Sunday, August 3, 2014

Though Words Fail to Express

Many times you have heard me talk about the Mussers, the blog "The Blessing of Verity", and especially Tommy.

Tommy, the little one who's family officially announced that they were coming for him on Abbi's fourth birthday a couple years ago. The little guy who was always smiling, despite all the wrong that had been dealt him. The little one who had NOTHING the matter with him except low muscle tone when he entered the Pleven orphanage, but due to the treatment of the former director, was even worse off, for the long term, than his adopted sister Katie had been when she came home in such a sad condition that soon had hundreds of people fighting for these little ones.

His family knew that because of all that had been done to him before the Lord opened the door for them to bring him home, he would never be fully healed on this earth. Tommy is fully healed now, walking the streets of heaven. He left this world for his forever home with the Lord in a tragic accident on July 31st.

This family needs so much prayer right now. They have worked so tirelessly for these little ones, and their love for Tommy just oozed out of everything they ever shared. I can't even begin to imagine what they are feeling right now. Our feeble words, minds, and sights fail to express or even imagine what this means to their family. But God knows all things, and is there for the brokenhearted. Please lift them up in prayer, that God would comfort them through this time. You can find a couple details here, along with a donation page for the funeral costs, which will be used frugally and then the rest donated to the orphanage Tommy came from, but please, lift this family up to the Lord as they go through this trial. 

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