Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thankful Thursday, 09/03/15

Some of the blessings of the past week have been...
~Writing one of these posts again. Since I started these posts over three years ago, I've looked forward to each time I get to write them out. It doesn't happen every week, not even close. These posts take longer than you would think, haha. But looking back over the week and remembering all the little things that have made me smile brings a smile all over again, and reminds me of how truly blessed I am. I started keeping a shorter daily list as well late last year, off and on. It's something I  always have time for and want to do, but ended up taking an unplanned couple-of-months-long break recently. I didn't really think about it... I knew I wanted to pick it back up "sometime", but just didn't decide to actually do. After a couple of nudges -some Pinterest quotes, and some questions from a friend as to why I'd stopped posting, haha- I decided that I really needed to stop putting it off and just dig back in. And so I started writing those daily lists again last week, and it has been wonderful. I knew I missed those 15-20 minutes of my day, but I didn't realize how MUCH I missed them! Spending that time throughout the week makes me even more excited to sharing some of those things with you today :).
~Mama and Daddy! Happy (late) birthday to my favorite parents ever :)!
~Being able to create things. And also the very calming act of cutting paper for quilling. I would save time and not be much of a cost difference to buy it cut. But cutting it myself is so very satisfying... haha!
~Sparkly little Abbi, who turned seven this past week!
~Our dear former neighbor taking Abbi on a special birthday outing that made her totally happy :).
~Blowing up balloons, hanging streamers, and wrapping gifts around the dinning room table with all my siblings.
~The gorgeous picture that Tori drew at my request... she did one that was wonderful last month, but I talked her into doing a color copy for me, haha :).
~The way Josiah sleeps all flopped every-which-way, heehee :). He's adorable.
~Working in the kitchen while everything is still somewhat quiet and "fresh" in the morning.
~Finding quotes that you love :).
~My Gramma :). Happy birthdaaaay :)!!!!
~A strange, goofy, random afternoon with Tori and Bethi and Andrew pretending we were playing a game. Pretending being the key word here...
~Oh, and popcorn. Maybe not as much as Andrew is, though. Lol!
I hope each of you have blessed week :)!

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