Monday, July 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Pics from Grandpa and Grandma's Visit :)

We had a wonderful visit with Grandpa and Grandma earlier this month :). It was full of many wonderful things...

~Plenty of talking and laughing together.
~Lots and lots of treats ;).
~And about as much geo-caching...
~With lots and lots of nuts. No, I'm not talking about the little ones. I'm talking about acorns right now ;).

Daddy found it, but wouldn't pose... oh well, Bethi offered ;).

~I love, love, love these two and watching them together. Aren't they sweet :)?!

This looks pretty right here. You go right around that bend, and it turns into a make-shift junk yard :P... we didn't know that until after we were there!

~Peter has inherited his Buddy's love for... rocks. Haha :). In their defense, these had purple spots and actually very pretty :)!

~She was starting to get a little tired here, but she is so sweet anyway :)!

~"S for Sun...", she says :).

You never know how big a cache will be, or how dangerous to get to! Tori figured this one would be too far into the woods for her comfort, so she stayed at the car, but I took Peter from her because I didn't want him to miss out... I should have just left him. Haha! We were so far behind everybody else that he pretty much missed out anyway, haha! We got there as they were putting the cache back, heehee :). Grandpa offered to carry him back, but he stayed with Tori the next stop. I don't think he cared.... he wasn't too thrilled with the rain that was coming off and on ;).

~Grandpa and Grandma brought this really fun baseball net for the boys. Peter enjoyed getting in the way while it was being set up ;)...

~Abbi and her new "Izzy" :).

~Emmi and her 'chillins', Anna and Bekah... not sure where her Melody is... she's such a good little Mommy though :).

~Tori loved playing with this dolls hair, heehee :).

~Grandpa and his new little grandson :)... (and his Lord of the Rings/geo-caching shirt, heehee ;).)

~Grandma with the little guy :)...

Goosey goosey Emmi :)... her Anna doll is "riding" the duck ;)!

~Peter putting the baseball net to good use :)!

~LOVE this FACE!!!

~This one is pretty funny, too. Heehee!

~Andrew caught one!

It was such a blessing to get to see them again :)!!!!


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