Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Abbi :)!!!!

Abbi... bouncing, thoughtful, yet scatterbrained, talkative, extroverted, frog loving Abbi... heehee :). She is such a joy! She is a very people-person, and she quickly wins the heart of just about every one that meets her :). 
I was able to teach her to chain stitch crochet a couple of weeks ago, and she has amazingly neat stitches and a good focus when she's doing it, which is so funny since she normally can't sit still. Hopefully soon, I'll get to teach her single stitch, because she wants to make up a scarf to send in to Knit Together in Love's ministry when I send mine in this year :). She has such a sweet heart for giving to others... and also loves to receive from others ;). She's also going to go out with Daddy today to look for her own aquarium frog :). Hopefully they are able to find one, because she has been looking forward to this outing for a while!

Happy birthday, Abbi-girl :)! I love you!!!!

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