Saturday, March 5, 2016

Coordination and Snowgies

Last Sunday I made Tori and I some coffee drinks. Making coffee for Tori is about as fun as drinking mine, because her eyes get so huge when I hand it to her, haha... she told me once that Starbucks should hire me, which I take as a very deep compliment! I just wanted to enjoy some coffee flavored, iced, whipped cream topped coffee, while I did my bible study before I had to head back out to choir practice. So, I handed Tori her coffee, and we headed upstairs, and I enjoyed going through my HCSB bible notes for Psalm 119, in between threading needles for Abbi. 2:00 came around, and I got up to go get ready to go. I tripped over Abbi's doll crib, and I almost fell over three times. I'm sure the unintentional dance was interesting ;). I finally righted myself, and asked Tori why she was laughing. To which she answered, "That whole time, you kept your cup upright the whole time." It was true. I hadn't lost a drop, haha! It's nice to know that no matter how uncoordinated I am, I've at least got a good handle on my coffee ;).

Mama and I ran to Kohls on Thursday. We were walking through the clothes section, when we found one of the tiny snowmen from "Frozen Fever", totally out of place. Around here, they are known as snotmen... but, I have heard that the official name for the little guys is "snowgie", haha. It had a "press me" button on it, and so, Mama obeyed and pressed it... once... twice... probably five times. Then she decided it was broken, and walked off, leaving me standing by the thing. I realized she was leaving, and started to follow her, when the snowgie toy let out a murderous maniacal laugh. TERRIFIED me. Mama hasn't stopped laughing about it yet...  her only regret is that she was enjoying watching me jump out of my skin so much, she couldn't enjoy the onlookers enjoying it, lol!

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