Sunday, July 7, 2013

Posting From Virgina...


The sound of Canon being played on the piano is filling our new house, thanks to Tori. Peter is roaming the house trying to find something, I'm not sure what, but he seems a bit frantic for a toddler- I think it may be his mag-na-doodle pen, haha :). Bethi, Andrew, Abbi and Emmi are upstairs playing in all the new space we have. They have never experienced having two full floors before :) (plus, we still have the additional attic room that we had in the old house- this house is much bigger!). I'm here trying to give an update that covers the past two weeks as we take a short break from "setting up house", and I'm getting writer's block wondering where to start!
Hence, I am changing my writing tactics just a bit for the posts for our trip up here and the moving in process. I'm just going to give you a few details right now, and then over the next couple weeks (or months, lol... I'll do my best to do it quickly ;).), I'm going to take all the posts that I have stored in my head, all the half written posts that I have on paper, and all the pictures, and write them systematically out, and then post them when I am done. It will turn out better, I assure you :). Usually I would write each day out as a post and post it right away, but it has been so long since I updated, I want to make sure that I do each post justice (and fill it with enough laughs to satisfy one certain special Gramma's love to to hear about all the ridiculous moment's ;).). Anyway, now that you know what to expect....

The house is gorgeous, the yard is adorable, and the drive to our house is beautiful :)! We were packed on the 28th, and we were moved in on the 4th. Since then we have been cleaning (and cleaning...), and unpacking :). The swing set outside has already gotten a good bit of use, and the whole family is very eager to be eating homemade meals again ;). We have all the bathrooms, most of the girl's room, and about 3/4ths of the kitchen unpacked, and the dining room and both living rooms are close to done, as well :). Slowly, but still surely, "this house" is becoming "our home". It would be a lot faster if we hadn't woken up with a cold the day before we moved in. One or the other of us has been so sick all we wanted to do was take a nap, forget unpacking, everyday since then, but I think that today may be the turning point, we still have some congestion, but nobody seems wiped out today, yay!
I'll try to get back in a shorter time frame than this last time :). I have several Thankful Thursday posts that I am looking forward to writing :), several trip posts, daily life that will continue to happen.... but at the moment, I should be going :). Blessings!

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