Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 120

See what I mean? Me and my unrealistic brain. Haha :). Our week has been so busy, but really really fun :). I just haven't got around to blogging during it... so, I'm still not caught up. But I'm working on it. The next couple posts will be pics from Fourth of July and our Grandparent's visit (which we are very thankful for :)!), and I can't get at them right now. But I wanted to post this one while I have some writing time :).  So, anyhow :)... Some thankful thoughts from this current week :)!

~Peter's love for church. Well, I think he just likes to go for a car ride. But the plea he makes is cute... "Shoes? Go church?!!!". When told on a Monday one week that we couldn't go to church, it was locked, he did change tactics and ask, looking at Daddy who was heading out the door for work, "Shoes? Go work?". Heeheeheehee :).
~A Sunday afternoon spent enjoying some outside time and then sitting around and doing nothing but talking together and reading until it was supper time.
~Yummy milkshakes Mommy made earlier this week.
~A sweet time of fellowship and the hospitality of a friend here in VA. She and her mother invited us into their home, and we had lunch and enjoyed some time to talk before she took us to her grandmother's house to see her new pets...
~Little baby bunnies :). They were so soft and sweet! Peter was holding it on his lap, but when he was done, he just gave her a "Peter look", and said. "Pick up. Put back." Hahaha! Abbi loved it, social, animal loving creature that she is, she was looking forward to the visit as much as I was, haha :). And it was Josiah's first "real" social outing, as far as going to someone's house :).
~She also sent home a bag of clothes for the little girls to grow into, so thoughtful :). And she had tomato plants in her garden. I absolutely *love* the smell of tomato plants, and it's been over a year since I was around any. Haha :).
~Raindrops on the roof... I love that sound :)...
~Miss Mary across the street. She has been such a blessing to out family ever since that night Josiah arrived. She took Tori and I to the library this week to pick out some books for us and the little ones, and we had a great time. And I'm thankful for new children's literature. That will be out of the house in two weeks... just about the time that new books start feeling really, really, old in this house ;). Yay! Heehee :).
~Quilling... Ohhhh, my word! I was looking on pinterest for some card ideas... I found a beautiful card with quilling all over it, and saved it, although I've never done quilling. I was going to just draw flowers in that design, but I looked up quilling "just for", found a tutorial, found a sheet that showed all the different shapes that can be made out of the basic paper roll, found some more quilled projects... I think... Just think... That I'm addicted. Haha! It's so pretty, and fun, and easy! And not monotonous even though it's the same thing over and over. Heehee :).
~Enjoying talking to a dear friend last night, and her little sister :).
~Overnight oatmeal. This is a great invention in my opinion, heehee :)!
~Quiet early mornings.
~Peter's talkative little self. Right now, as I'm typing this and he is eating breakfast, he is giving me a commentary on the antics of a orange cat that walked into our yard. "Kitty cat! Eating stuff!" (Stuff equaling grass, haha :).). As the cat started rolling in the dirt he exclaimed, "Wait a minute! Getting dirty!" And as I type this, I have no idea what the kitty is doing, but Peter says it's "coming after me." Haha! He seems like such a quiet little guy, most of the time. Most of the talking he does is either about/to Josiah, or copying the little girls... unless you get him by himself. And then it's like he can say anything, and does, too. I love it when that happens, he is just adorable!!!

Now, I need to be going. Schoolwork and Saturday cleaning await :)!

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name!
For the Lord is good;
his steadfast love endures forever,
and his faithfulness to all generations."
                                 ~Psalm 100:4-5


  1. Peter was so cute with the bunny:) Glad to spend time with you guys!

  2. It was a blessing :)! Thank you so much :)!


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11