Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday, 138 & 139

I missed last week, because I thought that each day was a day earlier than it was. Like, from Tuesday to Friday I lived my life as if it were Monday-Thursday. That is rather pathetic. Haha! But, here are the things I have been especially thankful for the past two weeks :).

~Quilling inspiration.
~Long, flowing skirts :).
~Sitting at a small table creating artwork with and bouncing ideas off Tori :)!
~The word "tantalizing"... haha... 
~The study on Proverbs I finished with my friends last month.
~The sermon series on Matthew 7 our pastor just finished up.
~Playing peek-a-boo with Josiah on the way to church :).
~Banana bread. Mommy made some that was really yummy and healthy a couple weeks ago :)!
~The first day of a month :).
~The book of Philippians and 1 Thessalonians :).
~Toasted coconut cereal :). It was really yummy!
~Our house all decorated for Christmas :). Especially the little "Joy" decoration in the kitchen  (my favorite single piece, I do believe) and Mommy's start and book tree :).
~Rainbows, and that each one reminds us of God's promise in Genesis nine.
~My peppermint candle. I should light it now that it is Christmas time!
~Our St. Nickolas Eve traditions :).
~The smell -and and an early taste- of Tori's yummy cinnamon rolls :). Bethi and Tori and I played a couple games of Uno while enjoying those.
~Homemade caramel sauce. My only disappointment was that Peter didn't really care for it. Where did he come from?! Haha ;).
~Popcorn from Miss Mary. Emmi especially was so very thrilled, and she was so excited to hear that there was caramel corn in it. "What does it taste like? It's going to be so good!", she giggled. I am happy to say it lived up to her expectations :).
~St. Nicholas Day letters (we enjoy the traditions usually given to santa on St. Nickolas day instead and learning about St. Nicholas , and then focus on Jesus on the actual day of Christmas :).). Tori headed it this year, and it, and Daddy's replies back, were certainly entertaining!
~A quiet afternoon with everybody working on one project or another :)...
~Playing the hand bells with Tori and Mommy (to make sure we were prepared to teach the little ones.). And Tori's plea, "Just one more? Come on, it's fun!" Haha!
~Doing hand bells with Mommy and all my siblings... which Tori did not find as fulfilling as the night before, due to our very bad musical talent, but I found hilarious!
~Tori and Josiah going nuts at quiet time. Haha! We were watching Josiah while playing a game, and lets just say... she wasn't very invested in the game, but we sure were laughing, haha!
~Working on Christmas gifts. I am having so much fun :). I can't wait until Christmas :)!!!
~The book "Josie's Gift". This was a sweet story :).
~"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". I love this book that is a tradition every year at our house :).
~An actually working dishwasher. They are done coming over to fix it, they actually accomplished it for good today, haha!
~Peter's little finger as he points to items he is looking for in a look-and-find book :).
~Memorizing bible verses!

"For it is all for your sake, so that as  
grace extends to more and more people it may 
increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God."
                                         ~2 Corinthians 4:15

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