Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Update of Sorts...

We received news that Uncle Jerry went to be with Jesus Tuesday night... We loved Uncle Jerry, and are going to miss him, but it is a joy to know that we'll meet him again at the throne of God! So, we'll be in upper SC over the weekend, and are praying that the Lord would comfort Aunt Donna, this is especially hard on her :(...

As far as house news goes, Daddy left to go back up to VA last Tuesday. There is another house that is a *very* big possibility in VA, and we are fairly sure that, Lord willing, we will be moved by the beginning of next month :)! What a blessing that would be!

In garden news, we had a yard work day yesterday, have chased two frogs out of the house since Sunday, and are harvesting snap peas like crazy... a handful a day isn't bad, haha. The cucumber plants have cucumbers on them, and the lettuce can't be eaten fast enough!

Finally, the Hidden Treasures auction ends tomorrow! If you haven't visited yet, or might be out bid, you'll want to check it out before midnight tomorrow!

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