Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mega Thankful Thursday Post... November's Thankful Thoughts on Thanksgiving ;)

~Chocolate fudge pie (you knew the first one had to be chocolate, right ;)?!).
~Memories brought back by a black-spotted ladybug :).
~An early(ish), quiet morning spent snuggling sleepy Peter before everybody else woke up.
~Books and time to read. I've been reading more lately, and several books have made it onto this list ;)!
~Time change... I like fall time better than summer ;). Remember, people, I'm a night owl ;)...
~Toasting marshmallows together as a family "just for" :)...

~Bethi's work on a hat for baby "Seaweed" :).
~The sight of Peter and Tori reading together.
~Letters from Granny. These have been a sweet part of my life for several years now :).

We children with Granny in October.

~Abbi's "medallion" watch. She is so proud of that thing :)!....

~Abbi and Emmi's excitement to help like one of the "big ones".
~Making new friends here.
~The beautiful colors on the road to our house....
~Blueberry muffins. Even if the blueberries turn the batter purple (which then bakes into a blue?! Whatever ;)...). But it was a pretty purple!!!
~Tori, and all the games played and baking done together lately :).
~"Spontaneous" walks as a family (as spontaneous as they can be, anyway ;)!).
~My friend Katie, who has been such an encouragement to me! We've been reading the bible together for over two years now... it doesn't seem like that long!
~And, the six month bible challenge, that turned into more like a year :P, that we are finishing up now :).
~Family dinner time! I love it when we all sit down as a family for dinner :)...
~The way Emmi loves to make beds and fold blankets :). And she does such a good job, too :)!
~Peter's first taste of oreo cookies.
~Socks. Especially since it's cold now! Haha :).
~And, on that note, hot water ;)!
~The way Abbi loves to rub Daddy's head during bible time.
~Bright, beautiful, juicy pomegranates. I love the taste as much as the look ;).
~Tacos. I'm not sure what our family would do without tacos. Especially one certain member of us...

~"Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors". It was a really good book!
~Enjoying time outside,
~Making leaf piles.
~In sweaters :). I love it when it gets cool enough for sweaters!
~Some organizing done.
~Peter "playing" the harmonica :).
~11/12/13... fun date for it to....
~SNOW! :)
~Mommy's delicious chili.
~Our Christmas kick-off.
~The little chairs that Gramma gave the little ones for movie nights.

~"Worship: The Ultimate Priority". This book by John MacArthur was really good, too :).
~Emmi's simple comment that "I took my ponytail out, because I wanted to look just like you!"
~Abbi's little arms around my neck in a gentle hug.
~Emmi's excitement to be able to find the items in her "Look and Find" book, all by herself :)...
~Peter's trying so hard to put on his own pants by himself, that was so cute :). He finally resorted to using Andrew, but he made a good effort!
~Math-U-See. I really wanted to use Mommy's math curriculum, but since the videos (the only means of instruction!), didn't work, we decided it would be best to get something I could actually learn from ;)!
~Milk Duds, Root Beer, popcorn, and a movie from Gramma :).
~Daddy's call from Granny.
~Peter's calling chocolate chips "green". Because Gramma sent a wonderfully large amount of chocolate chips home with us last month :), and  they got put in the green container she also sent home with us, and Tori says "Oh, he saw the green thing!" whenever he wants a chocolate chip, we believe he now thinks they are called green!
~Comforters and bedsheets.
~Daddy's wonderful photography and computer skills, he has made some beautiful inspirational photos lately :).
~How Peter claps after everybody repeats the catechism question answer. Sooo sweet :)...
~Granola bars for Sunday.
~"Practical Religion", by J. C. Ryle. Although it took me forever to read it. Haha :). It was very good, but I found it hard to read without thinking hard, haha ;).
~A play set at church that the little ones enjoyed :).
~That whatever stung Emmi while we were outside a couple weeks ago wasn't something she was allergic to!
~The way windows look so bright after they are washed :).
~"If", by Amy Carmichael.
~The little side-pony tails Abbi and Emmi wore that, when they side by side, they looked like a two headed monster ;). A cute one! :) I'll share pictures after I find them... haha :).
~And I heard that somebody can't get on alone with a quiet time without me... Awwww :)... I enjoy quiet times with you, too, Tori ;)!
~Waking up to Abbi on one side of me, and Emmi on the other :)...
~Peter's sitting on his bed looking at a book waiting patiently for Tori to get back, just like she told him to :)...
~And his little "woo-hoo" when he wants something ;). I love it :)!
~The girls' eagerness to have me do their hair.
~Emmi's love for (boxed, haha!) mac'n'cheese... haha :). She is hilarious!
~Gramma... I'm thankful for "Feliz Navidad" ;)...
~My new glasses :)! There has been a little bit of a learning curve, but they've been a blessing :).
~That all the Christmas outfits are out and found.
~This story about a little boy using his art to bless others...
~The sound of bible pages turning in a group of believers.
~The wintery feeling that comes with a bowl of soup :).
~Times of fellowship and counting the ways the Lord has blessed us.
~And for all the prayers that others have prayed for our family this past year! Thank you all sooo much!
~The extra heater Daddy placed in our room as it continues to get colder... haha :).
~Peter's begging for a "Coo-ie, coo-ie!!!". Stinker ;).... he has had far more than is good for him lately ;)!
~Daddy and Andrew working together on fixing projects :).
~That the hand mixer, that is older then me, was repairable.. Daddy fixed it last Sunday, and we should be using it for several more years! Ya :)! It's the only hand mixer I've ever used at home ;)!
~Scrabble :).
~ That the maple twist I made yesterday came out right the first time! (If you don't count the fact that I used the wrong flour... but I wasn't told we were using different! Haha :).)
~Bethi's yummy supper she made for us last night :).
~Emmi's little pony tail, it's so cute as it swings around :)!
~Pie crusts made ahead of time.
~The smell of fresh, warm cranberry sauce (although the taste could be better... nothing is perfect, haha!).
~The Pilgrim's devotion to God, the way they listened to his word, and paved the way for those of us in America to be free under God.
~The movie "Monumental", that tells the story quite clearly.
~And that our family is together for Thanksgiving this year... last year we were not! So much has changed in this year, but I am so happy that we are finally together again!!!! With another little one on the way :)...
~This day set aside to give thanks :)...
"Praise the Lord!
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever!"
                                        ~Psalm 106:1

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