Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baby Noah

 Baby brother is a week old today! It's hard to believe that it's been that long, but at the same time, he fits in like he's always been here :). He's so precious!
Mama mentioned he looked like Emmi when he was born, but later on (especially when he would open his eyes, it becomes very striking!) we thought he looked like Peter. Mama pulled up pictures on FB to decide which he looked more like, and I walked in...
"Awwww, is that Emmi?!"
Mama: "No, actually, that's Peter."
Oh. I guess they both look like Emmi, haha! We did think Peter was a perfect mix of everyone when he was born, so I guess that works :).

He has sooooo much hair. We thought Peter had a lot when he was born, but it was nothing compared to this little guys! Daddy gave Noah a bath this morning, and he actually had to brush his hair afterwards! And he has this little wave in it. His cheeks are so chubby, and his left ear is a little "pinched", it's cute :). He holds his hands like Bethi did as a baby. I had forgotten it til I saw Noah doing it, but it was sweet. Bethi used to hold her thumb down under her first finger when she would make a fist, and he does it too :).

Josiah with Noah

 Peter and Noah
 Emmi and Noah
 Abbi and Noah
 Andrew and Noah
Bethi and Noah

 Tori, Noah and I
Baby toes!!!!

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