Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ice Cream v. Tooth Fairy

We went out to lunch with several members of our church this Sunday. Along with our family, and the visiting Pastor's family, there were about a dozen others there... we made up over half of the business in the three hours we were there, haha :). Daddy at one point asked the waitress, "Is the cook pulling his hair out yet?"
Look of "why would you think that": "Oh, no!"
Continues, very sincerely, "He doesn't have any hair to pull out."

While we were enjoying our lunch, we hear from the other end of the table(s -like, six, haha!) that Bethi had pulled a tooth. After we left, Tori told us that the conversation between them and a couple little boys who were there went something like this after the incident:
Little boy: "You'll have to remember to put that tooth under your pillow."
"We don't do the tooth fairy."
"Oh. Well I know the tooth fairy isn't real. You just loose a tooth and get free money for I don't know what reason-"
Abbi: "We get to stay up when we loose a tooth."
Little boy: "No. Fair."
Abbi hadn't even told them "we get to stay up and watch a movie and eat ice cream", she simply said "stay up," and he was so impressed, heehee :). It was cute!

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