Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday, Week 153

~Our big, plush blanket... so comfy... haha! I might steal from Josiah's bed quite often... but only during the day ;). I think Peter might like it a bit, too, because I can't sit in it without him asking, "Can I sit with you? In the blanket?". Haha :).
~Tori's gorgeous water colored sunset sunset she did last week :). I'm sure you'll be seeing some water coloring posts on her blog soon :).
~Emmi's hair put up in a little Gibson Tuck hair style... she's so cute :).
~The newest book I'm working on, "Jesus Unmasked". This book is so good! Definitely one I would recommend... but I'll share more in a post later :). As a side note, I've tried to read a bit more lately than I have the past year. I'm really enjoying the reading... and also enjoying the fact that the blisters I developed on my fingers from holding my book the first week of doing more said reading are finally going away. I thought that only happened to Tori...
~Days that are finally warming up a bit! We were able to eat lunch outside earlier this week!
~Little cooks getting more and more proficient in the kitchen. Andrew has headed supper preparations twice this past week, and has done a great job :).
~Finding a few of the outfits we were looking for the other day. On the other hand, Peter was not as thrilled. Said to Tori while she was carrying him because he was complaining about all the walking: "Tori, I am still ready to go home. Hey... Tori... what do you think about making cookies when we get home?...". His future wife better be prepared to make a lot of cookies, because they are definitely his comfort food ;).
~Abbi's excitement over her "experiment". "Now I know that leaves are different! She told Mama, after examining a couple different trees :).
~Andrew's giving Bethi his coat the other day when she was chilly and had left her sweater in the car. Such a gentleman :).

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