Saturday, December 27, 2014

"The Family Daughter", by Sarah Bryant

I've talked about the "King's Blooming Rose Ministries" before. It's my favorite magazine, and they have many other resources as well... challenges to purposefully set aside time to grow in the Lord, online articles, books and other goodies :). Mama ordered me this book, "The Family Daughter", several months ago, and it was no exception, it was so good :)!

Miss Bryant talks about many of the different areas of being a christian daughter serving our family, from following the Lord, to interacting with your siblings, to honoring your parents, and using your time wisely. She writes in a well thought, easy to read tone, including many real-life situations, and opinions from other girls. Each chapter ends with a list of resources that relate to the topic, which I thought really gave this book a nice touch and made it a great "ground work" book for girls who may have been just recently convicted by the Lord to follow the path of investing in the lives of others to share His love with the world. At the end of each chapter is also a short testimony from other daughters who have embraced the calling the Lord has given them.

I especially loved Sarah's chapter on our relationships with siblings, and her thoughts on being humble. And her generous sprinkling of bible verses and quotes by people such as Elizabeth Prentiss made it even more enjoyable :)!

To read a short excerpt from the book, you can go here.

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