Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Snowing Again...

And snow is just one of the things that are already making up this week :).

I finished the baby blanket last night, yay :)! After approximately 38,880 stitches equaling about 35" by 37" worth of knit fabric, 28ish hours of yarn work in three weeks, 3 1/3 balls of yarn, and a brand new pair of circular needles that look like they've seen far too much work already (I didn't know that knitting needles could lose the paint on the tips that quickly, haha!)... I'm finished :). I'd love to make a hat and maybe some booties to go with it before baby gets here.

We tried another church yesterday, and then went to the pastor's house for the afternoon. I forgot to ever post the story about the first time we tried to attend that church, hahaha. It was quite the tale ;). But, we made it yesterday, and their family was really sweet :).

Daddy had a four day weekend this past week! Today's his last day home, we've enjoyed having him home for four days in a row :). And, now, we have a nice blanket of snow outside the window, with gigantic snowflakes continuing to fall, so we'll probably brave the cold as soon as Daddy and Andrew get back from the grocery store, and enjoy it :). Hopefully poor Peter feels up to it, he's a little under the weather, and Emmi's catching it, too :(. We'll see!

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