Friday, October 21, 2016

Bumblebee blanket ✽ Six months old

IIIIIIII... finished Noah's baby blanket set last month :)!!!!

I figure it took about 4 & 1/2 balls of yarn and 40+ hours. Still, it seems ridiculous that it took seven and a half months. But considering we had a new baby in the house during that time, took a house hunting trip, moved, and had out-of-state company a couple times, I guess that it wasn't as bad as it felt... haha :). I loved making it, but there were times I just wanted to be looking BACK on making it ;). But I think it turned out really cute, and I'm so excited to have it completed :)!

The blanket is made using hexagon motifs made in two yellows and white. Then I had to slip stitch crochet alllll of those together... and THEN, the ends.

This doesn't do it justice. There where more than you see in this picture. Not to mention I'd already done some. Believe me. It took me three days to weave them in. Then I single crocheted 3 rows around the edge, making a 3sc increase in all the points in rows 1&3.

Then I used this pattern for the bees, in between freestyling the hat (because I was too lazy to look up standard baby hat sizes. Ehem. I've made enough, I just eyeball it at this point for hats, because I can't remember which number goes with which size, but I know that it's all 6 increases per row, so, whatever... haha...). I worked the hat along with the bees, because once you have the right number of stitches for circumference, it gets monotonous as you keep going for length ;). I also freestyled the bumblebee, because I didn't want to pay for the pattern, haha! Not being able to find what we want free AND cute at the same time is the main reason we crocheters create any pattern ;).

And speaking of blankets, Mama gave me one of those plush ones. You know, the soft and warm but still light blankets that make everything fuzzy and poetic feeling. I love soft textures. Socks, blankets, extra soft carpet. I search it out and bask in it. I've been stealing Mama's blanket (nicknamed "The Pooh Skin" for it's color and softness) and the one off of Andrew's bed for a couple years now, so I was excited. Haha... back on track

We took Noah's six month pictures with his blanket.... isn't he darling :D?!?!??!!

Noah crawls "right", and Tori was so delighted, because he's the first one to ever really do that. Daddy and I think Abbi did, but she didn't crawl for long. The other babies have all had a very unique crawl- Emmi's was HILARIOUS, because she wore skirts a lot, and got into the habit of hitching one foot forward and dragging the other behind her, haha :).

Mama thinks he's beginning to teeth, and he's pulling up on EVERYTHING... I mean, he's starting to cruise, y'all. He is six (seven in a couple if days... How?!!!!) months old, and beginning to cruise. Just, stop Noah! Abbi was the youngest of us to walk at 8 1/2 months, but Peter was 11 months, so, we'll see where Noah falls. He's also learned what the word "flop" means, heehee :).

That puppy is the same one we took his pictures with when he was first born. Just look at how much he's grown!!!!

He tried some pumpkin pie on Andrew's birthday, and he really seemed to like it :). Much more than the ice last week ;). We're joking that he is "growing into" his hair... He still has as much of it, but as his head has grown, the amount is less startling, haha :). He's too sweet <3.

Exciting news ✽ Little cousin

Last August my Aunt Amber let us know that she and Uncle Jason are expecting a little blessing :)!!!! We are all so excited, and it's awesome that we live close again and get to be a part of this precious little gift's life :)!!! Last week, they threw a gender reveal party, and everybody came to learn who this precious little one will be...

And learned that Baby James will join the family next March :D!!! Now my mom's parents grandchildren are evenly split, 5 girls, 5 boys :). (As well, the youngest three will most likely have a March birthday, heehee :).)

We forgot to bring the camera and so we didn't get any pictures of the party... what are the odds that Mama and Daddy and I would all forget it at once?!?!?! Grrr... but it was a really sweet gathering. My aunt asked me to make that chalk sign, and then she made an adorable pumpkin and wreath to put on the door. My Aunt Tessa was given the honor of pulling the revealing outfit out of the bag, and everybody was thrilled to learn who the newest member will be! We did some baby crossword puzzles, and had a pizza party, finished off by my Aunt Tessa's famous cupcakes topped with little baby carriages :).

My aunt had a little jar of pumpkin candies sitting on her table when we walked in, and my dad and I thought that they were going to be for one of those "guess how many in the jar" games... when nobody else was in the room, he took it and started figuring out the approximate volume of the jar, haha... then he told me, "I wonder how close I am.... bring me a bowl, quick, while they are busy". Haha :). Of course he was joking, but I kind of wished that I'd let him cheat when I found out that she just had them out because they were cute, hahaha! That would have just been funny ;). We're so excited for this new blessing in the family :)!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mario birthday ✽ I have my permit!

Top plate is where everybody ELSE was throwing their Hershey's
Kisses wrappers.... those bottom two 
plates are where Peter was separating his wrappers by color
and then using a whole other plate for the little papers (which I
have heard are called nigglywigglies?). Soooooo Peter-like!!!!

After we went to the zoo, we stopped at Walmart to pick up some ice cream and a cake and other supplies for that evening. I took Tori and Bethi and Johanna in... We were soaking wet, mind you. And I'm known for being terribly bad at finding things in the store mind you (our out-of-state friend knew where she was going at least as well as me). And everybody was finding everything hilarious. We searched the store for most of our items, and then I went to the bakery, and tried to decide on what cake to get (I'd never tried any from here, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into. The one we ended up getting was good, but nowhere near as good as the one that Miss Mary used to bring to us in Va... haha!).

The girls were all standing beside me giving me advice, and then Johanna saw the candles. "I WANT TO GET YOU A BIRTHDAY CANDLE", she decided. "Which one should I get?"
"We have some at home...", I reminded her.
"I don't care, I want to buy you one. Do you want this one or HELLO KITTY, YOU WANT HELLO KITTY!!!!"
Everybody erupted with laughter, and I couldn't win. She just had to buy me a candle.

And then it happened. Tori saw the Mario candle, and that was that. They had to get me that one. She explained to Johanna, "You HAVE to get this one, it's soooooo funny, because Bri is sooooo bad at Mario!!!!", and then she told her about the two times I've played it and how bad I was... haha... Johanna couldn't pass it up either. She instantly picked it up and wouldn't put it down. At this point, the lady stocking the bakery stopped us and told us, "I just want to tell you, your laughter made me day!!!" And so many people told us that y'all. I was feeling very self-concious and slightly embarrassed and laughing way too hard by the time we left, lol.

We finally made it to the register, and we were paying, and they were still rolling with their joke. Our cashier asked us, "What's going on ladies?" And then everybody started talking at once, poor lady. And Tori told her, "And it's really funny, because she's SO bad at playing Mario!" And then this look came to her face, and she stepped back and whispered to me, "I just talked to someone. And it was to tell them that you are bad at Mario." Hahaha! In my defense, y'all, I didn't have my glasses when I played it, and my friends didn't tell me how it worked, they just expected me to figure it out. I mean, they didn't even let me know what car I was driving before they turned it on. Lol.

Annnnnnnnd, on the topic of driving, I got my permit last week :D!!!!!!! Isn't that a lovely thing to hear right after I made that confession about how bad I was at the game ;)? But hey, I didn't even get to finish my knowledge test, because as soon as you get 24 right, you pass and it cuts off :D!!! I was praying the whole time, and I missed a couple, but I errored on the side of cation each time, haha :). Daddy and Mama took me to practice in a couple church parking lots after a celebratory lunch, annnnnnd.... ahahhahhaaaa.... I'm not sure yet. It's about as hard as I was expecting. And just as scary. But I think there may be hope that I'll get it eventually, because by the last time around the parking lot, I was already feeling more comfortable with it, haha. But it is going to take so much getting used to, haha :). I am excited to have passed though. I was seriously terrified I'd fail... and Mama was like, "You've only been studying for years. I don't think you could have failed at this point...", haha!

While we were at Chick-fil-a, Daddy gave Noah some ice, and though he had loved the taste of apple slushie he got at the orchards recently, I'm not sure he was as thrilled with plain ice... haha :)...

Zoo trip ✽ We fed the birds...

We celebrated my birthday last month early since Daddy was going to out of town and we were going to have company. (My best friend's sister came to stay with us for a while :).) Daddy and I went antiquing. It's not really his thing, but he's a sweet Daddy who puts up with it anyway, haha ;). 

I enjoy seeing all the handmade stuff and all the old items. We ran into a typewriter at one point, and I was like, huh, neat, and walked away... then we found another one, and I don't know, it was different somehow, and I was going to reach out and touch it, and then OF COURSE, this one had a sign on it that said "no touching, I am old and my keys are delicate", hahaha, and I was like, seriously?! I had NO inclination to touch the one I could have... haha! There was a piano there that had been turned into a desk, and we thought that that was neat :)!

Then on my birthday we took our friend to the zoo :).

This bear. I love this bear... haha :). I don't remember it's name; I know the other bear is named Sunshine as an ironic way to try bringing a bit of happiness to his personality in some way (I've heard that he's a pretty no-nonsense, teddy, haha), but I can never remember what this one was named... but he plays all. the. time., and so cute, haha :). There was one time we were there and he actually dragged grouchy Sunshine into the water, and that was hilarious, haha. He loves water! Last time he was washing his face with a rag, this time he was taking a bath and trying to get his snack out of the puzzle-feeder-thing :). 

Noah looks like that almost every time he gets in that wrap, haha :).

We fed the birds while we were there, which was something that many of the little ones didn't remember, and Johanna had never done. It was... entertaining. Hahaha!

Mama had to stand with the stroller/purses/cameras/etc, so she handed me some money and told me to go ahead and take everybody in. It took forever to get everybody through the first set of doors... and then we had to get through the second set of doors, and as they are passing through that, birds are already attacking them, and they were just stopping and nobody could move, lol. I finally pushed everybody out, and got five birds on me as soon as I stepped out.

I was trying to give my nectar cup to Emmi when I heard a piercing shriek, and Josiah and Peter are screaming and dodging and terrified at the birds around them. And they wouldn't let Tori get them out, and they wouldnt follow me, and they were screaming the whole time that we were rushing them out to Mama, and this happened to at least two cups;

Haha :).

And here would be the after effects of Peter's ordeal. He's even beautiful when he's pouty, sweaty and crying because a bird used his hair as a toilet... hahaha! Poor child.

Once Mama had the boys, I went back in to find Johanna through the roof excited and begging if we could do it again... hahaha! All the nectar was gone, and everybody had barely been able to take it in through the commotion, so Mama agreed. I asked for more nectar cups, and pep talked everybody so they would get through the doors quickly, haha. Everybody who was going in had a nectar cup... we walked in, and Emmi, who had begged to go through again with us, started yelling at me to take her nectar cup, hahaha!

I'm just going to say, it is hard to simultaneously take pictures and keep birds off of five peoples heads while 3-6 birds are constantly climbing on you. Very hard.

This one made Johanna's day, because it wouldn't leave her, haha!

This one was cute :). It was an adventure for sure, haha :).

The giraffes are some of my favorites- and the koala bears, and they have a baby one right now, but it was asleep behind it's Mama and we couldn't see it very well :(.

Baby flamingos :D!!!! They are toooooo cute (as long as you don't think about their wild cousins... seriously, if you've never watched "Crimson Wing", do yourself a favor and DON'T DO IT, because flamingos are beautiful and the babies are adorable, but spoiler alert, THE WILD IS A TERRIBLE PLACE FOR THE HEALTH OF THESE BIRDS, and I think of that every time I see them now, and it's so sad.) But anyway. There was one year my Dad got pictures of one of their chicks in every stage from egg to adulthood, and it was fun to see it grow up :). But they had two this time, and I love their little fuzzy faces :).

After the bird house, we only had the fish house left... so we went in. And it started raining, So we were going to wait it out. But eventually the zoo was closing in ten minutes and we had to just run for it. And it was POURING, so hard, haha! Tori had suspected it was going to rain and brought her umbrella, but the rest of us had been like "Naw, it doesn't look like it, nope, we'll be fine", so we had one umbrella for all 11 of us, haha. Tori shared with Mama so that Noah wouldn't get wet, and the rest of us just ran for it, and Josiah was wailing, haha! I couldn't see, because the rain was all over my glasses, and EVERYBODY was either screaming or laughing, and oh my, haha. It was a memory maker for sure, haha :). The ride home was spent with some people crying that they were wet and others saying that that was the most fun they've ever had at the zoo, haha :).

Monday, October 17, 2016

JoPeter ✽ National Coffee Day

 Just because he's cute....

 and likes to pretend to text....

 and sleep with his chocolate. I love him! <3

This is a running family joke. When Peter was practically a 
baby ;), he told Tori, "Let's snuggle, and little hearts will come 
out of our heads", we're assuming because of people like Sally in
the Peanuts show, haha :). So, whenever we have little hearts
around when the camera is out, we have to take a picture 
something like this ;).

We often call "Jo-Peter" when we want Peter's attention; it started as an accident because we would start to call Josiah instead, but then it kind of started sticking as a real nickname, haha... But I thought it would be a fitting title for a post about the two of them, haha :).

Tori told us recently that she told Peter she was going to give him the "Biggest, longest, tightest hug in the world", and so she did... and Peter just hugged her right back, harder, and harder, and harder, until he was "hugging her with his feet, too", haha :).

Then she turned to Josiah and told him, "Now I'm going to give YOU the biggest, longest, tightest hug in the world!" And she scoop him up and hugged him... and he started squirming and hollering, "Wait! Stop! I'm not ready yet!!!!!"

And that, ya'll, accurately describes the difference between Peter and Josiah ;).

By the way, in my recent post about Peter and Josiah, I was told that I forgot to mention some of Tori's favorite nicknames for him: "Grumpy pants" and "Han Solo" and "Liar Liar pants-es burning". Let me just add  "among other names" this time, before another comment gets posted that tells me *I'm* a Liar Lair Pants-es Burning because I didn't include all of them ;). Neither Grumpy Pants nor Liar Lair are said to be mean; both of these are genuine terms of affection when pointed at Josiah, and if you know him in real life, you'll get it. Haha :). ("Pants-es burning" is his own coining of pants on fire... haha :).) The little goose just asked me, "Can you play cars with me?"
"It's about time to get ready for bed, baby."
"Caaaaan you.... clean up with me then?"
Hahaha! Only JoJo would think that cleaning was a good alternative to playing ;).

Soooooo, it turns out that National Coffee Day was September 29th.
You know how much our family loves coffee.
Like, Daddy and Mama and I hardly ever go a day without at least one cup of coffee in some form, right?
And so you know what Mama and I did? For National Coffee Day?
We. Didn't. Have. Coffee.
This was not intentional. I didn't know that it was Coffee Day until ten at night.
But how we BOTH managed to not have coffee on National Coffee Day?
I still haven't figured that out.

Third time is the charm ✽ Happened again

Last night I was walking around the house minding my own business. All the little ones were in bed. Mama and Daddy and us four older ones were going to stay up and have brownies and ice cream and watch "Gods and Generals". It was late. It was quiet. I turned the corner and saw something move.

Forget quiet. I screamed as I noticed that I was headed straight for a giant spider. By all logical reasoning I should have stopped and backed away, but I was so startled, instead I jumped -forward. For one terrifying moment I was sure I was going to land on it. I ended up on the other side of it, somehow, and started yelping for Andrew and Daddy.

Andrew came running with a wad of paper towels, and Daddy got there in time to tell him not to do it, but get a jar. He could tell it had dozens of little spiders with it this time, too.

I almost stepped on it.

Daddy caught it and took pictures of it, and we all gagged at it. Even Mama took a peak at it, because it's so strangely fascinating despite being disgusting.

At first it looks like a bumpy, hairy spider. But if you look close, the bumps begin to walk all over her back, and you begin to see that those bumps are all tiny bodies. Those hairs are legs, and they go all the way around. Her underside is as covered as the top in these pictures.

Daddy took them outside and left the jar on it's side. He said he wanted the mom to "be able to gather everybody up". He thinks so long-term and kindly to these terrifying creatures. When I mentioned that, he said he'd rather these than cockroaches, lol.

So I was thinking "third time is the charm, maybe that's all we'll see". We watched our movie, and the whole time I couldn't bring myself to put my feet on the floor. It felt very dangerous. And then. We finish our movie, and Mama gets up and walks by the sofa table and found another one. It didn't have any passengers, but, seriously?!??!?!?!!? Ugh, so gross! Andrew took it outside and we went to bed.

And I'm not even kidding, I dreamed of giant spiders after I went to bed. Some guy was keeping five of them as pets, and they were the size of small cats. So gross.