Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowmen with Character

The snow, the first couple of days, was just WAY too soft and fluffy to build anything out of. But, now that it has stopped coming down, and the sun has started to get to it, it's gotten just wet enough to have fun with! The whole family went out yesterday and spent quite a while making some snowmen :)! Well, except Peter and Josiah... these two just let Bethi pull them around the yard for forever ;). Haha :). Peter did make a snow angel, if that counts?

Tori and I were at the side of the house busy with ours for a while, so we saw the beginnings of each snowman, but didn't watch as they took finished forms. When we were finally done, we walked past all these snow sculptures on the way in, and it was so fun how each one just had loads of character and looked exactly like each person, haha :). Here is Emmi's... one of her trademarks is that she puts bows on e.v.e.r.y. girl she draws, so this was no surprise :). The colorful candy cane (that you can't really see well here, but I promise it's there!) also adds a special touch of Emmi, haha!

Here is Abbi's. The sticks for hair definitely shows off her creative side! It also reminds me of the snowman that Daddy and I made when I was little, and gave hair made out of candy canes. She was named Pippy Longstocking, heehee :). That purple scarf Abbi used has, I think, been used for every snowman she's ever built!

This snowman was started by Bethi... she piled up a bunch of snow and left. Haha! So Mama took over, so it would actually look like something (it was the one closest to the window, haha!). I love that her's looks so similar to Emmi's and yet less dramatic ;).

I think Daddy won for time spent on his! He worked forever on this snowman, built up to the trapeze bar. It's more impressive in real life, he carved a face into it... it kind of looks like a Muppet, haha :).

Andrew worked for a long time on Olaf! He almost gave up, but he persevered and conquered! He's even got a mouth and tooth, if you look close :).

Tori and I worked together to make a Baymax "snowman". When we were talking about how everybody else's snowman looked like that person's personality, I asked Tori what that meant for she and I, haha! I think it says a lot for us as a twosome... sentimental and obsessive ;)?... but not much for either of us alone, haha :).


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