Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Long Neglected Update...

So, after I left on the twelfth, we had one day were nobody came down sick and those who had already caught it appeared to be mending, leaving us hoping that the rest of us wouldn't catch it... hopes which were dashed the following day in the wee hours of the morning, when Daddy, and Mommy and I all caught it at once! Tori was awesome, she kept the house running while we were miserable, haha :)! It was only really bad for a day, but since then we've only had one computer, as the laptop died, so I haven't had as much time for blogging. I've been using that extra time for finishing up projects like sewing up some crocheted toys that were missing arms or ears, heehee, working on sewing up some skirts for us girls, reading some of the books on my reading list (and finally catching up in my bible reading!), and the like. I wrote a couple of letters yesterday, and then Daddy brought in three from the mailbox- two from friends in SC, and a "vintage" postcard from AZ. Who in the world do I know from AZ?! It turned out to be a thank you for the items the lady had won in the Hidden Treasures auction, it was so sweet! I also finished the math book I was working on a couple weeks ago... now I have another to work on ;). But, I'll be using the same curriculum that Mommy used when she was working on Algebra, so, for sentimental reasons, that is neat ;). Oh, and one of my friend's photos was placed in the KBR 2014 calendar, on the January page... that was fun :)!
As well, last week we tried another church. We're still not sure where the Lord is going to have us join at this point... both churches have sound doctrine, but otherwise are very different from each other... We'll see how that works out. The pastor of the "new-new" church (Abbi's term) used to work for Daddy, so Daddy found it that way :).
We made a batch of gingersnaps about a week ago, what with that and the dropping in temperatures, and the fact that I actually see some trees that are predominately yellow or orange, I would say that it really feels like fall! Most of the trees are still predominately green despite that, though ;). But when we were out doing yard work last Saturday, it felt wonderful out :)!
This week after church, we were able to help Daddy with some organizing projects that he had to do at his store, and had a pizza party afterwards... we were able to clean the house and work on getting some crayon off the walls (Peter's at that age... haha ;)!)... Mommy got some school stuff organized so that we can switch some stuff on Wednesday... Today Daddy's home... Peter seems a bit miserable, hopefully it's teething and not a cold... and I should be getting to some more projects on my list :). But I'll try (try being the key word here...) to be back on Thursday with some thankful posts, and I'll work on our trip posts as soon as I am able, I promise!

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