Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trains and Planes

Sunday evening, Abbi came running to me with the announcement that she had seen a train on the road behind our house.
"Abbi.....", I started, taking Josiah's shoes off. "That's impossible. There are no train tracks anywhere near here."
"No, really", she argued. "It had lots of things attached, and it was really big."
"Maybe a semi-truck?" I suggested. She finally gave up and left.

A few minutes later I walked by Mama, who was calling for Josiah to come and see the big truck. I peeked out the window, and found Abbi's train. It wasn't really a train, but a covered auto-delivery truck that, I admit, would have looked like one to her. I called her to ask if this was what she meant, and she agreed that it was. She got out some paper and a pencil, and worked on drawing it while the guy unloaded the cars (if you'll look at her picture above, she drew all the cars in it with great big smiles, heehee :). I love it :)!). Daddy said that the covered truck probably meant it was a special car being delivered, and Mama said she wouldn't be surprised if it was some new expensive make. Tori said, "Or an antique. You never know." He pulled the car out, and Mama was like, "That is NOT an antique!"

Watching him was so scary, haha... Mama and I both gasped at one point as we were sure he was going to miss his skinny little ramps, haha. But he knew what he was doing, and it came out fine,of course ;). He parked the vehicle, and went to pull out the one behind it, that he was actually delivering... and it *was* an old car, hahaha! Tori and I got a kick out of that, haha :). Daddy explained how the top works like an elevator, and he might have another one to drive out as well, but the old one was the one he ended up delivering. It was interesting :).

A couple weeks ago, we were outside, when a plane flew overhead, and Josiah stopped playing with his ball, all concerned about the big noise. I told him it was a "plane, up in the sky behind the trees!", and he was soooo bothered that he couldn't find it! A couple days ago, we were outside while Daddy was grilling hamburgers, and Josiah was playing with a ball almost as big as he is (it's a lovely shade of green... I've never seen a prettier outside toy, haha!). He stopped all of the sudden, his little face peering over the big ball, and he said "Plane!". I was surprised that he knew. It was far enough away that I hadn't even noticed the noise yet, and he obviously couldn't see it! I was proud of him for remembering and putting the two together, and I asked , "A plane?! Really?". He agreed, and told me, "Trees!". I guess he thought it was his turn to do the educating :).

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