Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cinnamon Sticks ✽ Merry Christmas


I went out to the garage to put a few things away this evening and decided to go ahead and look for the greenery. Our room still isn't decorated, and it's sad. But anyway, since the greenery was found easily, I thought, why not look for the box that we keep the stuff we usually put up in our room in? I couldn't remember what all was in there, but I was pretty sure it held a pretty bucket I like to use, and I knew it held cinnamon sticks. We had pulled them out just the night before. I knew right where they were.

I spend 25.43 minutes out there (give or take-it was somewhere close, I had the timer going for lasagna while I was out there, hahaha...). About 20 of those were spent looking for the cinnamon sticks. Mainly because I'm a dork, but also partly because, um, cinnamon sticks. I almost gave up several times. I mean, really, I wasn't sure it was worth the time. I didn't think I had anything to put in the bucket anyway, no matter how much I love it. And I'm not sure where I'll be able to fit the tea set I know is in there. I don't even know what else is included, and it's pretty hard to justify looking for something when you don't know remember what it is.

But cinnamon sticks.

I have a thing for cinnamon sticks, y'all. Bordering on a strange obsession, during Christmas time.

So I persevered. I found them (they had been moved to the other end of the garage after I left the garage the night before). I breathed a sigh of relief, set them inside, and went to the craft closet to find something Mama had asked me to paint.

And just sitting there, right under the "W" I was supposed to paint.

I found cinnamon sticks.

I stared in disbelief, growled "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!", went to tell Mama what had happened... and about the time I hit "I spent 25 minutes looking for cinnamon sticks"... she just eyed the wooden "W" and started laughing. Lol...

So, I missed 3/4ths of the Christmas cd I put in for no reason, but I found some Christmas goodies I wouldn't have thought to pull out otherwise, so I guess everything evens out in the end?...

In other news, I got this canvas mailed off this afternoon, and this was SUCH a fun order, y'all :)!!! I got to make a completely custom "family mission statement" canvas for someone, and I just thinks that's neat- getting to make items like these are what really makes my shop feel meaningful and worthwhile :).

And I'm kind of stressing out because I've hit that point of I have no choice but full steam ahead to get done with everything before Christmas, which results in me writing a lot (?). I always enjoy every Christmas activity -the decorating, the gift making and buying, the visiting family, the candy making, the baking, the books we read, movies we watch, the extra little bible studies we do, advent, hot chocolate, music... but whenever it's over I realize what is still left afterwards, and the closer to Christmas we get the more I freak out, and we have nine days til Christmas, and I really want to be done by Christmas Eve if at all possible this year, because I'm just really tired just thinking of how much I usually try to fit in on Christmas Eve most years (so technically I have 8 days...) And, forgetting how many pictures and fun times I end up with to share with y'all, writing is just how I.... cope? procrastinate? maybe just feel a false sense of control, which isn't a good thing? so if there are more posts than usually here over the next couple weeks... consider it a Christmas gift. Hahaha!

Oh, and IS ANYBODY ELSE HAVING ISSUES GETTING TO MY BLOG??!?!?! Or is it just ME?!?!?!? I am not liking blogger's new update. It's harder to navigate, more cluttered, and I can NOT pull up my blog without going to specific posts since it happened. I should probably backup my blog... But I'm not sure how anymore, I'll have to re-find all the pages...

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