Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Peter!!!

Happy fourth birthday, Sweeter Peter :)!

Peter is sensitive and gentle. He loves to be "a gentlemans" - when Mama was expecting Noah, Peter told her that, if the baby was a boy, he would teach him to be a gentleman :). From the time he was a tiny(er!) little guy, we're called him our little chocolate baby, because his thick hair and sweet eyes are such a striking brown. He claims his title very seriously, insisting that one day, when he marries, his wife will tell him, "Ohhh, I love you chocolate man!", and because of this name he happens to wear his brown "chocolate bar" shirt as often as it's clean (the shirt he's wearing in the first two pictures... I didn't look for him in the shirt, that's just how often he wears it, haha!) .

Peter also has a quiet little voice and a sophisticated manner of speech that he uses to make the most mundane things sound like poetry :).  Tori mentioned to Peter after Noah was born how much Noah looks like Peter, and Peter answered, as sweetly as you can say such a world-weary phrase, "So I've noticed", heehee :). His observations are always told in the most literal way, but the way he talks holds your attention like glue, haha :). He is very affectionate. He and Andrew moved into their own room last year, but Peter still makes sure every night to come into our room to tell us goodnight, and we get plenty of spontaneous hugs throughout the day :). He also looooooves Noah. He comes to me while I have him all the time, stares at Noah for a few seconds, and then gives this little hop, telling me" I want to kiss Noah... I can't reach him...", heehee :). It's adorable :).

I love you, Peter-bug :)!!!! Happy birthday!!!