Monday, June 16, 2014

"All the birds of the heavens make their nests..."

We have a Mama bird sitting on a nest above our garage door! We found her yesterday :). I told Tori I am so excited... it seems every year since I've been online, one blogger has a bird nesting on their house/porch, and I've always wanted it to happen to us, heehee :). (We did have a nest in some flowerpots by our house once, but we never saw the babies. We're not sure what happened. It looked like the eggs had hatched, and there was no sign that it had happened in a disastrous way... but we *never* saw the babies, the eggs were there one day, and they were open and the birds were gone the next day when I went out to try to get pics.). 

My Mommy and her baby bird :). 
So Mommy and I  went out this morning to get pictures of the nest and figure out what was in it, while the little ones played. While we were working on getting the pics, there were four little squirrels chasing each other on the edge of the next lawn, and they were wild! It was hilarious! The tree they were in was shaking so hard! One of them ended up falling out -or getting pushed, I'm not sure- but he was okay, haha :). A couple of them actually came within ten feet of me a couple of times. They were cute :).

But anyway, back to the birds... I did get one picture of the mama bird on her nest before I got the ladder out, but I scared her away when I was setting it up. That did make it "easier" to take pictures of the "inside"(ish) of the nest... which was no easy task anyway. Two ladders (but not at the same time) and ten pictures (also not taken at the same moment) into it, I was SURE that there were two eggs in the picture (I couldn't see in the nest myself, I'm too short even with the second taller ladder!), but once I got inside where I could *actually* see the photo without the sun glaring on it... what I thought were eggs are just part of the house peaking through the nest. Lol! So, we'll keep checking on it :). Hopefully soon we'll have little baby birds above the garage :)! Isn't the nest itself gorgeous, though :)? Isn't it amazing that God has given these little creatures the ability to take leaves and grass and make a secure shelter for their little ones?!

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