Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Highlight from Today :)...

 For weeks now all the little ones have been asking often the past few weeks "Do you think it's going to snow this year?!"...

Yesterday everybody but Peter, who was napping, went outside and worked on raking up some of the leaves in the back into a nice pile...

Right under the slide. Can't get much better than that, huh ;)?!

 It's very large!!! It reminds Tori and I over the pile our grandpa 
spent an afternoon raking for us when we were Andrew and Emmi's age :).
Favorite leaf pile ever!!! Haha :).

Today, Mommy looked up and asked, "What is going on out- it's snowing! Everybody, look, it's snowing!"

Sure enough, it was! We all rushed out, no coats or anything, haha. Everybody was so excited! I didn't get any good pictures... they are either blurry or you can't see anybody's faces. But it was so cute :). Peter was jumping around with the rest of the little ones, saying "'nowing! 'nowing!", and then a snowflake landed on his hand... and he looked at it like "What is this?" And then it melted, and he looked more like "Where did it go?..." Haha :). None of it stuck, but I think that answered everybody's question ;)! 

Tori commented "It's kind of weird for it to be raining orange leaves AND snowing at the same time!" Haha, ya, kind of, heehee :).

And, so, after we got inside, I went straight to the cd drawer and grapped a Christmas carols cd, and Mommy started some beans for chili ;). I think we plan on having our Christmas kick off tonight... amazing what a little bit of fine ice, I mean, "snow", can start, huh ;)?!

"For everything there is a season, and
time for every matter under heaven:"
                                        ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

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