Saturday, June 6, 2015

50 Randomly Generated Facts About Me...

 Don't ask me where this post came from. I randomly started it three minutes after thinking about it, which I almost never do, about a week ago, and have been slowly added to it ever since. I figured some of you might have fun reading through it, so... here you are, haha! 50 facts about me...
  • I am very good at remembering random conversations and events in great detail, but I often can't remember things like what day of the week it is.
  • I am perpetually cold. I might complain about being cold even in 70 degree weather. Because of this, I will wear long sleeves all year round. Not every day, but I have been known to wear long sleeves in summer. And I love coffee at least as much for the heat in my hands as for the actual taste. 
  • I have read the book of Romans about sixty times as of 2015. 
  • I hate math, but geometry is getting a very reluctant okay from me. 
  • My sister has described my life as one big letter or email. And I'm okay with that. 
  • I can rarely spell "that" right the first time on the keyboard. My fingers usually get ahead of me and it turns out as "taht" before I edit my writings. 
  • I love animals.
  • Each crafting technique I come across is almost sure to be my favorite. Until I learn a new one ;).
  • I love children's books :).
  • Apparently I talk in my sleep. Most memorably about cats. Which makes sense, since about 95% of my dreams run on an outline of running into family or friends randomly, or taking care of animals. It's really weird.
  • I love bright colors! They make me smile, and I use them whenever I can.
  • My favorite season is most definitely fall, though when I was younger I used to say I thought it was spring. Poor, poor deceived me... ;)
  • I do not like different foods touching each other on my plate.
  • I love to try to multi-task... I am not very good at it.
  • I also love lists, especially to-do lists.
  • I prefer snail mail to email. But who doesn't?
  • My favorite book of the bible is Romans. My favorite chapter is Romans 12. I can't pick a favorite verse, haha.
  • My favorite book of the Old Testament is Ruth. 
  • My favorite Psalm is 147.
  • I don't like being the one to start conversations. To help with this problem, I just never shut up, so the conversation is always open ;)...
  • When I was younger, I wanted to live in a cabin and do all my own... everything, haha... just like Laura Ingalls. I would still love a farm. But I'm realizing I might need to have something a bit bigger than a cabin, due to how much I love having people over. And I want a huge porch like my Granny's. With chairs to sit and talk in. With people, of course. I wouldn't talk to myself... Okay, yes I would talk to myself. Which leads me to the fact that...
  •  I often keep a running commentary with myself, especially in the mornings. "Shush! You so loud. Bri, seriously, why must you keep slamming cupboards? I want coffee. Okay, where is my book? WOULD YOU BE QUIET?". The quieter I try to be, the louder I end up getting.
  • I love being up early, but I hate getting up early. 
  • I find personalities extremely interesting, heehee. 
  • When I was little I jammed my bedroom door so hard slamming it that my Mom had to remove the planks to get me out...
  • I love teacups and stationary.
  • And candles, though I don't burn them often, because I hate thinking one day they will run out, hahaha.
  • The more I like a book, the longer it takes me to actually read it. I find myself wanting to wait until I have the perfect time to read it with the perfect cup of coffee, and so I just don't.
  • And once I don't read a book for a month or more, I feel like I have to start it over before I read anymore. And unless I have read the first book of the series within the past three months, I feel like I have to read the first book again before going to the second (third... fourth...). My progress in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy over the past two years is saddening to Tori.
  • My favorite hymn is "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". I have too many second favorites to list, though. I told a friend once, "If a hymn is my favorite, I memorize it. But, if I memorize it, it then becomes a favorite even if it wasn't when I started memorizing it."
  • I am known in our family as the best loser at the game of "Trouble" ever. Given that it is a game of chance, I don't see how this works. But the whole family is shocked if I so much as come in third, let alone win.
  • I love brownies.
  • And I like to add chocolate chips to a bowl of ice cream.
  • I have probably 20 drafts of the first 3-5 pages of an attempt at a children's chapter book, started when I was nine, stashed in my boxes upstairs. I haven't touched them in years except to get out something that is under them, but I still can't make myself throw them away. 
  • I love music and singing. Regardless of this, I've never gotten past beginner piano playing, and my timing is terrible, hahaha!
  • I did not come up with my own blog title, heehee :). Compliments go to Mama :). 
  • I have been blogging since November 6th, 2006, though on two different blogging sites and two different blogs.
  • My blogging is highly sporadic, ranging from not posting from February 2008 to March 2009, to writing 26 posts in September 2012. I think I must have been bored in 2012, hahaha!
  •  I have a fear of the unknown, and of disappointing others. Give me a situation in which I combine them and I go positively nuts, haha ;).
  • I consider organizing to be one of my hobbies.
  • I think I would probably be okay wearing jean skirts everyday... they are like the best clothing piece, haha!
  • Tori was once reading a humorous article, and told me, "I'm not sure what a Type A is, but you are most definitely one!". Hahaha!
  • I can whistle a cricket chirp. It's also the only whistle I can do that actually  sounds like anything, might I add. ;)
  • I love to hold people in suspense. Hehehe...
  • I often get in this mood when crocheting where it seems like too much work to find someone else's pattern and tweak it to my idea of what I want, so I just start from scratch figuring it out as I go along and take most of the stitches out at least once because I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, just what I want it to come out as. Since I'm constantly taking it out and redoing, it gets confusing to try to write out a pattern, so I usually just don't. My siblings have several items that even I will never be able to perfectly duplicate again, hahaha! 
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I love watching water in a breeze. And sunshine. I need sunshine to function. I *loooove* rainy days, but I do nothing on them -they're too comfortable. Bright sun seems to help me focus. For this reason, I have a certain spot at the table that I selfishly take over whenever I do writing projects/table crafts, because it's the brightest flat surface in the house, haha :).
  • I constantly run into doors and walls. C.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y. Though not as much as I used to, sadly. Because it's still bad.
  • I love feeling spontaneous... but I only truly enjoy it if I've prepared to be so.
  • My favorite flowers are daffodils and sunflowers. I also like jasmine. Looking at that list I realized that I must have a thing for yellow flowers, heehee.


  1. Thanks for these random facts about you. :) A lot of them resonate with me. I also prefer snail mail, and I too love being up but not getting up early. I whole-heartedly agree with the jean skirt thing, and I love stationery as well, along with lists (though not to-do lists so much).

    1. That is fun, Jean :)!!! I get that I'm weird with the whole to-do list thing, but I love having something to mark off, hahaha!

    2. I can see why you would like that, haha. Mission accomplished!

  2. I Love this -- some things I did not know!! I LOVE YOU

    1. Now I'm curious what you didn't know... Hmmm.... hahaha! Love you too :).


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