sad to see his poor little head, and he's stressing us out because he won't stop walking. Naturally, right? Haha.

The next evening we were getting ready to do our story time, and Peter mentioned we were reading the same chapter we were reading when Noah got hurt, and everybody started talking about it... and Josiah asked, "You took him to the hospital last month?"
"Last night."
"No, Noah. Remember, he had to get his cut taken care of?"
And then we realized, no, he didn't remember. He usually goes to sleep before Mama's done reading, and he'd slept through the whole thing, and had no clue how the cut got there or that it was bad enough to need help. So we had to tell him the whole thing, and he got up and gave Noah hugs and kisses. It was so strange. Also, Josiah is also the only one of the little boys who does NOT now have a scar over his eye, so, yeah, it seems that that is a very common deal with little guys.

-St. Patrick's day :). We celebrated with our customary cinnamon rolls with colored icing (store bought, because we all forgot what the next day was until like 9:00 at night... Mama remembered just in time!) and dressing in orange (the color for the protestant Irish, it's just a fun quirk Mama decided to change/add to make the day a reminder more about God's grace then anything else :).)

-We met little James last Sunday <3! He is a doll, so precious! Josiah was, I think, in shock at how little he was, although he kept asking when we could go see Aunt Amber's baby :).

-Noah turned *one*!!!

-We saw "Rogue One", and it was better than I was expecting... I actually really liked it :).

-And Joey turned 3!

Laughing at:

Mama and I walking through Food Lion with 4 cartons of ice cream, 2 bags of M&m's, a box of brownies, some fruit pops, and italian ice... "If anyone asks if we're having a party, please just say yes."

-Dreaming that a friend adopted three cats, and named them "Pantry", "Bullfrog"... and "Lou-it-be". Where did my brain get those names?!?!?!?!?

Me, checking Abbi's math:
*sees 11*
*mind reads it as a roman numeral*
*reaches for eraser, almost asks "Why would you put two?!"*
Oh. Oops.

-Daddy and I ran into the store after the respite I volunteered at this month, and it was very quiet. One of the cashiers was talking to the other, having no work to do, and was talking all about how she loves children, wants twins, etc, and Daddy said, "You don't need twins; you could just have one at a time and have 9, like I did."
She kind of nods, keeps talking about kids; *does a double take and looks at me* "You have nine kids?!?!?!?"
Daddy: "No, that's my oldest."
Cashier: "Oh. You look like you could have nine!"
Daddy: "She just said you looked forty."
Her face, hahahaha! Also, her friends face as she looked at her as much as to say, I dare you to get out of this one smoothly.... haha!

-Josiah, over e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.... "What EVEN is this!?!?!?" "What EVEN are you doing?!?!?!"

-Mama's crazy crochet inspiration she passes onto me... a mailbox cover, stuffed toy body parts to use teaching science... I think she really believes you can do anything with it. I'm threatening to make her learn, haha!

-Noah sticking his food down his shirt whenever he wants to be done, haha!

-Daddy and I are sitting looking at something together, when Mama starts laughing.
"What is going on?"
Mama laughing hysterically; "What smells like wet dog?!"
Daddy, in a "this answer is of course right" sort of way; "Wet dog?"
Mama, thinking he asked in a "Is that what you said" sort of way: "Yes, hahaha..."
Cue a ton of confusion, until I found out she was reading my blog and I had made her laugh uproarious sharing her own comments.

Quotes I liked:

"I love God as my Savior; I fear Him as my judge."

"May [the Lord] give you what your heart desires, and fulfill your whole purpose." (Psalm 20:4)

"I have the witness of my conscience, that you have done me wrong and violence; and yet I pray God, if it be His will, to forgive you." -Dr. Taylor, "The Book of Martyrs"


-"Robinson Crusoe". I'd never read it, but Tori said it was good, so I've had it on my to-do list for a while now. I enjoyed it :).

-"The Swiss Family Robinson". This was coupled with "Robinson Crusoe" in the copy my Grandma gave us, so I re-read it. I remember *loving* it when I was little. Reading it this time... What in the world are kangaroos, buffaloes, penguins, and everything else doing on the same island? And how did every plant grow there? And how did the dad know what literally everything was just by looking at it without opening a reference book once? Lol! It's a fun book, but the guy meant it when he said he just wrote it to teach his sons facts about the uses of nature, haha... I just hope he told them where you actually find the stuff, too ;).

-"The Pocket Book of Robert Frost's Poems". I liked the biography in it, but the poems aren't as much like his "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" as I think I expected... haha :).

-Ephesians, Matthew Henry's commentary, "The Valley of Vision", and some of "The Family Daughter" here and there :).


-Me: *mops the floor*
Me, two hours later: *goes to make some lunch of cottage cheese and peaches*
Fridge: *hurtles all contents at me*
Peanut butter jar: *throws glass and peanut butter all over the floor*
"Are. you. serious?!"

Also, I'm probably one of the few people capable of bruising their foot making a meal. (I'm not sure if frozen pizza sauce or refried beans fell out of the freezer; I just know it hurt, haha.)

-Blogging... haha. Sorry I left, guys! There will be several more detailed posts about some of the month within the next week... I never put pictures on them, but I'm not leaving them in my drafts for forever, haha :). I actually didn't do much writing at all, and I'm not sure why... I also didn't realize it until I was just trying to sort through my stuff! 

Grateful for:

-The Psalms, and being able to pick up my Bible freely.
-Songs to listen to while I crochet.
-Hope as I look forward to some things coming up.
-God's grace.
-Second chances.
-Brownies and chocolate milk... not together, haha :). Although I bet that would be good.
-Mama making extra icing while making Noah's cake just so I could eat some... hahaha :).
-Tori playing Scrabble with me! She won, but since we don't often get to play, I was okay with that ;).
-The wonderful month we had, and the new one just beginning :).
-(Also, that none of my family does April Fool's, because a couple of them would be good at it...)
-Teaching Andrew how to play a new game.
-"Paddington Bear"... the book is a current trend in our house, and I'm glad he's cute, or this could be monotonous quickly, haha!

Oh! And, what do y'all think about the new blog look? Plumrose Lane (my former blog design host) seems to be down, and so I couldn't fix it when it went blank :(. So, I just changed up the sizing of what I was left with, and changed some of the contrasting colors since I didn't have the mix from the background. I also changed the font, but that was something I was planning on changing anyway. I LOVED the font... but it drove me batty that you couldn't see commas on it, haha. I feel like it's too plain, and yet it's rather more "timeless" then the old look. I'm very undecided, and yet pretty sure I'll probably end up leaving it long enough that it will grow on me and it'll stay... Tori says she likes it better than the old pretty one (::sniff::), but, anyway. I was sad when I couldn't use it anymore. I actually created my blog around that background a month before I "officially" opened "Forget Not His Benefits" and thought to myself that this one was going to be I'd stick to, after trying a couple on "Home Life"... but, I guess that plan didn't work out :).

Blessings in the Lord,

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Review ✽ Hello March


-Daddy and Mama's anniversary :).

-Enjoying some fellowship with a few families from our church.

-Realizing that if I wanted to make chocolate frosting instead of popcorn or chocolate for my snack, I could. I was like, I want frosting, but I don't have time to make a cake.... wait, why make a cake? Lol! 

-Valentine's Day. We always do a little bible study with the story of Isaac and Rebecca, and Daddy gives us each chocolate and roses, and then we do pizza and a movie (we watched the new "Pete's Dragon", and it was actually really cute, but nothing like the first one, lol!)

Daddy during our bible study: "What was Rebecca doing?"
Emmi: "Working."
"What was Isaac doing?"

A little later: "What are we supposed to be focused on?"
Correct answer would have been, you now, the Lord, but Josiah yelled very confidently: "CHOCOLATE!"
Haha. Speaking of chocolate, he refused to eat his fruit filled chocolates. He mashed all of them with his thumb to see what was in them, licked the fruit filling, and was like, this does not go in chocolate, it is gross. So he got a couple chocolate kisses, too.

-Getting to help out at both special needs respites this month, and hearing of another that I may be able toy get involved in. I'm loving helping out with these! Although I have never had so many names I actually needed to remember thrown at me at once, and I'm having such a hard time with them, and it's really bothering me, because knowing people's names is super important to me. Actually, knowing any name is important to me. I felt so bad for forgetting a friend's cat's name one time. Lol1

-Getting to make that bunny hat that I have wanted to make for so long :). Really loved that! I've been able to do so much crafting this month; I just finished another set today, but it's a surprise, so I'll wait to share it :).

-Mama inviting me to study Ephesians with her :). A couple years ago a friend and I read through Ephesians together, and we decided someday we would study Colossians together, because the two books are so similar. We did Colossians 3 last month (which has the most similarities, I think), and then right after Mama asked if I wanted to do Ephesians, and it's fun, because it's like I've come full circle, and it brings even more out when you can compare the two :). While we're going through it, I went through and read all the references for Ephesians, and it was actually a pretty involved church in the NT. Now I want to study all the other churches and see if they were mentioned as much, and it just gets lost in all the places and names, or if Ephesus really was a bigger part of everything, haha :).

-Driving to Walmart WITHOUT running into a pole (I never have yet, but it came close once)... haha!

-Having a several hours long chat with my best friend. It was such a blessing! I love how we can go without talking for a while and then talk for hours; and yet if it's only been a few days, we can talk for forever if we get the chance, too. Andrew was tired of waiting for me to get off the phone, though, haha...

-Mama finding a new youtube channel (Summit Kids) with songs for children that have scripture truths in them, and the little ones, even Josiah, singing along to them every night when I watch music videos with them. It hasn't even been a week and Peter has already memorized the choruses, he's too cute with them stuck in his head, hahaha!

Laughing at:

-The fact that William Tyndale had a friend offer to buy all of Tyndale's bibles for a hostile lord, so that this guy could burn them. He paid Tyndale's friend for giving him that pleasure, this friend then went to Tyndale and they printed 3 times as many bibles with that money. I don't remember that story at all, but it is literally priceless, haha! Nothing shall prevail against God's word and His will!

-Me, teasing Josiah:
"Nooooo, I think you're a bug." *pokes the bugs on his pj shirt*
Josiah: "No, I'm not. I'm just a jamma bug thing." *pauses, realizes that came out wrong* "I have a jamma bug thing. See?"

-Reading through 2 Chronicles in our family bible time, and Daddy getting to the part about King Josiah. We all looked at Josiah to see how he'd take that, and he was asleep.
The second night, chapter 2 on King Josiah: Joey is once again asleep.
The third night, Josiah is awake, but Daddy says, "Funny, he's just called "the king" for like the first 17 verses."
Josiah at about verse 16: *eyelids dropping shut* He never did get to hear it.
And he goes to sleep soooooo fast when he wants!!! He likes for me to be in his room when he goes to sleep. If I leave without snuggling him, I hear he stays awake for a few minutes, but if I agree to lay with him for a minute, he tells me goodnight, very determinedly closes his eyes, and is actually asleep in about 75 seconds. I'm so jealous.

Quotes I liked:

-"He was a brave Lordling, and we need his like: a new weapon of the old metal" -Tolkien Reader, Beorthtnoth (I actually liked this story least out of the book, but I LOVED that "new weapon, old metal" analogy!)

"[Children's] books like their clothes should allow for growth, and their books at any rate should encourage it" -J. R. R. Tolkien

"Let me reckon my old life dead because of crucifixion,
and never feed it as a living thing.
Grant me to stand with my dying Savior,
to be content to be rejected,
to be willing to hold unpopular truthes,
and to hold fast despised teachings until death.
Help me to be resolute and Christ-contained.
Never let me wander from the path of obedience to thy will.
Strengthen me for the battles ahead." -"The Valley of Vision"


-"God in a Manger"... because I never finished it at Christmas, lol. I did, like, no optional things during Christmas, haha.

-"The Tolkien Reader", a small collection of stories and essays by Tolkien. I enjoyed this one :).

-Matthew Henry's commentary on Ephesians to go along with our study. I love his commentaries, it just takes a while to get through them, haha :). So much depth -which is a good thing!

I feel like I read a good bit this month (compared to how little I had been doing of it), but I didn't add much to my list. I've still been reading "Foxe's Book of Martyrs", because I didn't finish that last month, and I'm continuing to go through "The Valley of Vision", but that's about it. I'm just happy to have it back as a part of regular life again. I had so many things out of balance, and I'm just trying to egg back to a more consistent way to go about all the lovely things that life holds!


-Mama asks me if Polycarp was martyred or just persecuted, before we start a movie about him.
Me, who had just started Foxe's Book of Martyrs, internally: "martyred. oh, but wait, there was that one guy who was just persecuted. that might have been polycarp. now i don't remember."
Me, out loud: "I'm not sure."
Movie starts, and they come to take him.
Me, internally: "drat it. i knew that's how it happened, why didn't i say so?"

I'm sitting on my bed answering emails, Andrew brings me so food.
*pulls the lid off my yogurt*
*goes to take a drink of my yogurt*
Ambrielle, WHAT are you doing, something is wrong with me.

That letter writing challenge I was going to join? Yeah, I wrote 22 letters or cards. I missed six. This is why I never join any challenges. Even the ones that are completely easy and part of my every day life anyway, I somehow end up missing. I HAVE other letters to answer, even, I just haven't found the time to sit down and do them, because once I start I can't stop, and so I didn't finish. Oh well, I'll write the other six, and I'll be glad that I at least gave it a shot. Lol!

-Getting Christmas posts up. I give up, y'all. I'm scrapbooking them instead, and I'll try to do better with my time this next Christmas, and actually do something with myself, ha.

Also, I fail at winning Monoploy Deal. I can't do it. Tori beats me 70% of the time, and the other 30% it's usually someone else...

Grateful for:

-Lemon juice (it makes the fruit tea we drink even better!) Josiah was funny when I first put it in, though. He usually helps me prepare the tea; throws away the tea bags, watches me pour in the ACV, puts the spoon in the sink. He saw me pouring lemon juice in, and he asked me, "What is that even?"
-Noah <3. The little guy is just such a snuggle bug, I love him so much!!! He's a doll. And he loves his feet, haha :).
-Waking up early enough many mornings lately to enjoy listening to the birds singing in the morning. And be productive and have that first little time of quiet to do my bible study, and various other reasons, but hearing the birds singing in the morning and hearing trains at night are two of my favorite favorite "little" noises, and that first morning in forever when I woke up that early again, I was so delighted.
-That Mama knew to give everybody activated charcoal and grape juice when Abbi got a stomach bug. Either it's a really weird coincidence (I don't think she could have been that sick and it's not really be something), or the stuff really works, because nobody else has caught it!
-All the wonderful things that have happened this month :).
-That we are saved by grace as the gift of God.
-That I, as a gentile, was welcomed into the family of God by Christ's sacrifice on my behalf.
-Our new bed spreads :)! Our old ones were looking pretty bad, and these new ones are a lighter color and really brighten up the room. Ad they're cute. I love them :). We went with "matching" ones again, except we each chose a different color of the same print, so that is fun :).
-That Daddy left FCS several years ago to join LifeWay. Now that FCS is closing, it's a big blessing not to be going through that uprooting that so many families are going to be going through now. It's so sad.
-Bibles in different translations, to compare and study.
-All my pillows, haha.
-Finding children's books I used to love that I didn't know we still had, and getting to read them to my little siblings.
-Words, reading, and writing.
-Letters and emails, so I can keep up with friends who are far away (the phone, too, although I don't use it that much).
-Peter's spontaneous hugs.
-People who ask how they can pray for you <3.

I hope you all have had a wonderful month!
Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Shopping ✽ I love my big family

We're walking through Bi-lo, getting some snacks to eat before we go into Hobby Lobby, and I see a dime: "Josiah, look!"
"Hey, look Joey!"
"Do you see it?!"
Josiah: "Yes." *stomps on it*
"Donnnnn't you want money?...."
"No." *stalks off*
Whatever, sass monster. I gave it to Peter and he's been carrying it around ever since, lol! They are so different...

We get back out to the car with our snack. Tori: "This fish cracker bag smells like stinky feet. Not the fish crackers, just the bag."
A pause, and then, Mama: "What smells like wet dog?"
*smells the fish cracker bag and gags*

Also, we met two ladies who had grown up in large families -6 and 8 siblings. That's not very common to run into, especially two in two hours, haha :). Everybody you meet who grew up in that setting though is always so supportive and excited about it. It truly is a blessing to grow up with so many siblings and to have those moments of learning from and with each other and strengthening those bonds <3. Right now Abbi is doing a study on Ephesians with Mama and I; Peter is on this kick of having to lay in Tori's bed with her for a few minutes every night or two to look at her pictures and lay in "a bed that matches his eyes"; Josiah is keeping us all well supplied with love-gifts of scraps of paper he has cut out and stabbed with a pencil, which he calls "doors" (the stab marks are the doorknobs , hahah!); Us older ones' current obsession during the little one's quiet time is Monopoly Deal, and it is becoming very obvious that Tori is the champion (but it's pretty much a game of chance?! I don't get it!!!!). It's the little things that make up life, and each person contributes in some way to making daily life what it is. People who haven't grown up like this assume that it's difficult and annoying to have to deal with so many different personalities all the time, but when you live like this, you don't think in numbers.  Each person is just that; a living person, a close friend, with their own hopes and dreams, quirks and struggles, obsessions and gifts. You divide out the work, you learn to put others first, and you constantly have a support system around you.

And having less children/siblings does not mean no fighting. Also, young children fighting when they are little does not mean they are sworn enemies for life. To this day, Tori and I laugh about the blue cup that used to be our biggest divider. When we were little, for weeks (months?) we argued about who got the dark blue cup. Mama eventually asked us, "When you are on your death bed, will it really matter? Will you lay there and say to yourself 'I wish I had had the blue cup one more time?'  No, you won't even think about it. So you need to stop fighting about it, because your relationship matters more than that cup."

We realized she was right, and we don't fight about the cup anymore... but we do laugh at how silly it was. And we've both vowed to think about the blue cup on our death bed if we are at all conscious, just for, haha! But we're best friends, and we've got lots of new little best friends, too, all of whom stick around no matter where we are :). Also, brothers who share your love for popcorn and siblings who will listen to music with you all night and give you an excuse to read children's books or watch children's shows are pretty handy ;). I love late night chats with my sisters; one of the best parts is when there is silence from all but two of you for 20 minutes and you think everyone else is asleep, and then a third sister answers a comment with a completely intelligible answer, and you are like, wait, weren't you asleep?! And then nobody, including the newly awakened sister, knows for sure, but it just sparks even more chatter and laughter... hahaha! Some nights it feels like a never ending loop of who is awake and talking and who is dozing off, and so many memories come out of those nights!

I don't know where that came from, but there it is... haha!

Also, I made a bunny to go with that bunny set, because Gramma shared a pattern that I thought was cute just hours after I finished the set, and I was still in the mode and couldn't help myself, haha.

Tori: *weird squeal while she stares at the dinning room*
Me: *holds Noah tighter, backs up really fast and stares at the wall trying to find out what is going on*
Bethi: "What is wrong with you, Bri?"
Tori: *laughs* "She's waiting for a fifty foot long roach to come running at her."
Actually, that's pretty much what I was thinking. And I think her acting might be a little dangerous for my health ;).

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spilling Words ✽ Spring Bunny

Hello peeps :)!
I don't have anything big to share, so don't get too excited... I'm just talking... again... haha :). I didn't get to blog last week, and I've been waiting to be able to all this week, haha :).
Annnnnd my blog background seems to be missing. Lovely.
I'm kind of tired of Blogger's shenanigans right now...

Josiah, sitting in the car eating a snack before we go into Hobby Lobby: "Why are there truck rails?"
Mama: "Awwwww, the lines are truck rails, that's so smart!"
Josiah: "There are trucks on the truck rails." *points to truck* "There's a broken truck." *points to truck* "There is a broken truck." *points to van* "There is a not broken truck-car."

We have this game where we tap Josiah's head and say, "Turn off!" Then he slaps his head and yells, "TURN ON!" We'll do it a couple times, and then, you know, usually that's it, until next time.
I guess he didn't want to play while I was getting him ready for church this Sunday, though, because, as I helped him stand up, I tapped his head...
"Turn off!"
'Siah: "TURN ON". *covers as much of his head as possible with both of his hands* "I have all my buttons."

Something I never would have expected to say:
Me: "Um, no. Actually. I think if you look like a pork chop, you probably are a pork chop."
Tori: "How much pork would a pork chop chop if a pork chop could chop pork?"
It was like 1 in the morning, we don't even remember why we were talking about pork chops.
Also, for your information, we don't eat pork chops anyway.

Me while eating some canned soup: "When we were little, we used to eat canned soup or these little turkey pot pies every Friday and Tuesday."
Abbi: "Were they good?"
"Do you miss them?"
"Well, I mean they were good, but I'm afraid if we ate them again I would think they were nasty now."
Abbi: *sighs* "I miss them, and I haven't had them. I miss them in my mind, anyway."
I laughed, and Tori was like, "What? I miss walking to the mall for a pretzel, and I've never done that either."
And Mama heard us from her room (?!?!?!) and bought some turkey pies the next day, and we ate them with toast, per tradition, and they actually weren't bad, so I was thankful that bit of nostalgic memory didn't disappoint me, haha :).

Tori: "Who am I in When Call the Heart?"
Me: *thinks* *gives my best answer* "So who would I be?"
Tori: *evil snicker* "Charles."
"Ewww. Please no."
Tori: "I was joking. You're Gowen. NOOOOOOOOO, YOU ARE BILL!!!!"
"Why are you so mean, what even? No!!!"
"No, you're Clara, I think."
"What? Really? I wouldn't have expected that, especially from you. That's not usually the kind of character you pick for me."
"Well, whatever, you're the lady who preaches."
And she just kept throwing out names every single time I asked if she'd settled on one yet. I don't even know.

Also, I know we are behind on the times, but we just finished watching season 2 the other day, and I am so disturbed. Mama and Daddy are laughing at us, because they already know what happens after this, but seriously, when Charles was the one at the end, Tori and I literally both jumped forward and gasped "WHAT?" Like, whyyyyyy!??!
And I'm really annoyed that the Pastor is a former criminal.
And I firmly believe that as annoying as she can be, you can't actually hate Rosemary.
I'm done. Sorry.

And can I just show you what I finished this morning, because, ahhhh, I am so hyped about this one!!!! It was weeks in the making in between other projects, but it's finished now, and I love it! I did it without a pattern, but "recreated" it based off of this Etsy listing, and added a diaper cover because I loved this picture. My Granny asked me if I could make her a baby set to give as a gift, and told me she didn't care what it was, so I got to make that hat, which I have loved since I first saw it, but, um, I wasn't going to make it for a brother, hahaha! Soooooo, I jumped at this chance, and I finished it, and it's so sweet and girly and knit <3. Haha! Also, I forgot that I don't knit as much as crochet partly because it blisters my finger, but I've remembered, haha...  I think I'll be doing more knitting soon anyway, though, because the project has fueled me to do a couple others, haha :).

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Happy Saturday ✽ Little things from my week

^^^^ That's my blogging buddy this evening. Although he's not sitting on the bed anymore... as soon as I sat down he came and crawled on my lap, and he's just sitting here. He's been doing that so much lately, he's gotten so snuggly and I love it <3.

I spent half my morning drinking coffee and and reading "Toliken's Reader", because...

:). One of my friends made me that mug, and it's adorable <3!

Also, my morning was spent doing completely unreasonable things, like walking downstairs and getting my arm stuck on the stair railing because I forgot to let go before I turned the corner. Me.

Mama wouldn't take me driving after that, hahaha! Actually, we weren't planning on it anyway, but, she still mentioned it as a definite no, haha.

This was (just one of) my completed projects this past week :). I freehanded the pattern, and I found great satisfaction out of making her feet one piece with her legs without a pattern and having them still come out with some shape to them.. And actually, the shoes delighted me too, although they actually aren't such a much. It's the little things in projects that the creator ends up loving, haha :). The hood, though, was... eh, yeah. I made it four times, and I still am not totally pleased with it, but I couldn't even cheat and use someone else's pattern, because apparently NOBODY else can make the hood either... haha! The thickness of the yarn doesn't allow it to disappear into the dress like the real thing, but, that's okay. This wasn't actually for my shop, I made it up for a little friend, and she requested I leave the hood, so, I went with it, despite wanting to tear it out and throw away the yarn, haha ;). But, along with this, I got several things made or started this week, so watch for new items in Under the Tapestry next week :D!

We went over to a church family's house for lunch last Sunday, along with a couple other families. Of course music/The Piano Guys came up in the conversation. One of the girls leaned forward really eager and asked, "Oh, you listen to the Piano Guys?!"
"Yeah, every night I make some tea, and Josiah and I sit down and watch some of their music videos while we drink it," I told her. (I love this time of the day <3 .)
She got this kind of taken-aback look on her face, leaned back in her chair, and said, "Wow. That's.... sophisticated."
"No, you don't understand," I laughed. "It's fruit tea out of a mason jar."
"Ohhhhh," she answered, and I really think she seemed relieved. "Well, that's about as sophisticated as we southern rednecks can get."

Watching "Cello Wars" as "the Jedi" does his "crazy mind tricks": "You will start cello lessons... now."
Peter, in his matter-of-fact way: "No we won't."
Me: "Wow, Peter, that was pretty defiant for you."
Peter: "Well, we don't even have a cello in this house!"

Tori: "Thank you Peter."
Peter: *pauses, thinks a minute.* "...You are welcome."
*turns to me*
"I didn't hear what she said, but in my mind I heard what she said, so I said she was welcome."
Tori: "He means he guessed."

Rejoicing in Hope,

Bri :)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy Anniversary, Mama and Daddy! ✽ More randomness, it's all I do

Mama and Daddy celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday <3. The little people put on an elaborate show for them, with Abbi on the keyboard, Emmi dancing, 'Siah on the harmonica, and Peter strumming the guitar (...when he remembered, haha! His contribution was my favorite, he was adorable to watch.) Then Andrew gave a show of the singing dog choir, and Abbi put on a puppet show about two pigs who fell in love, and Emmi served them little pieces of bread cut into hearts. It was so much fun to watch... I had been hearing the planning and rehearsals for about a week beforehand, so I had the added benefit of anticipation, haha! And each person's leading act was so fit for their personalities! We were laughing so hard, it was awesome... As they brought out yet another surprise, Mama mentioned that it was a big deal because Tori and I never did this, and I reminded her that we did, once. We put on a show, and they laughed, so I vowed never to set one up again, haha. But I'm very hopeful that this crowd will stay in business (and as one of the "unimportant" people who can hear all behind the scenes production, it sounds like that hope is well grounded).

Then we watched old family videos, because Mama remembered the show we talked about and wanted to see it again, haha! And oh my goodness, Tori acted like Josiah in so many ways when she was little! And looked nothing like Emmi, although Emmi is almost her clone now? Isn't it interesting how that works?!

I am so thankful for my parent's relationship and love for each other. It is a blessing I know not everybody has! They have worked together to bring our family to just the place God has for us, and God has used each of them to strengthen the other, and it is a joy to have this example set before us <3.


Joey is the King of Working... unless there is anyone
he could boss to do it instead, of course, haha ;).      

 JoJo walks by the garbage can, sees trash laying on the floor: "I threw this. Away. FOR A REASON!"
*picks up trash and slams it back into the trash can*
*Lumbers away like the growling, snarling, cuddly teddy bear he is.*

Daddy examines my glasses: "There is a little spot here, and it's actually part of the glasses."
Me: "Huh?"
"Actually, there is one of each of your lenses. With a 1/25 written under each one."
"I don't know what those numbers mean. Both of my eyes have different prescriptions, and neither one includes a 25? And I've never noticed the circles."
Daddy: "Well, I'm going to assume it doesn't mess with your vision then..."
I *can* see it if I look hard now that I know it's there, but yeah, I've not noticed at all for the past ten months, haha!
By the way, I have zip depth perception without my glasses. I went to get my glasses cloth to clean them before I put them back on, stating I didn't need the glasses to do so, and promptly bumped into the edge of the table. 

Also, I was going to pull my head out of the fridge the other day and almost ripped my glasses off with the freezer handle. Story of my life.

We watched "Miss Potter" earlier this afternoon, and it was fun to watch it knowing this time how closely they had actually stuck to her life. When we were at my aunt's, I was reading a Beatrix Potter journal she has, and I was surprised to find that she mentioned being engaged to Norman Warne in one of the entries. I asked Mama later, "Did you know that that actually happened? I thought you said that was just added to the film, and it disappointed me so much." She answered that she had only found that it was rumored, not confirmed -it was speculated, but his brothers denied it, although that didn't mean it didn't happen, since the engagement was supposed to be a secret. I told her about the journal, and she was like, "Oh. I guess the speculation came from... her journal... then." So, yeah, I enjoyed knowing the movie was pretty accurate AND good, haha :). I love that opening scene... it's "nothing special", "just" washing paintbrushes... and yet they brought out the beauty of it perfectly :). 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January in Review ✽ Hello February


-Noah started walking! He wants to talk, too... He's so big <3.

-Studying Colossians 3 with a friend (and like, forever after I "should" have been done with her, haha...)

-Staying with Aunt Tessa and getting to help throw an Elephant themed baby shower for my Aunt Amber and baby James.

-A precious package from a dear friend <3.

-Branching out and trying new drinks from Starbucks. I am usually a very predictable person.... I get a caramel macchiato. Every time. Haha. But we ended up getting a free smoothie when we went in one night, which was okay, considering I usually only like strawberries fresh, and then they were handing out samples of the new Cascara Latte the next day (it was pretty good too! Bold, but not bitter). Then in a fit of daring, I ordered a caramel frappuccino, and it was delicious. Then Tori let me taste a sip of her Java chip frap, and that was good too, although I didn't like the chunks in it.
Me: "This is so good!"
Tori: *takes it, takes a sip* "Bri, that tastes exactly like what you always drink."
Me: *thinks about it, realizes she might be right* "...But the texture is even better!"

-Beginning work with another local church and their respite program. It went really well, and I'm excited about where it will lead. This seems like just the door I've been looking for :).

-Getting to see some friends I hadn't seen for 18 months.

-Working on a crocheted princess Leia doll for a little friend :). I'm freestyling it because the one she saw didn't come with a pattern, so, we'll see what happens. Lol!

-Tori showing me how to draw a jellyfish, and I don't think it was a fail, although it could use some improvement.

-Setting up the snowflake tree and decorating for winter.

-Deciding to join Grace Anne in writing a letter or note every day in February. I can think of 18 notes or letters I was going to write anyway... the other ten I expect will come. This should be easy... haha ;).

-Speaking of which, catching up on my correspondence. although I owe people again now, but at least I'm not two months owing them, right?

-Actually blogging a bit. I miss this hobby being a regular part of my life.

Laughing at:

-Getting Bethi addicted to Rolos. I let her have a few I bought, and then the next time she picked out a snack, she went right for them. That was easy.

-"Soooooo," I asked, looking back at Bethi and Andrew, as Daddy pulled out of the parking lot I had been practicing driving in. "Was it what you were expecting?"
"Yup," Bethi answered. "I expected you to go as slow as a snail, and that's what happened."
"It was boring," Andrew pouted.

-Almost accidentally ordering water at Starbucks. I was telling my aunt, "When we went to get coffee with our friends this month, one of them went to get their tea cup refilled with hot water because she was liking the warmth on her hands, and the guy asked one of the other baristas, "How much do we charge for water?"..."
*Barista peeks over the counter* "Does someone need water?"
"Uhhh... no. Sorry. I'm just... telling a story."
"Oh, that's okay!"
*continues* "And then the barista must have told him that it comes free, because next thing we know, we hear him holler out, "How much do we charge for the energy to make water hot?"
*cringes as I realize that the barista is looking my way again to make sure no one is asking for water*

-Me: "I bet Evynne Hollens will do "Somewhere out there" since she's on a Disney song kick. That would be so fun!"
*checks youtube three days later*
New subscriptions: Peter Hollens: Somewhere out there
"Close enough."

-Tori, as we listen to a song: "What is she even saying?"
Mama and I: "Not sure. Your words have faith? Your wounds are faith?"
*Mama looks up the lyrics*
"Ohhhhhhhh, "your wounds have made a way."

-Bible time, Daddy asks if everybody is done being loud so we can read.
Josiah: *Leans against the door and coolly remarks, as if it's an obvious loosing battle* "...There are a lot of people in here?...".
Tori mentioned it was like Peter when Jesus asked "who touched me?" and he just kind of looks around like, "Ummm, Jesus do you have eyes? There are so many people shoving I doubt they even know?"
Peter was so human, haha...

-Gramma re-shares a link she tagged me in on Facebook a year ago.
Me: "Awwww, the hedgehog is cute"
*looks at old comments* Me a year ago: "Awwwww, the hedgehog is adorable!"
In some ways I never change.

-Me: "Tori, come look at this mouse skateboarding on our bathroom tile."
Tori: "Why did you show that to me? Now I will never be able to not see that."

-Sitting down to play the piano with Josiah and Noah... next thing I know, Noah's toes are on the keyboard while he chews them, and it's anything but a melodious sound, haha!

-Peter, who only found out he was "bigger" than Josiah a couple months ago:
"Ohhhhhhh, I was born before Josiah and Noah? So that's how I got bigger than him!"

-Peter: "I'm four, Josiah, you are two."
Josiah: "NO. I am four, you are two."
"No, I am this much." *holds up fingers* "You are this."
*Back and forth for a while*
Josiah changes tactics: "You are four. *I* am *this much*. *holds up six fingers*

Quotes I liked:

-"The decisions we make today determine the stories we tell about our lives tomorrow." -Pastor Dude

-"it's a losing battle
but a soldier fights anyways" -Julia Ryan

I don't know, y'all. I just loved that line when I read it in one of her posts.
-"Doing something different calls for repentance — turning around and heading in a different direction. As believers, we have “put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator” (Colossians 3:10, ESV). We’re being changed. If it’s time to turn toward a new way of thinking or doing, commit to doing that now, asking for strength and grace from the Lord who specializes in making all things new." -Pam Foster from Doorposts
-"It is true that justice demanded that Christ should bear the burden which as a substitute he undertook to carry, but Jehovah always loved him, and in love laid that load upon him with a view to his ultimate glory and to the accomplishment of the dearest wish of his heart." -Charles Spurgeon (I'm pretty sure, lol. I read several online commentaries around this time.)


-"Radiant". I enjoyed this book, and started a list of people to find more biographies of, haha :).

-"In His Steps". Which I started in November, but the middle was kind of slow, and so it took me a while to push past it. I liked the Bishop that was introduced in the last half of the book, I wish more of what he did was in the middle of the book instead of after, haha!

-"Scout", which was more of a young boys book, but I picked it up off of Andrew's shelf from boredom one day while I was putting Josiah to sleep, so Andrew gave it to me to finish, and I didn't want to disappoint him. It was actually pretty good, it just had that younger reader feel that is hard to get caught up in.

-"Foxe's Book of Martyrs", because I don't remember it hardly at all, and want to.

-Colossians 3... what else ;)?


-Calling the bank to see if my card was on it's way because I was going to be out of town and it was hitting the maximum time I was told to wait, and then they probably think I'm a scam because I gave them Bethi's social security number.

-Then realizing that that probably means I gave the church her number when I went to take the training class to work with their special needs program. Yep.

-Realizing I have something I'm not sure what it is charged to me on my receipt, and going back in to ask about it. "I didn't get any jewelry making?" "Oh, I just hit the wrong button, that's one of your yarn balls." But I only had seven balls, not eight? So, she refunded it, and I went back to the car... to turn around and take the eighth ball, that I found under Noah's seat in the car, back in. I will probably never go back into a store to question $4 again. I wanted to cry.

-Giving Josiah extreme anxiety over people not being seen for even just a scene or two in movies, presumably because Daddy came home from dropping me off at the special needs respite without me; he cries if he doesn't know that all the characters are accounted for. This is the child who formerly just kind of threw his arm over the back of the chair and looked invincible if a movie became worrying. Also, he couldn't find me the other night and so he wailed, "Bri! I love you!" in a pitiful, don't punish me sort of way. This from the child who usually tells you "Hi" to make you tell him you love him, because it's weak to tell you he loves you first.

Grateful for:

"I will give thanks to the Father who has qualified me to share in the inheritance of the saints of light, and steadfastly continue thanking God in my prayers, being watchful in them with thanksgiving. For I have received Christ, and will walk in him, rooted and built up, established in the faith by him, as I was taught, and abounding in thanksgiving; rejoicing in my sufferings for Christ’s sake, rejoicing in the good order and firmness of faith of his children, singing hymns with thankfulness in my heart to God. I will do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God the Father through him. And be thankful.
May it be so, Lord." (Prayer formed from the commands to be thankful in Colossians)

-Getting to listen to music while I drink tea with Josiah (almost) nightly.
-All the reading I have been able to do lately :).
-Noah's little grin.

-Peter's chatter after he asks you to lay on his bed for a few minutes before he is tucked in<3.
-Being able to crochet, and some of the neat tips I've seen this month :).
-My journaling bible! I love it so much! I've been using that bible to study Colossians, and it's become a colorful couple of pages, haha :).
-That the Lord is always with us!
-Anyone who cared enough to make it to the end of this post... haha :).

I hope you've had a wonderful January... happy February!!!