Friday, March 30, 2018

The Liebster Award Tag!

Hello to all my wonderful readers <3! I have missed blogging the past couple of weeks, but life has been full! I went to visit my Mom's family for a week, and Noah turned two last week, Josiah turns four tomorrow, and Resurrection is coming (I hope each of you have a wonderful time with your families remembering the beautiful, sinless, sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of the one Lord and Savior!). I am here today, though, to fill out the Liebster Tag I was awarded with not once, not twice, but THREE times in a week right before I went upstate!!! This award has been going around... I don't even know how long. I am pretty sure it's been a thing since before I started blogging over eleven years ago, but I can't find anything about it's origins (except that Liebster is a German word), so I can't prove it. I have wanted to do this tag almost ever time I have seen it making another resurgence, but hadn't ever been nominated before... but when it rains, it pours ;)! So here I am (finally -Tori saw me copying the questions and was like, "Oo!", I think she was giving up hope) to do a three in one tag! Thank you ladies :)!!!


1. Acknowledge the blog(s) that gave it to you and display the award: Little Bit of Sunshine, Forever Persuaded, and The Book Wyrm!

2.. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of their nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

These questions are the ones given to me by Maddy from Little Bit of Sunshine. Most of you should know Maddy, because we did a giveaway for my Etsy shop together last August :)! Maddy is so sweet, and I thought it was neat that she tagged me - last December, she did an "open" tag and I asked if I could fill it out, and I think she remembered that :). Thanks, girl! 

Hello there, I am Bri, and on the MBTI personality quiz, I test as an ESFJ-T, or an Extroverted Sensory Feeling Judge with Turbulent leanings. Very heavy on the Feeling and Turbulence side of things. The only issue with this? My brother Andrew got the same thing. He answered the questions MORE introverted than I did, and yet came out MORE extroverted than I am, and let's just say, we are nowhere close to the same sort of person, and so my faith in the accuracy of this test took quite a blow at that time, hahaha! But for all practical answering purposes, ESFJ(T) is my personality.

Hmmm. Interesting question. I feel like a lot of people follow all these actors, and know everything about them, and watch some movies just because so-and-so is in it, while I am over here, Tori is saying "So-and-so is in this movie", and I am like, "Who is that?" And she has to tell me who else so-and-so plays, before I realize that I have seen five movies with this so-and-so in it, haha. I really don't have a favorite. The ones I do actually know, I don't prefer over any others I know. If it counts, Tori and I talk about Harrison Ford most often, because every time he lets his personality come out (which is a lot, he can't mask it) we get a glimpse of Josiah's future as an old man. Harrison Ford flies planes and seems to make a joke of looking down on the world. Josiah has already told us he wants to fly a plane when he grows up "so he can look down on the world". It just fits.

Something?! Somethings...  Bible journaling, and productive early mornings, and relaxed late nights, and spending time with people I love, and words that are so encouraging you don't know how to respond.

I guess Pepsi... but if I am going to drink a soda, it's almost sure to be a root beer.

If I could live anywhere for a month, it would not be far from home, and it would not be alone or with strangers. I just spent a week away from home, and I loved being with my Grandparents and Aunts, but I missed my family and just being home, too. I would have to have a good reason to be gone that long, and it would have to be somewhere I knew what to expect. So really my only options are with my grandparents or staying with some friends in VA, haha!

No, I have not. But I would love to visit Scotland/Ireland area sometime (it's so beautiful!).

No. Not this question. I can answer either/or questions, or yes/no questions, and sometimes even what do you think questions. But I can.not. answer favorite questions. And favorite ever?! That's worse!!!
I have now sat here for 4 minutes trying to think of a maybe answer, and I now give up. Sorry.

I have 13 younger siblings, but four are waiting for us at the feet of Jesus, so until that joyful reunion in heaven, I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers here... and Baby Bear, who will either create a tie or pull the girls further ahead. What do y'all think?!

I am assuming this question was designed to find out what celebrity I would like to glean wisdom from, ha, but if you know me, you know that's not how I work. I would go out to lunch with my mom, my aunt, or my friend Katie.... and since I get to go out with my mom frequently and Aunt Tessa and I just went out, I guess next up is Katie, but since she lives 6 hours away, that's kind of unlikely ;).

I have listened to one Bluegrass music CD, the Maxwell family's. I like that CD! But I don't know if that gives me license to answer for the whole genre.

Famous to whom? I have met the Maxwell family, the Mally sisters, Pastor Voddie Baucham, Ken Ham... and the Huzinger family, who are not actually famous at all, but they adopted a little girl from Pleven and it was literally the neatest thing ever when we ran into them, because I had prayed and raised money for little Penny, and to just randomly meet her <3? I enjoyed that encounter more than the "famous" people, though it was fun to talk to those influential christians, as well!

These questions came from Abby from "Forever Persuaded". Abby has apparently been lurking on my blog for a while ;), but I just "met" her this month when she let me know that she tagged me :)! So that was fun. Thank you again, Abby :)!!!
1. What was your favorite childhood book, and why? 
Hmmmm.... well. I grew up reading "The Hiding Place", "Little House on the Prairie", "Anne of Green Gables" and some of Louisa May Alcott's books yearly. I loved each of these stories! But the only one I still read yearly is "An Old-Fashioned Girl", so I suppose that would be the one to answer this question with. There is just something about the perspective of this book that I love to read and re-experiance, even if it does have a silly love triangle in it... haha :).
2. What was your favorite childhood Bible story?
Outside of the gospels, the book of the bible I read most growing up was the book of Ruth. It was a really beautiful story, but I didn't realize it's true worth until years later. Ruth is the Proverbs 31 woman if you ask me, and the fact that she was a gentile, "grafted in", is neat for us reading it today, grafted into the spiritual family tree ourselves, don't you think? I have considered doing a series on the book of Ruth in the past, but I haven't yet... I don't know if I will. But it's at the back of my mind ;).

3. Which parent are you more like, and what are your similarities to them?
Both? I feel like I am a very good mix of my parents in every respect, looks and personality. In fact, my Grandma and I were talking about this just last week. She said she thought I looked like Mama, and I told her, well, I look most like my siblings who *obviously* take after Mama's side, but even though I look most like those siblings, I don't feel like I look anymore like Mama than Daddy... I don't look like either of them, even though I look enough like them for you to say I look like either of them. It's kind of the same thing with my personality. I think my dad thinks I take after him, but I am a good mix (Josiah is the one that truly takes after him, haha!). Mama and I think a lot alike and are both very traditionally minded and emotionally invested, while Daddy and I have a lot of the same get-at-it-and-then-don't-stop-until-it's-done tendencies (Mama has a bit of that too, but hasn't taken it to such an extreme, haha), and our family all teases us for always being the last two to the car on Sunday, haha :).

4. What pair of shoes do you most frequently wear?
It's getting warmer here in SC, so that means that I am going to live in sandals, probably either my brown open heeled or my white leather, until November, depending on my outfit. BUT, for the past four months, I lived in my brown boots, because I love them! (Daddy didn't, though... They made us closer to the same height ;).)

5.  What was the last song you listened to?
*blinks* Good question. Oh! A Resurrection hymn melody that a friend shared on FB. But I honestly cannot think what before that, so I am glad I listened to that, haha!

6. You’re handed two tickets: One to Disneyland, and one for a round trip to Rome. Which one do you pick, and why?
Ummm... ha. Neither. Honestly. I have no desire to go either place. But if I was forced to pick one, I would pick the Disneyland one, not because I want to go to Disneyland, because, let's face it, Disneyland sounds just like the fair except 1. without craft and animal shows, which is really all I care about at the fair, though I enjoy one ride on the faris wheel and some funnel cake, and 2. more putting yourself out there, because I am told the characters come up to shake your hand all the time. It doesn't sound fun. So why would I pick that ticket? For the following reasons... 1. It's closer to home, meaning it would be a shorter time away, hahaha, and 2. my best friend lives about 30 minutes away from it, and would most assuredly meet up with me ;). Ignoring Disneyland to talk to her wouldn't be a bad way to work out the situation, as long as I didn't have to ride the rides, haha. A friend told me they were usually terrifying.

7. If you could travel back in time, what top three events would you witness?
Huh, I never thought of this question before. Probably one of Jesus' sermons, one of the life events of Paul, and the landing of the pilgrims in America. It would be so neat to witness all of these events that are so important to us as Christians in America!

8. CDs or records?
CDs... it's kind of silly to think about starting a record collection with no record player ;).

9. If you’ve seen/read them, Anne of Green Gables movies or books?
"Anne's House of Dreams" and "Rainbow Valley" are my favorite parts of anything involving Anne, so I guess the books... but I feel like I enjoy the first two movies from the mini-series equally well as the books. The third mini series, though... I've only seen that once. That was terrible. If you are considering watching it and love the books, you might want to pretend it's not an Anne story.

10. Wall calendar or pocket planner or neither?
Hahaha! Neither. Because, I have a great big binder that I keep a stack of papers in as my planner, haha! I should just start a bullet journal, but, there is so much to get hung up on keeping one...

11. What is your favorite TV show?
When Calls the Heart. (Tori is probably rolling her eyes right now that I am bringing up this show again, but you asked!) I am behind right now, so no spoilers. Unlike Google, who gave me a recommended article that even just the title + snippet shared on the home page gave away the biggest spoiler of the season right away. *glares at Google* But can I just say, I hate when they take the best character and give them the best story line and then just ruin it all later?


And these last questions come from Tori from "The Book Wyrm". Who is Tori? I'm not sure.
Hahaha, just kidding, just kidding. Tori is my oldest-younger sister, and she's the queen of puns, a wonderfully humorous blogg(hopp)er, and musical artist :)!

1. What is your favorite time period for fiction books to be set in?
The 1800's. I love that time period, as mentioned in my last facts about me post, and it definitely carries over into books :).

2. Fictional movies, or movies based off a real person?
Hmmmmm, this is hard. See, it really depends on what SORT of movie it is. And... I just like a good movie, I don't usually care how the story came to be, haha. I am going to say that I like movies *done well* and based off a real person best, but that usually a movie has a better chance of being done better if it is fiction but based off of real life. If that makes sense?

3. Favorite preacher/pastor? (e.g., Charles Spurgon, R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur.)
Well, I have to say Charles Spurgeon. I love to read his writings, he can pack so much truth into one quote! His writing is always a refreshing reminder to focus on the Lord. I have to give a bit of credit to our VA Pastor, as well, though. There is a lot about that church I miss!

4. Least favorite movie character?
I thought this was movie actor at first, and I was going to refuse to answer, because Tori knows my harsh feelings on this answer, and it would be rude to share them here, hahahah! But since it's movie *character*, I guess I can answer...
OKAY, THERE IS ONE. I am thinking of one in particular that I always say I hate it whenever the character comes on the screen. But now I am drawing a blank.
I hate the king of Alice in Wonderland, if that counts. But that is no fault of his own at all, I promise. So I don't feel that is fair.

5. What do you think about Van Gogh's paintings? (Just curious, I've heard differing opinions about them.)
Honestly, they seem messy and boxy all at the same time, and they do not speak to me at all. I don't want to say he was a bad artist, but his technique was definitely not my style ;).

6. On a similar note, do you feel like Charles Dicken's works are intriguing or dry?
I have only ever read "A Christmas Carol", but I love it! So I want to say they are intriguing, but I guess time will tell ;).

7. Favorite language? (Even if you don't understand a word of it.) I honestly find listening to spanish fascinating, but one of the elders of our church showed us an India bible last year and I fell in love with the lettering. That was gorgeous... if they do all their writing like that, I am jealous, haha! But despite those facts, I am learning Swahili ;).

8. Are you able eat white meat or grapes without inspecting them thoroughly first?
Never, never, never. And if you can, are you even human? I can't eat strawberries or clementines without inspection either. Or mozerella cheese. Or turkey.
I inspect my food a lot.

9. Dream job?
My goal is to be an in-home assistant to families with special needs children! I am going to have to get some experience before I can jump into that, though, and I don't plan on working after having children, so we'll see if that comes about. It's what I am working towards as my job goal, though :).

10. Favorite name?
I don't have just one. I used to read the baby name book by the hour, haha! All names are fascinating to me. One that I absolutely love is Adelina, but I don't know that I would ever use it... it might feel out of place with my other favorites. We'll see!

11. Thing you're best at? (Or maybe thing people tell you you're best at, even though you think you're better at something else.) (And it has to be something NICE.)
*starts to write five different things* *is stopped by that "NICE" each and every time* Oops.
Well. I was once told I was "the mom friend", and I took it as one of the nicest compliments I ever got. Does that count as a thing I can be good at, being the mom friend? Because that's pretty much who I am, though I lose that ability under stress.


Now, for 11 facts about me! Random. Facts. I am done with those, people. I can't think of anymore, hahaha. Soooooo, I am just going to give you regular ol' facts, facts that will be useful to new readers who drop by thanks to this tag. It sounds like the best plan to me ;). 

1. I am saved, redeemed, and honored to be the daughter of the only true King, who bled and died to take away my sins. This is the greatest gift and title I could ever have bestowed on me!
2. At 20, I am the oldest of my wonderful parents' 5 girls, 4 boys, baby on the way, and 4 babies in heaven.
3. I was homeschooled all of my school years! This was another wonderful blessing that I do not take lightly. 
4. I run an Etsy shop (that is currently majorly under some potential redesign, so it's kind of empty right now, haha). But I am still excepting custom orders! Just saying ;). 
5.  I have a heart for special needs adoption, and volunteer at special needs respites.
6. I love Mondays, the first day of the month, to-do lists, and even deadlines (though the deadlines can also stress me out). They are all great motivation!
7. I have been blogging for over 11 years, and my blog has taken many different paths since I started, but I think I am really growing into what my blog is meant to be, lately, and I am grateful for each of you joining me on the journey :). 
8. If I were asked to send someone a link to my blog for them to get to know me a bit better, I probably wouldn't send them to my "about me" page. The posts I feel best share my heart and who I am are these; "While I was a Sinner", written a few years ago as I was going through a dry season of my life, and this one, a little more recent and part of my unofficial series on my year's word, Rest; "Beautiful, Messy, Dependent." But you can feel free to check out my about me page, too ;).
9. I am an animal person, love being outside, believe that the darker the chocolate is the better, cannot give up writing, love to curl up with little ones and read books or listen to music, will try my hand at any craft project that you throw at me (but some only once... *cough cough* origami (actually, even that I did 4 times, and hated it every time.)), and will talk your head off for hours once we get really started. 
10. My favorite book of the bible is Romans, and I love to sit down to a bible study and bible journaling!
11. I guess I should note that I am quite the procrastinator... since that is literally why I am working on this post right now... ha.


And now, I would like to nominate...

1. Hosanna from Having a Heart Like His. This is literally my new favorite blog, y'all. The way Hosanna writes about the things she writes about... <3. 
2. Molly from A Ramble Through the Woods. Molly's blog is adorable! I mean, it's inspired by a line from Anne of Green Gables, it was bound to have a whimsy feel.
3. Alyssa from Here is Love. Not only a blogger friend, this sweet girl is a real-life friend <3!
4. Ashley from Precious Moments. Ashley is a blogger friend turned real life friend :)! I love how I have been able to create friendships through this insignificant blog!
5. Julia from The Barefoot Gal. I'd still read Julia's blog if all she ever posted was monthly recaps. 'Nuff said. 
6. Micaiah from Notebooks and Novels. Micaiah has a cute little blog, and I love hearing about her family!
7. Katie from A Writer's Faith. Usually, I'm not interested in blogs that are about nothing but writing projects, I don't know why. But I have loved Katie's since I found it, so she must be a good blogger, right ;)?
8. Elizabeth Anne from Elizabeth Anne. So much honesty dealt out with truth, here. I love this blog.
9. Grace from Totally Graced. Grace is awesome. Even though I know nothing about theater, even her posts about that interest me. 
10. Hannah from Letters to Myself. When I first found Hannah's blog, there was a post about confidence coming from the Lord that felt like it was written for me. It really encouraged me, so obviously I stuck around.
11. Brianna from No End Of Books. Brianna was my 25th blog follower earlier this year, which was neat, and so I wanted to include her in my nominations! (I promise I didn't bribe her to become that 25th follower with this, I just thought it would be fun as I was typing this out ;).)
If anyone else wants to do this as well, feel free to snag my questions and pretend I am the one who nominated you, too :)!

And now, for your questions to answer! 

1. What is a quote that you really love?
2. What is a favorite/most vivid childhood memory?
3. What is one thing God has been taking you through/teaching you this year?
4. How did your blog start, and where do you hope to see it in the future?
5. What is the longest you have lived in one place? 
6. Do you see yourself as an optimist, pessimist, realist, or opportunist? 
7. What is your typical go-to when you try a new restaurant?
8. Do you re-read books? If so, which have you re-read most?
9. If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself five years ago?
10. What is your favorite part of your every day routine?
11. How do you do your devotions (by a schedule, with a study guide, is scripture memorization part of that daily time, etc.)?


This. Took. Hours. Hahaha! 33 questions is quite a lot to answer ;). Now it's time to make cinnamon rolls for Josiah's birthday, clean the house, and work on some crocheting, since I have gotten the project I was using to procrastinate out of the way ;). Ha. But this was a lot of fun, too! I hope you all enjoy <3!

Rejoicing in Hope, 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blessed be the Name of the Lord

If you have been reading my blog for many months, you might know what a rough year last year was for our family. I haven't talked about it much more than to mention that it happened... it was something that touched a lot of our life, but it didn't really lend itself to being shared candidly. For those of you who haven't been reading very long, Mama suffered two miscarriages, an emergency surgery, and lots of testing last year. This was hard for our whole family, but especially for Mama, understandably. Thanksgiving arrived and I believe we were all conscience of the people who would forever be missing from our table; Haven had been due to arrive right at Thanksgiving, and the loss of little Selah was still fresh, and both of these things made the fact that we had two other children/siblings, Micah and Michael, already in waiting in heaven even closer to our heart.

But the Lord sent a gift to make that day of remembrance one which brought us much to be thankful for, as well. Because in His grace, the day ended with this news...

The grace of the Lord is so wonderful, His gifts are merciful, and I am so thankful for the joy He brought out of our sorrow <3. This precious little one is due to arrive in our family this July, and the Lord has blessed Mama and Baby Bear with wonderful health! We would appreciate prayers for this little one's arrival, but also praise that the Lord has given this life to be treasured, not as a replacement to the little ones who touched our lives so much in such a short time, but as proof that our Father cares for His children <3!

"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." -Psalm 30:5

"O Joy, that seekest me through pain, I cannot close my heart to Thee; I trace the rainbow through the rain, And feel the promise is not vain. That morn shall tearless be." -Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go"

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." -James 1:17

Monday, March 12, 2018

50 More Random Facts About Me

I sent a random picture of a new recipe I made to a friend recently and was given the response, "This reminds me of something I read about you." Instantly I was a little disturbed, because what could she have read about me that I didn't already know she had read about me ;)? She replied that she actually read 50 things about me... and I realized she was talking about this post, done spontaneously a few years ago. And then it came about that we decided that I should do another such post, and this is the end result of that! That being said, without further ado, 50 more random facts about me!

  1. My favorite time period to study and read about is the late 1800's. I love it.
  2. When I fold towels, I always make sure the ribbing is facing the top of the stack, and the outer fold is on my left. A stack of well folded towels is very satisfying to behold, I assure you. 
  3. Constantly eating the same foods can get old sometimes. Unfortunately, if I am given the option of something new or something old, I usually overthink things and reach for the same, boring, trusted old foods. If you take me somewhere I have never been to eat, I guarantee you I will get a hamburger or a grilled cheese sandwich if they have it. (Funny that this post was born from making a new meal, isn't it? That shows that nobody is hopeless ;)!)
  4. I have 19 drafts in my blog folders right now. At least four of those are finished. But by the time I got around to editing them, they were too old to share as they were. But I can't ever throw away something I actually spent time working on...
  5. I have gotten better about taking notes for the patterns I create! The problem? They are very loose notes, not actual patterns, per se. And I can't decide how to share them. So, you know. I still don't know if you all will benefit from that...
  6. My favorite coffee drink is a caramel frappachino. I was once told that I make delicious coffee drinks and should work at a coffee shop. Later, I was told by the same person that they really only loved my coffee drinks so much because I put whipped cream on the top, hahaha!
  7. I make some of the social media graphics for "The King's Blooming Rose" ministries :). If you haven't checked KBR out yet, you should <3! It is such a blessing.
  8. If you do not have a nickname, I will give you one. If you do have a nickname... would you like a few more ;)?
  9. Yes, I have two blogger accounts and a wordpress account. I'm sorry my profile picture keeps "changing" on you all in the comments. Tori pointed out to me that it's confusing, and I plan on making them all match soon, but I promise you that they each serve a purpose, haha! Grrr...
  10. There are very few things that I buy without a purpose, especially for myself. The exception is scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. At only 44 cents a sheet and with the explanation to myself that it MIGHT come in handy to make something for someone else or for my shop, I usually come home with 3-5 more designs than I started out looking for when I dare to browse that isle in the store. It makes me so happy to admire such a beautiful design with the potential of purpose, that it's worth it.
  11. There are very few people I can watch cook in person. It's not you, it's me. I promise. But... please. Can I show you how to use that spatula ;)?
  12. When I was little, I cooked with my aunt every time I went to my grandparent's. They kept their flour in this HUGE bucket, that I was allowed to use as a stool. One day my aunt sent me for something across the kitchen, and opened the flour bucket, unknown to me. I came flying back across the kitchen and took a leap - not onto the bucket lid, but straight INTO the flour. We laugh about this quite frequently when we're in the kitchen to this day.
  13. I eat ice cream out of a tea/coffee cup. It's the perfect size to hold the perfect amount of ice cream, and since it's in a smaller space, it doesn't melt as much, and the handle allows you to hold it without your hand getting cold. Plus it's a reason to use my cup that has a crack in the side, so I can't use it for coffee anymore. I hate melted ice cream -My mom teases me about the time she ordered me an ice cream from DQ, we had to walk forever to find me a place to sit down and truly enjoy it... and instead of being thrilled, I cried at the disappointment that it was "melty!"
  14. My hair was perfectly straight until I asked my Mama to cut about half of it at 14. It curled up immediately after drying at that time, and I have had curl to my hair ever since, though I notice it gets a little more limp during summer. 
  15.  I wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar, not because I am "one of THOSE natural fanatics" ;), but because it it the only thing that consistently works on my hair. Once my mom was asked what she would recommend for a lady's hair as she was in the shampoo isle. She shared what she used, but it didn't really answer the question, so to try to sound more helpful, she told the lady what I use. I am told this lady looked horrified and answered, "But that's what they use to make VOLCANOES IN SCHOOL!!!" I never heard of her again, but I am guessing she tried another method ;)... hahaha!
  16. I quickly develop shared obsessions. I can not help it. It's a way of connecting to people. If you make it obvious you love something, I will think of you every time I think of it, and eventually getting excited about it for your sake will make me just excited to see it, haha! I don't even know what things I love are even mine at this point...
  17. I am reading through the bible for what I think is the 8th time. I know many people have read through the bible more than this, but this is enough times to know that God can teach you something EVERY time. You don't know everything this wonderful gift holds by examining it just once <3. I like to read through the bible cover to cover, than do small passage or topical studies, then eventually read cover to cover again :).
  18. I love weeding! I like all aspects of gardening (except the bugs met), but weeding is the best. I know I am helping those little plants survive, I see immediate results, it creates such a neat affect, and it's something to keep my hands busy outside while I just enjoy the quiet. .
  19. I can (or at least could for years) imitate a pretty good rooster crow. But I'm very self-conscious thinking of doing this now, and told Andrew just yesterday, I'm not sure I'll ever know if I still have it. 
  20. I started to read Louisa Alcott's Hospital Sketches for free one time, and then I quit. Not because I wasn't interested, but because it was a good enough book, I didn't want to read it on the computer, I wanted to read an actual book, haha! I have yet to finish it...
  21. I journal at least once a week - an average of 7 pages. If I skip my regular journaling time by even three days, that number will probably go up to 12. I usually journal on Sunday, because it's a day I have time for it, and because if I have a set time, it helps me not push it to the side, because I really benefit from it, but it also means that if I am tempted to journal on Saturday when I should be working on extra projects, I can tell myself, no, I have time set aside tomorrow ;).
  22. The most disappointing fiction books I ever read are a tie between "The House of Thirty Cats" and "Rose in Bloom". 10/10 would not recommend, I hated the endings of both. Sigh...
  23. I play piano... with lead sheets. Ha. I don't even really think that it counts, although I enjoy it by times anyway, but other people seem to think it does sometimes, and it's confusing to explain. An elderly gentleman in choir once asked me if I played instruments... "Not really, definitely not well." Mama then posted a picture of my baby brother and I playing in the piano with lead sheets, and the next time I went to choir, this gentleman asked me when I was playing a solo, because he had found me out. Haha!
  24. I love open windows. I love the brightness of compromised sunshine, and I love the sound of the wind and birds and leaves!
  25. My favorite decorating technique is a big, full wall collage. The sight of them makes me so happy. I want to do so many... so I haven't done even one yet, because I can't decide which to start with, haha!
  26. Fuzzy socks and mechanical pencils are always a good gift choice. Or chocolate. And I probably need a chapstick, because I have to use them constantly, haha...I'm easy to please!
  27. I have lived in 4 different states - South Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, and Virginia. (But I have lived in South Carolina *3* times!)
  28. My memory obviously fully developed at age five. The Indiana house is where all of my youngest "firm" memories took place. Mama baking maple twist and singing to me at bedtime... Christmas baking with Daddy... sneaking downstairs to make sure that my Mom was leaving some of the chocolate caramel eggs (haha!). It's neat and odd to think of all at the same time!
  29. I was supposed to be born on my grandma's birthday. I ended up arriving nine days late on her brother's birthday, instead. I can't imagine the disappointment, hahaha!
  30. I stayed up to wash dishes at 3:00 a.m. ONE TIME and now my family thinks that that defines me. ::sigh:: Haha!!!
  31. My first ever "writing" project that I remember was plastering Lisa Frank stickers of a cat (I thought that cat was gorgeous) into a notebook, then scribbling around them and "reading" the story to my parents.
  32. I really liked being 14. I'm not sure why... there wasn't anything terribly different about that year. But if you were to ask what my favorite age was, I wouldn't hesitate before saying 14. 
  33. There is about a 60% chance that if we are close friends, one of your names starts with C or K. I don't search those names out. They just... happen.
  34. I am currently learning Swahili. Habari! Mimi langu ni Bri S. Mimi ni mmarekani. Ninapenda mkenya. Kewi hari! I would love to adopt someday in the future, Lord willing, and if I did, I would probably lean towards either Chinese, African, or domestic adoptions (and the children with special needs). I thought once when I was younger that it must be terrifying to be adopted by someone who doesn't know your language, especially if you are only three, and so I decided I would like to have at least a working knowledge of Swahili and Chinese :).
  35. I am closer in age to my mom than I am to a few of my siblings & I am also closer in age to my aunts than most of my cousins! My aunt has called me her son's Aunt at times, not on purpose, but because it somehow feels natural, haha! I don't mind, being an honorary Aunt is fun ;).
  36. I learned to knit continentally and crochet from a formerly British neighbor. This was an issue when my friends talked about their american version knit and crochet projects - the two versions have different names for different stitches at times!
  37. When Tori and I were little, our favorite things to play during our daily "quiet time" was that we were snowed in during a blizzard, hehe. I grew up reading Little House yearly for a while, okay ;)?
  38. I once read a quote that said "she was the girl who over watered plants because she didn't know when to stop giving". This took me very aback, because it brought memories of my Dad telling me I needed to water the plants this way, this much, or I would drown or uproot them... and what a hard time I had not giving in to the desire to give them just a splash more, so I was *sure* I had taken care of them. I don't know, it was weird to find! But every time I think of that, my mind then goes to the girl who was walking our neighborhood while I watered the potted plants, who walked past our house with her friends and then spun around and asked, "HEY, DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND?!??!?!" I was very shocked at the suddenness, but never got a chance to answer, because her friends yanked her away because she was being "weird". I've felt bad for her because of their response ever since, but I still laugh because it was hilarious. She must have been quite the character, and I'm sure being her friend must have been dizzying in an amazing way, haha!!!
  39. I have 400/20 vision. For those who don't know what that means; you are legally blind at an uncorrected 200/20. I have yet to meet a person (who actually remembers their prescription) that has one even close to mine.
  40. I am directionally challenged. It's one of the hardest parts about driving. The other main issue is that I have really bad night vision...
  41. I have been known to scare friends by telling them exactly what they are thinking about a situation before they tell me, even though I have never lived it. Or by remembering their life better than they do...
  42. My dream starter home is a tiny, sunny little two bedroom house with a sofa table covered with plants by the front window, bookshelves full of beautifully meaningful books, a table dedicated to my bible study because I take up allllll the space when I work on that, and a small grey cat named Raspberry purring on the rug while I make supper, with a little basket of toys always out in the corner of the living room for when our little house busts at the seams with small as well as tall guests.
  43. I am probably shorter than you, given the statistics of my life.
  44. Growing up, 19 always seemed to be the age you became an adult. Something about it seemed so old. At twenty, I think that has changed. I'm not old yet. Now I don't know what age sounds old after this, haha.
  45. I give people deals if I am winning at Monopoly. I can not see you struggle while I am winning. I hope this translates well in life, but honestly, I don't have thousands of dollars in real life like I do in Monopoly, so I haven't tested it yet ;).
  46. Tori and I once nicknamed a lady "Miss Crystal Lady" because we couldn't figure out her name without admitting we didn't know it, and she looked like a friend's mom. We found out her name was Linda. Six weeks before we moved. Miss Crystal Lady stuck though. Sorry Miss Linda.
  47. My full first name is not Brianna as you may have supposed; it is Ambrielle. This is a little-known name, which my mom picked out for me when she was just a little girl. It's said about two people per generation have it. From what I have been told by a friend and the fact that my mom and I decided that I'll have to have an Ambrielle, I may know BOTH Ambrielles in the next generation, now wouldn't that be crazy?! Haha! And yet we would all have different nicknames, which would also be neat!
  48. Some of my favorite family adventure memories were made at night. Watching the thunderstorm from our porch, watching the meteor showers last year, looking at the moon when it was supposed to be "different" with Tori... Night adventures are the best. 
  49. I wash my hands constantly. I can make a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs and wash my hands five times just to get the stuff in the pan. Haha!
  50. I am the oldest of my parent's 10 living children.
Thank you for joining me for this blog post <3! I had so much fun writing it out, although it took a while... I hope it's at least a little fun to read, as well ;). I'd love to hear from you in the comments! What are some "random facts" about you? What did you think of this post? What was the most exciting thing about me you learned today :D?...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Light-Hearted and Short Look at February

Josiah-isms, because he is at that delightful stage where everything he says seems quoteable... (Tori reads Mama's old blog now kept mostly when Tori was 4-6, and says, "It seems like all you wrote about was me." Haha!)

Jojo: "I don't need my bears."
"Okay, I'll just set them at the end of your bed then..."
Jojo: *sits up really fast as I go to leave* "Where is the other one?!"

Josiah wanders downstairs and looks in the fruit bowl.
*sad little voice* "There aren't any with stickers."
Me: "Tori. Tori. Here." *peels a sticker off my cup* "Go give him a banana with this sticker."
Tori: "Oh look, Joey, here is a sticker!"
Josiah: *completely happy, very excited* *peels the sticker off his banana* "Here Bri, this is for your cup!"
You don't say... hahahaha!

Josiah: "I will clean it up fast. It will just take a little bit and a crumb!"


This child is really odd and hilarious sometimes, hahaha! From the jean shorts, to the fourth of July shirt at Valentine's season, from the church vest to the unbrushed hair and Mr. potato head glasses, I mean, what even is he getting ready for?! I love it.

We don't make breakfast sandwiches often, because it takes a while, but I did one morning this last month. We up-graded from a two-slice toaster to a toaster oven about nine years ago, but the past few years, even that is too small and slow... I just lay all the bread on a metal rack and throw it in the oven on broil for a couple minutes, haha :).

Mama was sick, so all the little ones picked flowers for her :).

I had so much fun designing Valentine's Day cards this year! Peter loved his and carried it around for days, it was sweet and somewhat hilarious... he loved the hearts right off it, haha. But he put them back on ;).

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lordwhose trust is the LordHe is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” -Jeremiah 17:7&8

That would be the cup that was subject to banana stickers by a small army of banana eating, sticker bestowing siblings, haha!

He's in our room, and so we get to here him talk in his sleep... hahaha! He loves his puppy!

He got a haircut this last month, too. It's much shorter, and so it doesn't look nearly as curly... and he looks so much older. But he's adorable <3.


A few more random parts of my month: I washed the kitchen floors. I spilled maple syrup all over them the next day. This makes three times in less than a year that I personally have cleaned the floors and have personally thrown a whole jar of something on them withing twenty-four hours. I don't usually spill that much of something at a time... unless I have mopped the floors. I don't get it.

Which is stronger, a garlic press or a clove of garlic? By all practical logic, the answer would be, the garlic press.

Which is why, when I tried to crush a clove of garlic and half of the metal grating can out instead, I was a little more than shocked and laughed really hard. We needed a new one anyway... for the past five years since it lost the pin, we've been using knitting needles and those weird fork things you stick in turkeys to keep the halves together. But that's not exactly how we always imagined it giving up all life.

*I'm on google, and a recommended article is "how to stuff a chicken"*
*my brain as I scroll past: "How to wear a chicken"*

I was offered a goat. A baby goat. A FREE baby goat. A free baby goat that needed bottle fed.
And I turned it down because I am responsible and knew I didn't have anywhere to keep it or know exactly how to take care of it right now.
Why do I have to be responsible.


So, there is a short, incomplete, but hopefully fun look at my February. I would love to hear about yours! What was the highlight? What is something that made you laugh? How can I pray for you this coming month :)?

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri <3