Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Thankful Thursday, Week 73, Post that was Written but Never Posted...

During that time I was thankful for...
~That we are D.O.N.E. unpacking! Yay! (See? I told you this was old ;)!)
~Daddy and Mommy :).
~Free paint sitting in our garage ;).
~And no more teal blue walls :).
~Abbi-girl! (I still can't believe she is 5!)
~Monkeys. Abbi's party was monkey themed ;). 
~Helium balloons... Peter absolutely loves them, it is so sweet :).
~That Bethi, Mommy, Tori, and I are all "caught up" with our current bible reading plans, heeheehee :). Between us we're working on three different plans, but we all had to take some time off last week and get caught up, haha :). I heard a lot of "Hosea! I reached Hosea!" "I'm in Joel!" I'm almost done with Genesis!!!" And "I am Caught Up!!!" the last week of August ;). I was probably the quietest of all of us... my current bible-reading-buddy lives in NE, so it doesn't do much good to state where I'm at, heeheehee ;). Unless you count the one year bible reading plan I was doing with Bethi, but she decided to start over and just do an eight month one, instead, so it doesn't count to say I'm ahead until she's caught up, haha.
~New, creative oatmeal recipes :). Mommy found me a whole list after I found out how fun it was to make different kinds other than our standard "fall" oatmeal (we eat it all year round, but it tastes like a fall dish to me -warm and sweetly-spicy :).)
~A chat with a friend from SC :). It was great to talk with her again :).
~Peter's "fake" laugh when we are laughing. He's so cute! Haha :).
~Our new history study.
~The freedom we have in America to be homeschooled.
~Watching clouds through the Skylight with Abbi and Emmi.
~Extra sheets.
~Reminders to cherish every moment.
~Freshly washed sheets.
~Fun telling Abbi about some of her "quirks" (such as the bottle launching morning ritual... heeheeheehee!) as a toddler. She thought she was funny, haha!
~Green onions. Which Mommy said she would never grow again. Which are sprouting on our counter. Heeheehee :). I love green onions, I'm glad she didn't stick to her threat ;).
~Mommy's creativity in making Chinese food :). That is something that Mommy and Daddy have missed, and it was very interesting to watch it come together, haha :).
"Sing to the Lord;
praise the Lord!
For he has delivered the life of the needy
from the hand of evildoers"
                               ~Jeremiah 20:13

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