Friday, March 11, 2016

Lilies and Quotes

Josiah loves his ball so much :). And he looks so old after his haircut this morning, I don't know what happened! It's sad!
Bethi and I took care of these liles this afternoon! We got them after a convention Daddy worked at last year. The coordinator had gotten these liles to decorate with, and she offered us several plants as we were cleaning up. Come to find out, Easter Lilies only bloom once a year, BUT, they do come back the next year if left alone! I was worried these ones might not, since they got left outside during the winter and got snowed on, but they came up a couple weeks ago, and I was so excited to see the green leaves :)! And that tallest one has it's flower stem :)... Gardening has always been my "happy place", and I miss it here, but it makes the small pot plants we have even more special :). I do believe I look on plants with as much love as I do cats, which is saying something, haha. But it does seriously pain me to so much as thin new sprouts, I've always hated sentencing that beauty to the compost heap :(.

I've been reading "Stepping Heavenward". It's one I've read several times, but each time I find something new from it :). This part really stood out to me this time. It's a section of questions/concerns and replies copied down into the "character's journal"...
"'In my prayers my mind has difficulty in finding anything to say to God. My heart is not in it, or it is inaccessible to my thoughts.'

'It is not necessary to say much to God. Oftentimes one does not speak much to a friend whom one is delighted to see; one looks at him with pleasure; one speaks certain short words to him that are mere expressions of feeling. The mind has no part in them, or next to none; one keeps repeating the same words. It is not so much a variety of thoughts that one seeks in intercourse with a friend as a certain repose and correspondence of the heart. It is thus we are with God, who does not disdain to be our tenderest, most cordial, most familiar, most intimate friend. ...It is necessary to content one's self with giving to Him what He gives it to give , a fervent heart when it is fervent, a heart firm and faithful in its aridity, when he deprives it of sensible fervor.'"

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