Monday, April 20, 2015

I'll admit, I took too long!

You've been warned that this is not a post of me flying through something in a timely fashion ;).

Back a couple weeks before Peter was born (almost three years now!), I made a couple pairs of baby booties, one in pink and one in blue, as we didn't know yet that Peter was Peter, haha :). I used this pattern here. I thought they were adorable, and had a lot of fun making them! But I neglected to do one important thing... I didn't check my gauge. This doesn't matter on things like toys or washcloths, and at that point the way you found out how to change your gauge confused me, so I just kind of skipped over it.

Well, it is important when you are making clothes, especially when you don't even use the recommended yarn :P. Needless to say, I made one pink baby bootie, and quickly realized that no 3-6 month baby would fit in them, haha! It was tiny! It was also adorable, but useless for my purposes, haha. I actually researched how to find out my gauge and how to change it, and got some new, corrected ones done. Abbi, very little Abbi at that point, spied the tiny useless first one, and asked me if it was for her doll. "Well, I guess it can be. I don't need it. I'll make you the other one sometime", I answered.

Well, that sometime finally came this last Sunday. I let it sit in my cabinet for years, because I was just always "too busy". But I decided it was time to stop being "too busy", and start diligently doing things that actually count, and lo and behold, I actually did have time! And the grin Abbi, who had forgotten her request, gave me when she got them was such a precious reward :)!

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