Monday, February 29, 2016

When We're the Ones Who Aren't There

Happy Leap Day :)!

Over and over last night, Josiah would wake just enough to notice he couldn't feel me. He would squirm and fuss until his hand found my chin (his favorite way to snuggle someone, we're not exactly sure why. You can't pick him up in a good mood for more then twenty seconds before he's rubbing, patting, and, at times, absentmindedly clawing, at your chin, lol.), or I laid my hand on his arm. Over and over, he would relax at finding me there, and then roll over, just to fuss again at not being able to tell where I was. He's gotten really good at sleeping through the night for the most part, but there are still times (usually after we've had a busy day) where he just can't sleep without being touched.

After this happened again, for probably the fifth time, I reached over and told him, "It's okay. I'm right here." Then I added to myself, "You're the one who keeps moving, anyway, not me."

And then I realized that that must be how God feels at times. We want to ask Him where He has been through such and such a time, when in all honestly, we have been so wrapped up in ourselves, that we haven't looked up to see Him standing right at our shoulder with the help we needed so desperately, like a Father who has the right part to his son's airplane model that he has been frantically trying to replace after losing the piece by not putting it away when he was told.

Being awake at three o'clock at night isn't always a bad thing ;).

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Blessings in our Savior,

Bri :)

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