Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Blog got Bored...

A couple weeks ago, Tori was laughing at me, and I told her, in a very-overly-exaggerated-voice, "Tooooriiii, don't laugh at me. That's meeeeaaan!!!". To which she teased back in a just-as-overly-exaggerated-voice, "I'm sorry. I didn't reeeaaally mean to laugh at your Bri... but my laugh just got bored!!!"

With that opening statement, what I mean to say is, my blog has been quieter than I would like lately. And it's getting bored. So, I think it's high time a post made it's way out of the draft folder. ;)

Photo: Happy Father's Day Lee!!! I am so grateful that my children have been gifted with such a wonderful father :).
Celebrating our Daddy on Father's day.. 

Photo: Abbi just twisted her first maple twist! It's a rite of passage in the Shaffer house :). Oh! And she has her 2nd loose tooth! 
Abbi got to help twist Daddy's maple twist this year :).  
 The guys :)...


The past couple weeks, when I'm getting Peter ready for bed, he has been reaching up to pull my glasses down, and he invariably  follows the action with looking at my eyes and saying "Oh! Hi!". It is the funniest thing!
And a couple weeks ago the little guy grabbed Josiah's feet, looked at them... said "Awesome!"... and kissed 'em. Ooohhh, they're both yummy! Haha :).
Josiah is three months old. How has it been that long since this little ray of sunshine made his unusual entrance into the world?! He started rolling over on June 18, he laughed (for sure) on June 19th. Sweet boy :)... It was right about that time that the little guy found my glasses, too. That was cute :). He has awesome motor control, and is so very curious :). He also *loves* to talk! Tori said last night, "If Abbi and Emmi are the bookends... he's gonna end up the bookshelf!!!" Haha!!! Probably :)!

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