Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Light-Hearted and Short Look at February

Josiah-isms, because he is at that delightful stage where everything he says seems quoteable... (Tori reads Mama's old blog now kept mostly when Tori was 4-6, and says, "It seems like all you wrote about was me." Haha!)

Jojo: "I don't need my bears."
"Okay, I'll just set them at the end of your bed then..."
Jojo: *sits up really fast as I go to leave* "Where is the other one?!"

Josiah wanders downstairs and looks in the fruit bowl.
*sad little voice* "There aren't any with stickers."
Me: "Tori. Tori. Here." *peels a sticker off my cup* "Go give him a banana with this sticker."
Tori: "Oh look, Joey, here is a sticker!"
Josiah: *completely happy, very excited* *peels the sticker off his banana* "Here Bri, this is for your cup!"
You don't say... hahahaha!

Josiah: "I will clean it up fast. It will just take a little bit and a crumb!"


This child is really odd and hilarious sometimes, hahaha! From the jean shorts, to the fourth of July shirt at Valentine's season, from the church vest to the unbrushed hair and Mr. potato head glasses, I mean, what even is he getting ready for?! I love it.

We don't make breakfast sandwiches often, because it takes a while, but I did one morning this last month. We up-graded from a two-slice toaster to a toaster oven about nine years ago, but the past few years, even that is too small and slow... I just lay all the bread on a metal rack and throw it in the oven on broil for a couple minutes, haha :).

Mama was sick, so all the little ones picked flowers for her :).

I had so much fun designing Valentine's Day cards this year! Peter loved his and carried it around for days, it was sweet and somewhat hilarious... he loved the hearts right off it, haha. But he put them back on ;).

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lordwhose trust is the LordHe is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” -Jeremiah 17:7&8

That would be the cup that was subject to banana stickers by a small army of banana eating, sticker bestowing siblings, haha!

He's in our room, and so we get to here him talk in his sleep... hahaha! He loves his puppy!

He got a haircut this last month, too. It's much shorter, and so it doesn't look nearly as curly... and he looks so much older. But he's adorable <3.


A few more random parts of my month: I washed the kitchen floors. I spilled maple syrup all over them the next day. This makes three times in less than a year that I personally have cleaned the floors and have personally thrown a whole jar of something on them withing twenty-four hours. I don't usually spill that much of something at a time... unless I have mopped the floors. I don't get it.

Which is stronger, a garlic press or a clove of garlic? By all practical logic, the answer would be, the garlic press.

Which is why, when I tried to crush a clove of garlic and half of the metal grating can out instead, I was a little more than shocked and laughed really hard. We needed a new one anyway... for the past five years since it lost the pin, we've been using knitting needles and those weird fork things you stick in turkeys to keep the halves together. But that's not exactly how we always imagined it giving up all life.

*I'm on google, and a recommended article is "how to stuff a chicken"*
*my brain as I scroll past: "How to wear a chicken"*

I was offered a goat. A baby goat. A FREE baby goat. A free baby goat that needed bottle fed.
And I turned it down because I am responsible and knew I didn't have anywhere to keep it or know exactly how to take care of it right now.
Why do I have to be responsible.


So, there is a short, incomplete, but hopefully fun look at my February. I would love to hear about yours! What was the highlight? What is something that made you laugh? How can I pray for you this coming month :)?

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri <3


  1. Reading that first paragraph made me laugh so much! Jojo, Tori, and Josiah are little clowns. Lol. My little sisters say funny things like that, sometimes, and I have a book I write it all down in. Since you asked for something that made me laugh, here's something.
    I was wearing my retainer one night, and my sister said, "you still wear that? My teeth just like jagged."
    Me: "jagged?"
    Sister: "well they zigged when I thought they were going to zag." Lol.
    Your Bible journaling is marvelous! You have so much talent...especially for drawing. ;)

    Oh, before I forget, did you receive my previous letter? I hope it reached you. Thank you for sharing about your month. :)

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Tori definitely keeps us laughing! And Josiah is adorable, I don't know what I'd do without my little Jojo-buddy!

    They zigged when I thought they would zag.... hahaha!!! Love that!

    Awwwww, thank you Ashley!!! My sister is far better at drawing than I am, but I do find that I like doing art in my bible journal once in a while, no matter how much it could be improved :). One of my friends wants me to do a post about bible journaling, but I haven't made up my mind to yet...

    Ahhhh, I did girl! And I answered it *weeks* ago, and then it's been sitting in my papers ever since, because I had to get to the post office and get stamps before I could mail it, and now I keep forgetting to take it to the mailbox until I realize the mail has been dropped off, and it has been raining so much here lately I can't just leave it out there overnight. I'll have your reply mailed soon, I promise!

    Hugs and blessings back,
    Bri <3

  3. Replies
    1. Awwwww, Maddy!!!! Thank you so much! I'll do that tag sometime next week, I can't wait :)! Thanks! So sweet <3!

  4. Loved this! A fun, short, humorous look at your month =) The highlight of last month was our trip to NY ;) You can pray for me to spend my time wisely and respond the right way to annoyances :D Love ya!


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11