Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Looking Back at May

Noah quietly playing by himself while we put together Bethi's little party.

I found a really off bug coming in from weeding, y'all. (But it's NOTHING like the beetles we've seen the last week. They are. so. big. ::shudder::)

Working on new product ;)!


Me: "Out of 8 women on this thing, 3 are Anne and two are Jane."
Tori: "What kind of poem was that?"
*blinks* Bethi had to explain to me that I made a rhymn, haha...

Joey: "I better get out of here before the fan messes up my hair!"

*sees someone on the internet say they are a crazy cat lady, but only have one cat*
*looks up from my phone as I realize I have zero cats*
"Okay, she could be a crazy cat lady. Amount of cats has nothing to do with it."

After weeks of Noah calling me Burrito, he is now in turn called Dorito, if anybody is interested ;). Except he hasn't seemed to notice yet, and I don't know if he just "gets it", or if he truly ignores me that much.

Me, as I am cooking in the kitchen and hear noises in the family room: "Awww, who's taking care of their beak?"
Thinks of this and laughs:

Image result for the only thing dog and cat people agree on is bird people meme

"A salad is a work of art." *stares happily at my salad*
Bethi: "Yeah... but I don't have that art..."

Standing in the kitchen of the church eating ice cream with some of the girls, when one of them says "I don't think I will have any, actually. I don't need it, I had a brownies today."
All of us; "WHAT!??!?!? But it's ICE CREAM."
One of us: "Well, but we feel bad for eating in front of you."
Responsible one: "It's okay, it's my choice."
Another of the girls: "Well, good choice!"
Literally at the exact same time, me: "But it's a bad choice."
Whoops. Don't count on me for support in turning down ice cream. Find you an Emily instead.

Tori: "My voice won't talk."

When the visiting evangelist gives a demonstration of what biblically speaking in tongues really looked like, and says "I am going to go out on a limb here, pastor, and say you don't speak swahili," (because who does, right?) and your sister jabs you and your dad tries to get your attention, because you actually know some swahili and they find it hilarious that he would choose that one. Good thing he didn't ask me, I would have ruined the demonstration ;).

Bethani, anfter I had joked to her that she needed to watch out for Andrew: "He's grown up, I didn't know I still had to take care of him."
Me: "BETHANI. You still take care of MEEEEE!!!!!"
Bethi: "Yeah, but, you're not grown up yet."
She just said she considers Andrew more capable than I am, y'all.
I would argue... but it half an hour that same day I had broken the straw to my cup and fallen into a wall. Sooooo... it wasn't a good day to argue.

Noah, dabbing at my face; "There's shwoklate, there's shwoklate."
"Chocolate? That's a mole, buddy."
Tori: "There's chocolate!? Lick it off!"
Noah: "NO. It's moldy!"

Josiah, obviously sick; "I just don't know what is the matter!!!"
"Josiah, you are sick."
"Nooooo, I am noooooot.
...I am never going to feel better..."
He truly said it in the saddest little wail, but it was so... Josiah like.

Tori, practicing her scales and arpeggios: "Ugh, this is hard."
*tosses book away* *plays a whole composition by ear to relax*

Tori: "I can't play this song, my hands don't stretch a whole octave! Bri, how far do your hands stretch?
No fair! You can reach OVER an octave!!!"
I got her extra key reach, now I just need to figure out how to use it...

Noah has a nightmare, wakes up, and explains that "the frogs in the movie scared him". All of us girls: "HE CALLS DREAMS MOVIES!!!"


Bethani became a teenager on her May Day birthday! We celebrated with a family party themed in cacti and llamas with a pink color scheme... because how much more Bethani can you get ;)?

I got to meet the wonderful Ashley behind Precious Moments! She and her mom drove by us to get to a wedding, and on the way back down, they stopped by our church to meet! It was so neat, and Ashley is so cheerful and gentle! We have been writing and getting to know each other for a while now, but it's fun to know each other outside of the page, as much as I love handwritten letters to connect :). 

Our church held a Justin Peters' "Clouds Without Water" conference, and though most of the family missed it due to being sick, some of us got to go to all the sessions, and it was really good. If you are interested in a biblical look at the Word of Faith movement or christianity as it is in our culture today, or in biblical teaching at all, it's up on our church's website to listen to for free. You can hear the first one here:, and there are links to the others near the bottom of the page :).

Daddy and Bethani and Andrew and I all went to a "near-by" park to see the synchronized fireflies, and despite the fact that Daddy and Andrew were attacked by some kind of large flying insect for 45 minutes, it drizzled off and on, Andrew had an allergic reaction to the mosquitoes, and my night vision is about none-existent and I couldn't see four feet in front of me for the last fifteen minutes of the walk back and kind of freaked out, haha... the actual moments that we stopped to watch the fireflies all blinking together up in the trees were worth coming for. It really was neat! It was a wonderful experience to have had... but I'm enjoying the unsynchronized fireflies through the window lately too ;). Daddy and Andrew had been to this park before, and we have a picture of Andrew on a tree that was way out in the water this time, the water was so much higher!

How was your month :)? Did anyone get to see the fireflies? What was something fun that your month included :)?

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri <3


  1. Crazy cat lady, oh my word. XD

    That is so cool that you met Ashley! I got to skype with my favourite author (Nadine Brandes) this month and it was so much fun. *fangirls forever*

    1. I mean... ask my dad XD. I'm bad, haha!

      It was sooooo fun, she's awesome! And that is SO neat! How did that come about?! Definitely a memory you will have for a long, long time :D!

  2. Hello Bri!

    I enjoyed your May wrap up post.
    Happy belated Bihar to Bethaney. :) Your sister is so funny. ๐ŸŽนOnce our friends were visiting us for dinner, and they were so amazed we know how to play piano by book, because they don't use music books. They just play by ear. ๐ŸŽงAnd we were all amazed at how they just play by ear. Lol. That is a very special talent. ๐Ÿ™‚ How far past an octave can you stretch? The farthest I can stretch is from one C to the next E. But that is if I'm really stretching. Sometimes, though, when I'm playing a song with octaves in it, my fingers will just automatically play one note past an octave. Have you ever had that happen? ๐Ÿ™ƒ

    Oh, got your letter by the way. *did happy dance*

    Have a lovely day! Praying and thinking of you today.


    1. Hey Ashley!
      Thank you and thank you! I know! We are all amazed at Tori, and she just says it's too hard to read it (although, she's gotten quite good at that as well). It's so odd! I can stretch from C to the next E to reach but to play smoothly I can do C to the next D. And yes, a couple of times, haha!
      Yay!!! :D
      You too, Ashley! Many blessings to you, sweet girl!


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11