Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This is April's Wrap-up Post

Yes, it is very late. Yes, it is the reason I haven't blogged for almost two months. Yes, I have a lot of post ideas in my head after such a long break. No, that doesn't mean I'm back to stay, because I seem to be really bad at this consistency thing. BUT, I have missed you all, and do HOPE to do better for a while, even if I can't promise ;). And I had most of this half written and all of it jotted down in some way or another, and so I thought; why waste it ;)? I like to look back at laugh at the little things that happened that, usually, I have already forgotten (?!), and so I hope you can chuckle over them too :). 


Me: "Noah, is it hard work to be two?"
Noah: "No." Then, as if to prove his point: "...Veggietales."
Veggietales makes being two easy. Mkayyyyyy...

UPDATE a couple weeks later: This is what he meant when he said that. This child's reading comprehension is amazing to me, because he made that connection between the conversation and this book, which goes on to talk about how being small isn't so bad after all (because little guys can do big things too, obviously). I mean. Wow, NoNo. You're adorably smart.

Me: *bonks everything in the kitchen in quick secession*
Bethi: "Clumsy today?"
Me: "ME? Clumsier than USUAL?!?!"
Tori: "Wow, everybody away from Bri."

Me: *Writes secession as secessio and contemplates leaving it for Tori to find*

Tori: "Noah, what is a genius?"
Noah: "Josiah!"

Me to Peter: "Why do boys fight so much?" (Wrestling/tumbling, not mad ;).)
Peter: "I don't know!" (In a little tone that said, why would I ask if I couldn't figure it out.)
Peter, with sudden enlightenment: "I think... it's to make us... STRONGER."

Mama said Noah seems to finally be making the connection about Baby... they were talking and he asked "Kicking you???"
Finally: "Get it out!!!"

Noah has called me Burrito instead of Bri about 80% of the time he talks to me for weeks (edit at this time: months) now.

Noah as Daddy tells us goodnight (pretty much every night, because he is controlling and wants things to happen in a certain order, haha): "LIGHT."
Noah after Daddy turns off the light: "Whew. THANK you."
Tori: "Noah, you are bossy."
Noah: "Not Bossy."
Noah, two minutes later,  after no one has said anything else to him, he just wants us to stop talking to each other: "NOT BOSSY, STOP GUYS, SHHHHHH!!!"

Daddy: "Do I need to stop for anything on the way home?"
Mama: ...
Noah: "Pizza."
Mama: "Noah wants pizza..."

Me: "I WANT a caffeinated coffee, but I'll be responsible."
Mama a few days later: "I'm going to be responsible. Just get me a decafe."
"Mama, do you realize both of us use the word "responsible" most often in connection with coffee?"
Daddy: "Yeah... but I've never heard you use it with the word 'chocolate'."
One can only be so responsible.

Me: *texts Tori two questions*
Tori: "IDK. And IDK..."
Well, that's it. Nobody must know.

Mama took a picture of a teddy bear and her google phone app told her it identified a pet picture. It hasn't even identified our birds as pets before...

Aunt Tessa: "What do you think the rest of your family will do tomorrow?"
*gives her the two options on how the day might go taking into account one variable*
Mama the next day: *texts me they are doing one of the two variables exactly*
Aunt Tessa: "Tori isn't answering you back anymore."
Me: *looks at clock* "She will in a little bit. If I had to guess, they are getting the little ones ready for an early bedtime tonight so the older ones can do an ice cream night."
Tori:  *texts and lets me know they are doing that exactly*
Aunt Tessa: "It's kind of bazaar how you know exactly what's happening at home."
We're just predictable ;).

*I am texting Tori badly written sentences in "regional dialect" (think southern, british, scottish, etc.) late at night while I was out of town to tease her because she couldn't stand to see me butcher them as I was*


Our parakeet learned how to open the cage door. We're not sure which one, but either way, it was an issue, because one is aggressive and knows that we can't get her if she sits behind the sink, and one of them is clumsy and panics if a human is within two feet of her, and so their cage is now bread tied closed, haha.

The world's oldest spider apparently died by a wasp attack this month. ::sniff:: BUT NO, REALLY, HOW CAN THEY EVEN TELL?!?!?!?!?

So, he's blurred, but there's a genuine Peter smile, which does not happen when you warn him first ;).

It is honestly SO hard for me to put the little boys in their own beds if they fall asleep in mine before going to bed. They are just so squishily sweet <3.

Bethani and Abbi and Emmi and I put in our garden in April, and there are definitely going to be some posts on that in the future, because at least the carrots and squash seem to be growing well, haha. I love gardening, I'd missed it!

Two very exciting things happened in April... For one, our precious new cousin arrived :)! We got to meet him a couple weeks later. I stayed with my Aunt Tessa for a couple days first, and I made this little hat and diaper set for baby Kevin ( I forgot to bring Walter the Snowgie along with me, so my cup had to be the head form I use while placing the pieces) while Aunt Tessa did some school work and we watched a movie with cookie dough, haha :). We're great multitaskers, and we get along great together ;).  Kevin is just so sweet, and we were so thrilled to get to see him and hold him and love him up!

And for another thing, Mama and Daddy completely shocked us on Resurrection by announcing that little Baby Bear is a BOY! They had known for weeks; it had been long enough that I had stopped suspecting them of hiding the secret, because I honestly didn't think Mama could wait that long if she knew, so they must have decided to be surprised again... but no, Mama just wanted to save it for an extra surprising surprise ;)! We're evenly split now; five girls and five boys! Mama never suspected, after having one lone boy in the midst of five girls, that one day she would get four little guys in a row! Josiah seemed to really "get" that there was a baby on the way after he learned that it was a brother... I guess it helped him fit the baby into the family in his mind. He hadn't really responded at all up until then, but as soon as we learned Baby was a boy, Josiah started talking about him constantly, and it's just been really sweet!


April ended with an experience I'd rather have forgone (well... changed, not forgone exactly), but it gave some opportunities for growth, and most of the month was wonderful and fun, something I am definitely reminded of editing my own post :) And each month, each day, each moment, is a gift from God no matter what, isn't it? God's planned everything for His glory and our benefit, and when you remember all the cause God has to remove us from Himself forever, it's just a blessing to realize that you are living in His grace!

April was also pretty much South Carolina's only month of spring, so, there is that to set it apart, as well ;).

Next up, May's recap... which is only slightly late right now, right ;)?

Many blessings,
Bri <3


  1. It's always nice to hear from you, and read the happenings and conversations with your family! I like how your closeness to each other comes through in your blogging. :) Don't feel bad - I know it's hard to keep up with blogging sometimes! That's been my struggle recently too. I'm glad April was a good month for you, Bri, even though it came with things you wouldn't have chosen. May we learn to press closer to Him throughout those times! And all the best for the rest of June. :) xx

    1. Your comment made me smile so many times <3! I don't know what to say other than, thank you Jessica <3!!! May God bless your heart as He used you to bless mine <3!


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11