Monday, April 2, 2018

March is Over...

Time to look back at the month!!!

Noah was cute, obviously. Also, he turned two! I was visiting my grandparents, so I missed the day, but we celebrated later :). Mama and Daddy took him to the park, and Mama said Daddy set a pinecone on a stump at the park to take pictures of it, so Noah found a pinecone and set it up on a smaller stump... then chased after the geese trying to give them a flower <3.

I made charts in my journaling bible of the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11!

My Grandpa and Grandma graciously opened their home to me for over a week, and gave me the use of their car. I had a wonderful time, browsing antique shops and thrift stores, going through old family photos, and watching documentaries, with Grandma, in between getting some driving hours in. And Grandma remembered that dark chocolate is the best ;).

And I spent the evenings petting their cat. She was afraid of my pink skirt (?), but she was a little attention seeker, and ate a couple spoons of my yogurt every time I would pull some out of the fridge, haha.

I found our dishes. The ones we use. Everyday. At an antique shop.... (for your information, we got ours when Abbi was a baby. Guess who just reached antique status. The nine year old, yep.)

Mama and I took the little boys shoe shopping. Peter went too, but he was behind my chair, haha. Mama gave them their bagel, and Peter goes, "WOAH, that's a big one!" Haha! They usually only get half, because, I mean, it's practically the size of the two year old's head.

Jojo turned 4, too :)!!! And our cousin turned 1, and Peter is about to turn 6 and Aunt Amber's baby is due any day... these little boys birthdays are all on top of each other!

Our birds are cute. And messy. I just wiped down the cage and gave them their bath, but it needs a deep cleaning like.... every day. Haha! They are adorable, though. And so fluffy after a bath!


Peter, holding a strand of Tori's hair and following her until she stopped and looked at him: "I was tracking you to give you a kiss."

Josiah as I told him goodnight, going through our "I love you routine": "You forgot the other thing. The dot and pie thing."
It took me a few questions to realize he wanted me to sing a little baby-song that says "You are my cupcake"!

Mama, after reading a review someone left on my shop: "It must be nice to have your job be taking people's dreams and making them a reality."
Abbi: "I want to do that!"
Mama: "You can. My dream is to have good little girls who are kind to each other and keep their room clean."
Abbi: "YES!!!! I will make Emmi do that!!!!"
Not exactly what was meant....

Josiah: "*Every*body is crazy... except God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit!"

Me: *switches out my long sleeved outfits for my short sleeved outfits as it gets warmer*
Me for three days: "IS IT COLDER TO Y'ALL, OR IS IT JUST ME?!?!??!!"
Day 4: "....oh. It's just me. I packed away my long sleeves..."

Peter: "Did Adam and Eve have children?"

*Bethi is putting Noah down for a nap*
*I walk past*
Noah: "BRI! Help me!!!!"

Mama: "Okay, Bethi, *I* am not that bad! Not even I dust hole punches."
Me: "...." should I admit it? yeah, sure...
"... I have done that before."

Noah sees a picture of a squirrel: "Moose! Moose!!!"
He meant mouse... if that makes any more sense ;).

Can we all just agree that if we call a wrong number, we apologize instead of acting like it is the recipient's fault or hanging up without saying anything? Please? ::sigh::

Josiah: "I want to go to the chicken nugget place, but not get pink medicine."
He went to Sonic after going to the doctor last month, hahahaha...

My Aunt and I, literally at the same time, but in different rooms:
*surveys the situation*
To ourselves, but outloud: "Okay."
*reaches for the closest lightswitch*
*turn to stare at each other and laugh*

*a commercial on TV* "This meal is so cheap... it costs nothing!"
My Grandpa: "Nothing? She stole that organic chicken breast then."

*roach on the ceiling*
*Andrew goes to vacuum it off with the shop-vac*
*shop-vac is set to blow OUT, roach is blown into the bookshelf*
::shudder:: We got it!

Abbi as Mama takes the little girls out to buy shoes: *waves at those of us left at home* "Bye, trouble!"

Tori gave me frequent updates the first day I was gone about how Noah was making it very clear he missed me, and it was sooooo sad, but to her credit (?) she let me know she hadn't told him I was with our cousin James, because he might think I had replaced him with another baby (?!)...

Tori: "Today Emmi got a gummy packet that had a total of 4 gummies in it."

Tori: "What kind of chocolate is it?"
Me: "Dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds! Or some of it has salted caramel."
Tori: "Oh, never mind. I probably wouldn't like it. It sounds fancy."


Also, I thought I would share this post with you, because it was really good. And with that, I am heading off, because things are so crazy lately that we had to split Joey's birthday celebration into two days, and he is about to open gifts :D! It's hard to believe my buddy, Joeyakins, our little "Seaweed", is 4 now!

Rejoicing in hope,
Bri <3


  1. So much cuteness, oh my word. <3 <3

    I loved hearing about your month, Bri! Happy birthday to Joey, and I pray your April is amazing! :D

    1. Haha, thanks!

      I am glad you enjoyed it! I love to look back on these posts, but I like that other people can enjoy them as well :)! Thank you so much <3!!!!

  2. Of course he's cute! Obviously - you are too much lol XD.
    Only about 2 of these pictures are old to me - you did well! ;P
    No, no, no. She forgot milk chocolate is best. Obviously. Haha!
    Afraid of your pink skirt? Okayyy...
    That. Is Hilarious. Well, it's nice to know what your dishes look like! lol
    WHO did the lettering on Jojo's cake?!?! Because. I thought it was made like that at first.
    I'm so excited for y'all! I hope it's a girl. <3 Obviously. Hahaha!
    The mama and abbi story. That is the funniest thing ever!!!!! *insert laughing emojis* I'm going to show it to my mom.
    Josiah's quote. Lol!
    Noah calling you to help him. Hahaha! That is so awesome lol!
    Alex is always calling a squirrel a mouse.
    Your aunt and you (laugh).
    We have a shop vac too! Necessity for big families? Lol!
    Abbi...Tori...oh my girls!
    And that was a good post, thanks for sharing!

    1. I mean, it WAS obvious ;).
      Yayyyyyy, Alyssa thinks I did well! Hahaha...
      No no no. YOU forgot dark chocolate was the best, obviously.
      I don't know, every time I walked by her both days I wore my pink skirt, she hissed/ran/freaked out. But she would sit with me as long as I was sitting. She just hated to see it moving, I guess?
      Hahahhaa, you would think so!!!!
      I did ittttttt. And actually the spacing is terrible, but, hey, it was fun and not terrible for two minutes spur of the moment :D.
      Welllll, you never know :D. Or if we know. Or when we will know.
      What did you mom think??!?! *more laughing emojis*
      Awww, Alex does it too <3?!
      It was so funny and so us XD.
      I don't know... Daddy just really wanted one about six years ago, haha!
      They are awesome!
      Aw, you are welcome! It was really good :).

    2. "Welllll, you never know :D. Or if we know. Or when we will know." Hahahaha!
      She loved it and thought it was funny :)

    3. Or... dare I add... when you will know.
      It was priceless, haha.

  3. Sounds like you had a really great month of March. And now April is here. I can't believe how fast this year is moving.


    1. Yes we did <3! And I knowwwwww, where is this year going??!?!?!


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11