Saturday, January 14, 2017

Little Penguin ✽ Life

 Look at this outfit, like, I love it so much, and that grin and those little feet, agh <3. Mama and I were at Target a couple months ago, and we saw this outfit and I fell in love with it. The penguin peaks out of the jacket, y'all. And Mama laughs at me because I seriously rave over it, haha, but she bought it when it went on sale, and so I made him a penguin for Christmas to go with it, haha :). Daddy got some pictures last Monday :). This is my favorite, even though it doesn't have the penguin...

I mean, could he get any cuter? Don't ask me what he's looking at, but it's cute. And he took two steps in a row during the photo shoot. And four in a row today. He doesn't do it on command yet, but he's growing up...

Qualifying moments of productivity for the day; baking, drinking hot chocolate (I do consider this productive, okay?), getting my new bank card verified, cleaning my purse, and earning one cent switching my Etsy information to the new card ;). Haha! I'm left wondering if they will charge me come my next bill for that cent that was sent to make sure my account is connected right, or if I get to keep it?...

Me trying to verify my card: *puts in number*
"This account number does not exist. Try again."
*puts in number*
"This number does not exist. Verify the number and call back."
Mama: "Want me to try?"
*puts in the number*
"This number does not exist. Try again."
*puts in number*
"Your account has been verified."
We did nothing different?! Whatever....
Me to Mama: "Thank you... for doing exactly what I did and making it work... That was kind of a Daddy moment..."
Mama: "Well, I have to have a few of those moments..."

I recently made up this Family Resolutions custom canvas! I can't wait to make these family canvases a regular item in my store... Actually, I can't wait to put a lot of different new items up! My shop is doing so well, that it's hard to find time to streamline listings to get them up, though, which I am thankful for :).

Bethi today: "I have so much to do. Catch up on my bible study, clean out all my stuff, catch up on writing."
Me: "Wow, that sounds so much like my life."
Bethi: "Yep. But at least you don't have math anymore."
True that.
"And you always seem to be catching up on your bible study, so I don't think that you can be THAT far behind. I am SEVEN. DAYS. behind."
"Bethi... I am ten days behind.
In a 30 day bible study.
Of Colossians 3."
Bethi: *blinks eyes* ".... How can you get behind reading one chapter?"
This question is actually baffling me, too. The assignments are supposed to take 5 minutes a day, but somehow they take me 20 minutes or longer, partly because I get side tracked bible journaling or doing word studies that aren't assigned, and I'm loving doing it, but it's making it really hard to stay caught up, haha!

Also, I've read just for fun every day this week, and I'm super happy about that. And the KBR magazine got here this week, and my friend wrote the subscriber's script! I also knit my first-ever diaper cover! I love January and productivity :).

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