Saturday, April 26, 2014

Crocheted Lion

My birthday gift to Peter this year :). Last year I gave him a lamb (Peter was told to "feed Christ's sheep), this year I decided to do a lion (with his second name being Daniel, it worked with Daniel in the lion's den :).). I remembered, after I decided that, the verse about the lion and the lamb lying together... I thought it was funny, haha :).

I looked for a pattern everywhere online... I just so didn't want to experiment, because I thought it would take too long, haha :). But after everything I was finding was either way too big, absolutely too small (think half an inch tall), knit (I prefer crocheting when working with toys now... one of my my friends laughed with glee when she heard that... "I converted you!" she told me, heehee :). She gave me my first crochet lesson ;).), or just not what I was hoping for, I bit the bullet and decided to use a pattern I had for a cat that I had used previously...

...and turn it into a lion. Needless to say, I didn't just add fringe to the neck like I at first thought I would. What I really did was use that pattern to decide how wide I wanted each piece to be at it's widest, and created my own. And I learned loop stitch! That was so much fun :)!!!!!

 So, here is my pattern for this little lion :)!

Crocheted Lion Toy

Size F/5 (3.75) crochet hook 
Four-ply yellow yarn
Polyfill stuffing
Small amount of black yarn
Metal yarn needle

Chain 2
1: Work 3 loop st in first ch. Place marker/ move up with each row. (3 st.)
2: 2 loop st in each st around  (6 st.)
3: 2 loop st in each s around (12 st.)
5: *loop st in next 2 st, 2 loop stitch in next st* around (18 st.)
6: *loop st in next 3 st, 2 loop st in next st* around (24 st.)
7: *loop st in next 4 st, 2 loop st in next st* around (30 st.)
8: *loop st in next 5 st, 2 loop st in next st* around (36 st.)
9: loop st in ever st around (36 st.)
10: *loop st in next 5 st, skip 1* around (30 st.)
11: *sc in next 4 st, skip 1* round (24 st.)
12:*sc in next 3 st, skip 1* around (18 st.)
13: *sc 1, skip 1* next 12 sts, sc in next six (12 st.)
14: sc around (12 st.)
Stuff here. 
15: *sc 1, skip 1* around (6 st.)
Cut yarn end.

Chain 2
1: Work 6 sc in first ch. Place marker/ move up with each row. (6 st.)
2: *2 sc in each sc around* (12 st.)
3: *1 sc, 2 sc in next st* around (18 st.)
4: *2 sc, 2 sc in next st* around (24 st.)
5-9: sc around (24 st.)
10: *1 sc in next 5 sc, skip 1* around (20 st.)
11-17: sc around (20 st.)
18:*1 sc, skip 1* around (10 st.)
Cut yarn, and stuff.

Legs (make 4)
Chain 2.
1: 5 st in 1st ch. Place marker/ move up with each row. (5 st.)
2: 2 sc in each sc around (10 st.)
3: 2 sc in next 3 st., sc around (13 st.)
4: Sc around (13 st.)
5: *sc, skip 1* in first 6 st, sc around (10 st.)
6-10: sc around (10 st.)
cut and stuff.

Chain 2.
1: 3 loop st in first chain. (3 st.)
2: 2 loop st around (6 st.)
3-9: sc around (6 st.)
Cut yarn.

Chain 2
1: 6 sc in first chain. (6 st.)
2: 2 sc in each st around (12 st.)
Cut yarn.

Sew pieces together using a metal yarn needle. Using black thread, embroider eyes and a nose. 

There it is :)! Have fun, and feel free to ask questions :)!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Resurrection Pics, Peter's Big Day(s), and Thankful Thursday on Friday, Week 108

Busy week :)! Haha :). Especially with Bethi's birthday coming up next week, too!

Nobody complained last week, so I'm going to take that as a confirmation that you don't care how I post Thankful Thursday posts, as long as I post (or don't care if I post at all. But for the sake of politeness you can keep that to yourself if that be the case ;). Heeheehee!). So here goes an update with highlighted... uh.. highlights ;) for thankfulness!

Resurrection pics...

We spent Resurrection Sunday making our special sweet rolls for breakfast, doing a little treasure hunt, and reading and discussing the sacrifice of Jesus together :)...

Making breakfast...

 Emmi's helping roll them out :). 

 Tori pulled out four marshmallows attached to each other- 
Peter thought it was just the greatest thing ;)!

You "bury" marshmallows in the rolls, and once you baked them, they melt and "disappear"- a fun illustration of Jesus burial, and how he left the tomb before it was even opened :).

  Taking a yummy bite :)!

 What do you mean "where is the marshmallow?" we put it in here!

 "Ummm... I don't know where it went!"

Abbi remembered all too well that "It isn't in here, it melted!" before she even looked. Mommy asked her how she knew that, and she gave her little I-know-what-I'm-talking-about look, and said, "We always do it!". Well, she's got a good memory then ;)...

Tori and Daddy had FAR too much fun hiding the little "props" that we use while reading and discussing the account of Jesus' death and resurrection... they might have had more fun hiding them, than the little ones had finding them ;)...

 You see, like, taping the praying hands to this picture...

Or putting this cup right where the lamp has a decorative nob...

Or putting the rock that symbolizes the tomb OUTSIDE!!!

Oh, and I can't forget the money IN TORI'S POCKET BOOK!

Aren't you glad you weren't looking for this stuff ;)? Here Andrew is, standing right next to the leather whip, without having a clue that it's there...

Then we got to studying the reason for our celebration :)! Jesus gave up so much to give us life! Praise him and thank him for his wonderful love for us!

The little symbolic pieces that we hid are a great way to get the little ones engaged and involved :). As each part of the story is introduced, one of them will get to bring an item they found to be shown as an illustration and find out what part it played :). 

Tori would say this was a picture showing off how cute Peter is (buddy love!),
but Emmi is pretty cute, too. So is Bethi, but this is something of a 
less flattering picture for her...  I would tell her I'm sorry for posting it,
but she did it on purpose, so...


Peter's Birthday...

After a fun breakfast, we found everybody some sandals that fit- although we had none for Peter- it seems Andrew skipped from 3's to 6's in a year?!, so Daddy took him out on a special outing to get some :). (That's done for the summer ;)!). Abbi wanted to run over to see Miss Mary when she saw her outside, and Mommy told her it was alright... I took the little ones over, for we thought a short visit, but Tori ended up having lunch almost done by the time we got back, heehee...never think anything will be short when going to see someone who loves to let Abbi talk as much as she can!!!

Love Love, Love this little face!!!!!!

We finished packing up and loaded up in the car to go to Sunday park to have a picnic, enjoy some play time, and just have fun :). Abbi has wanted to go back since she went on her birthday last year, but this was just the first time we had had time as a family. We had a great time!... most of us ;). I think once we found an inchworm in Tori's hair, she was ready to be done. But we'll forget that part. I'm sure she wants to block it, haha! There was a family at the park who just moved here three weeks ago. Abbi loved making a new friend, and Mommy and Daddy got to know them a bit. Apparently they had been in his store once before, and recognized him :).

 Helping push the stroller :)... big helper!

 Lots of fun :)!

 Lunch time :)!

Before we got to the park, we stopped at the dollar store for some things.
Daddy picked up a kite, and Peter found it fascinating :)... 


 Emmi was loving the inchworms (they were everywhere!),
and when she found this little plant she thought it was a 
whole bunch of them... she was so excited, hahaha!

After we got back to the house, Daddy took Peter out to get some birthday pizza, and we started in on the decorating. We had some cupcakes for dessert, and opted to do his "fun cake" and gifts the next evening as it was... um, too late to mention ;). Heehee!

 He *loves* angry birds ;).

Using his fork like a big boy :). Love it!

I think his favorite part might have been the open cup though ;)...

The next evening he got to check out all his cool things :)!

He was soooo cute opening his gifts! He kept "Ooooo!"ing over everything, asking "Mine?" and the like... it was sweet :). 

 So much excitement :)!

I knit him this little lion (watch for a post tomorrow), and he 
opened it and promptly called it a cow. Lol!

Aw, haha!

Okay, this was too funny! This is a puzzle, but he can't see the pieces right now, since it was upside down. He seemed to think it was a race track, haha! While he wasn't looking, Tori flipped it over, and his face when he saw that it was a fish puzzle was hilarious! 

Despite how interested he looks here, he really wasn't that
 interested in his cards, stinker! He was more interested in the
cards than in the money, though! Haha!

His special snack that night... an angry birds fruit cake :)!
Isn't he just sweet :)?... I think it meets with his approval :)!

 A few other things to be thankful for this week...

My bed this morning :)...

~The blessings of the study on Mark that my friends and I are doing... it is hard to believe that the four month study ends next week... where did those months go?! I still have quite a bit I wanted to accomplish with this section left to do, I don't know if I'll finish this month.. I'm working on it though!
~A sweet little baby sleeping in my arms...
~And Josiah's Abbi grins, heehee :).
~Emmi's little hand in mine.
~Getting to have a sleepover with my siblings every night.
~Which includes late night talks with Tori :). We were going at it but good last night, I'm surprised Daddy didn't tell us we were being too loud, haha ;).

"Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and all that is within me,
bless his holy name!"
                    ~Psalm 103:1