Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's a real snow!

You should have seen all the window watching as everybody talked about how much snow they wanted to get last night, haha :). We woke up this morning to over eight inches!

Josiah looked a little bit short in all that snow, heehee :). He tried to walk through it (he has started walking all by himself... it is sooooo sweet!!!! His little feet pitter-pattering -very loudly- on the hardwood floors, haha :).). It was so cute :). He couldn't make it very far though... haha :).

I love this one... looking up at Mommy after he gives up trying to move any farther, haha :).

Peter stuck it out for a looong time (longer than I chose to, haha!), which is even more impressive when you take into account that he spent half of the time floundering like this, because he was having so much trouble walking through the stuff, haha! At one point he asked Mommy to carry his bike (ya... a bike... I'm not sure why...) to the front for him, and when they made it to the front he told her "Whew. Pretend I drived." Haha!

I'm pretty sure Josiah disapproved of whatever they were doing ;)...

An artist works wherever she goes and with whatever she finds :).

And here is Peter  with yet another summer toy in the snow... haha! Andrew and Peter also had a toy car out there. Andrew told Mommy that they were playing rescue, and "Peter's car is stuck in the snow, so I am getting him- Peter, where are you going?!!!". Haha! I guess Peter called the rescue squad a little prematurely ;).

Daddy and Andrew went out this morning to clear the driveway before Daddy went to work, and helped a couple of neighbors to do their driveways, as well :). This mound looked like it would be fun to jump in like a leaf pile... but I couldn't bring myself to do so. It was too cold... (It was just brought to my attention that Tori braved it after I got back inside! Go Tori! Haha!)

The artist's Snow Queen... literally ;).

While we were out, Tori came to me and asked me to take a couple pictures for her. She loves winter and the sea, so she decided to combine them! She took Josiah for a bit while I did so, and she was hilarious... it appears that was the first time she had held him outside in the snow, haha! "It's okay Josiah... you're okay... I'm not going to drop you!... I'm really scared I'm going to drop him. Okay, can somebody just take him before I trip?". It was hilarious, especially given how sure footed she always is!

And then we came inside and enjoyed some hot chocolate... which Peter really enjoyed... enjoyed wearing, if nothing else. Heehee :)!


  1. Yes, he has! We really need to have you over again, it's been a while... I don't know that he was even really crawling last time you saw him, and now he's running around!

  2. About snow-- we think 8 inches is a lot, but how about 99 inches?! Southern Maine (not where I live) got that much a bit ago!

  3. Isn't that incredible?! Our neighbor has friends visiting from NY, and he told my brother that they had had 7 and 1/2 feet!


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