Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Homemade "Oven" :)

I walked into our room last night, and this is the sight I saw. Abbi and Andrew had taken a baby doll swing, detached the seat, put a hanger in it's place, and then hung a pail from it for their swinging kettle :D. Mama's been reading the "Little House" books for our read aloud, and we've also been watching the shows, so they decided to make their own "oven" like Ma used :).When Andrew was little, he used to use the treadmill to "cut wood like Pa does" in the Little House show :). Little House definitely gets creative juices flowing in order to play at being the Ingalls :).
Mama also got them some cloves to make one of the clove apples that are mentioned in "Little House in the Big Woods". Unfortunately, Josiah bruised it, but, they had fun working on it, haha :).
 Sweet boys :)...
There have also been lots of log cabins built ;).
Little House has always been a special series for us. I remember my Grandma used to read a chapter or two every time I would visit, and I always looked forward to that. And Tori and I played that we were snowed in more time than I can count when we were little!!! It's been fun to get to see the little ones enjoying it now :).

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