Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Weeks 116, and 117

First disclaimer: I did not post yesterday's post. And Tori did not write it. No, I now have a new little tyrant behind my back. *Looks pointedly at Bethani*. Moving on...

Second disclaimer: Get ready for a few days of Thankful "Thursdays". It's been too long since I did one, and I plan on catching up and staying caught up. *Laughing at my unrealistic brain*. So if it seems like all you see around here this next week is posts like this... um, it's because that's what's happening. Heehee :).

A few thankful thoughts from last month...

~We got all the little girls clothes switched out (well, the boys too, but that never seems to be as big a deal. Theirs either fit, or they don't. There is no middle ground. Haha :).)!

~This sight. Is he cute, or what?! Mommy pointed out that the boys seem to put pencils behind their ear naturally, while the girls seem to only do it if they see their dad do it. It's like playing with cars. Isn't it funny how this stuff is ingrained in them? Haha :).


~Matching monkeys.
~Peter's love for the Piano Guy's "Peponi" (hence the cd player in our room, heehee :).).
~Seeing these little ones enjoying time together.

~I do not think it is wrong to note that I was also thankful for the clean-ish room that night. And Abbi took over cleaning the books on our bookshelf all of her own volition. It's amazing how neat she can be while picking one when it is her, and not I, cleaning them every day ;).

~A game of "Candy Land" with the younger five (well, six... if you count that Josiah was sitting by watching ;). Peter was so cuuute, he had never played it before :).  He insisted on placing the card rather than his man on the matching square :).

I have a picture of Abbi where she was trying to use the computer 
"illegally" when she was just a bit older then he is now, haha :).

~Mornings spent outside.
~Sweet Abbi and her obsession with frogs... yuck... but she's happy :).

(On a side note, the nest that I mentioned before fell down a few days later. Daddy said there wasn't anything in it, so that was good. But that will explain the lack of updates.)

As his first popsicle, he wasn't sure at first, but he enjoyed it :).

Sweet baby soaking up that sunshine :)...
~Juicy, sticky little hands :). (Although it rather bothered him... heehee :).)

~Josiah's love for this duckie toy. It was Abbi's favorite when she was a baby, too. He is sooo much like her... it will be interesting to see if he continues to follow in her footsteps. Watch out ;)!

~THIS face... that smile, ohhh, that smile!

~Emmi's artist rendition of our family :). Isn't it cute :)?

Have a blessed Sunday :)!

"And they sang responsively, praising and giving thanks to the Lord,
“For he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever toward Israel.”"
                                        ~Ezra 3:11

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