Monday, September 23, 2013

It is Officially Autumn,

No matter what calender you go by ;)!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year! Cooler days call for soup and pumpkin muffins, pie, and bread. It brings on the changing colors of the leaves, swirling down to make a blanket of color on the ground (as long as you have something more than pines in your yard ;).). The breezes call for the comfort of sweaters, and a hot cup of something is a welcome addition to the day. Fall calls for the smell of baking spices, and the welcoming of winter.

It often involves apples, and nuts (oh, some edible ones, too... ;)...), cameras and colors, and lots and lots of yarn :)... Between fall birthdays and the upcoming Christmas season, I can be found now more than any other time of the year with a pattern, some yarn, and a cup of coffee ;).

The very sound of autumn sounds cozy! It involves some special family times. The weather isn't cold enough to need to bundle, but it is cool enough to go outside ;)! We always take more walks as a family around this time of year :).

But for some little ones, fall means nothing. It's no different than any other time of the year. They are still just as neglected, just as unloved.

For some other little ones, it means a whole lot more.

With the coming of fall, this little boy's birthday also comes, and in two weeks he will be past the point of adoption. He needs a family to step forward for him now! Brenton is worth it! Any little bit would help... prayers, donations, and sharing his file are all little ways you can help this little boy be noticed! He has two weeks. Two weeks, and his life will be changed forever. He will either be put in an institution... or be placed in a family!

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