Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Love This Little Girl :)...

(First, side note: My apologies for the long periods of silence around here lately. I have been waiting for a time after I was "caught up" blogging to get back into really blogging again... and I give up. Haha :). I don't know if formerly promised posts will show up or not at some future date, but I'm hopefully back to stay anyway :)... Okay, you can proceed with the post ;).)

This afternoon, Mommy said out loud to herself, "Hmmm, should I clean the closets, or the kitchen?..."

I was sitting nearby, with Emmi on my lap, and Em promptly answered "The Kitchen!!!" Mommy giggled, and asked "Why do you say that?".

Emmi, figuring that she had given the wrong answer, answered "The closets, then?!" She then glanced out the window, turned excitedly back to Mommy, and announced, "Every time it snows, we have popcorn and hot chocolate!"

"But it didn't snow today," Mommy replied.

Emmi gave her a very knowing look, such as only Emmi can give ;), and answered, "Ummmm... that's why we're not having popcorn and hot chocolate today!"

Heehee :). She also has a very unique sense of fashion...


It's hard to believe that she's about to have two little ones under her! I thought it was ironic that she, as my "buddy", was calling my butterfly necklace a "buddy-fly" earlier, especially since she *knows* how to say butterfly, haha. She is so funny!


  1. AWWWW!!!!!!! She is *so* *big*!!!!!!!! She looks like a mix of Abby and Tori and her haiiiirrrrr!!!! It's so looonnggg! So precious!:D Missing Emmi-girl! :')

  2. aww she is to cuteeeee

  3. I agree, ladies :D!!!
    Katie... I know!!!!! The hair! *Love* it! Remember all the times I told you I was getting impatient for her to grow some ;)?
    She has grown so much in the past two weeks, I have just stopped and looked at her several times and thought "When did she gets so old?!". She has reached the age Tori was when Bethi was born, and she looks *just* like her, and I thought Tori was so old back then (being seven myself ;)...), maybe that helps. But she does have a bit of Abbi in her, too, at times :).


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