Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chatting over coffee ✽ I can finally get into my blog!!!

I asked recently if you all could view my blog, and a couple of you said yes; but I still couldn't go to my blog home page for WEEKS after blogger's recent update, I could only view individual posts by typing the direct link in, and it was really grating on my nerves! But I try to pull up my blog every time I blog, and it just worked, y'all! I'm happy about that, and, hey, my panic about it caused me to back up my blog, which is a good thing so we're all good, right? Haha :). My blog page has never been so satisfying to see...

And so, I'm here, with not-supposed-to-be cold coffee in my beau-ti-ful cup, to ramble on my blog, because that's what I do best ;).

*Goes for pictures* *plugs in USB cable* *remembers comment I saw one time that someone thinks when they bury the creator of the USB cable they will lower the coffin, pull it up, turn it, and lower it again as tribute* *further remembers the comment that the USB symbol is always on top, so you should never have to turn it around* Like, duh? The things I never notice *gets it correct first try* I haven't had to turn it around once since I saw that weird thing, and I find it disturbing that that has become such a predictable pattern in my life.

Apparently Walter is helping write this blog post, thanks to Peter 
Pumpkin... haha! Pardon my messy bed- creativity is disastrous ;).
And I promise I have a life outside of the snowman... haha! He shows 
up a lot here, I know.... He just gets into the strangest circumstances- 
he's like elf on a shelf, but not creepy. And it's my siblings pranking 
me instead of Mom pranking the kids. Ha!                                         

My Gramma sent me a pattern for some red valentines day head warmers on Facebook recently and several ladies thought they were adorable, so I made some up, and now I've listed them in my shop :)! That's the most exciting shop news I have for now... There are wheels turning in the background that I'm super eager to share, but aren't ready to be revealed in any coherent way yet. Hopefully soon! I'm especially chewing on the idea of... but you'll have to wait and see :)!

Emmi "modeling" one of my headwarmers. I just love window 
pictures like this... they are so pretty! And Emmi <3. She got her
hair cut today... maybe five inches? And it doesn't look any shorter?
How does that work?!                                                                        

I do want to ask, does anybody get tired of hearing about my shop here? I have a Facebook page that I'm trying to build up for it, but it's just so much more natural to share it here... this is like my online home, haha. I don't know... I feel like I mention it too much, but, it's what I do, and I enjoy it. But do people really want to hear about it all the time? Then again, do they really want to hear anything that I post? Blogs are supposed to have a theme... "Find your niche, make sure you have enough material to make it worthwhile, create a perfect design, then go for it"... but I like simple. I don't enjoy making pins that bring people to my site, I often can't talk myself into sharing my posts on the FB page I set up for my blog because it was "the thing to do", I like simple and pretty rather than the complex or stark white sites all the big bloggers settle on (not that I dislike the blogs that look like that... just for me, my blog, it just doesn't fit) and if anyone were to ask me what my blog was about... I don't know, life? Random ramblings? My less-than-stellar-capability in weird situations (haha... that would probably be the first thought for some people ;) )? Nothing that you can quite grasp as the one common thread? How does someone create a blog focusing only on one aspect of their life, when all of life is such a writable, lovely, aching-filled, laugh inducing, constantly changing, growth bringing, twist filled, gift of a story from God? I struggled with that for a while. Where was I supposed to direct my posts? But I don't need my blog to be perfectly conformed to this world's standards of correct. God gave me the desire to write, and he'll use the ways I do that to bring about what he wants to do. So, in a way, I guess it doesn't matter; skip my shop stats if you want. But I do also want to cut back on it if it's annoying... I have a journal that I write the stupidest things in, so I can always rave there instead... haha!

That's my badly settled mind flow for the night. Thank you for your time. Haha...

Also. Tori did this. And I want to hug it until it stops crying, but also,
it's just really good. She's so good at art... she drew something recently
that is GORGEOUS, but she hasn't revealed it yet, so I'll share it later :).

 Not sure what is going on here, but this is the crew that I get
to read children's stories with frequently, and I love it :).        

Big boy sleeping in his own crib! But he doesn't stay there long, 
I'm told, haha. He walked "for real" Thursday of last week.
 Tori and I left for my aunt's the next day to help set up Aunt Amber's 
baby shower, and I was soooooo glad I didn't miss him walking! 
I knew he was close, and I actually threatened to stay home 
if he kept trying as hard as he was but wasn't there by Friday, haha! 

The baby shower went really well- it was elephant themed, and it was adorable, and it was happy, and our stay with Aunt Tessa was busy and cozy :). We had coffee and got rained all over, set up for the shower, went to church with Aunt Tessa, and I snuggled cats, and we baked, and I missed everybody here dreadfully even though I was loving every minute there, and on Saturday I called Mama at 11 o'clock at night, and we talked to everybody in turn (except Noah, who isn't quite ready for the phone, and Josiah, who was asleep and had already called me that evening to tell me he ate supper by himself, which was adorable), and we got the most convoluted report of the day from everybody from Daddy to Peter, all told in very personality-true styles... haha :). I was happy to get back home, and I look forward to visiting again... it's one of those hard to choose between things, you know :)? Also, I learned how to make a washigami elephant, and I'm very interested in learning more. OH, and when Mama and the little girls arrived for the shower and to bring us home Sunday afternoon, I went out to hug them, and I tried to take Noah to soak in some snuggles... and he screamed at me and flung himself back at Mama. I was gone for what, 45 hours? and the child acted like he didn't know me? So wrong...
"Can we watch a movie?" Josiah asks me as he sits beside me sketching on Tori's MP3 player art feature. "A scary movie?"
What even 'Siah? Why?!

(For those of you curious, I finally finished the bible study I should have been done with on the 11th. But I'm still going on with it anyway. Haha :).) And now I'm going to go listen to music with JoJo :). Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow!


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11