Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tori :)!!!!

 Close friend, goofball, my personal grammar- and spell-checker, "Bubby" to Peter, and lover of everything Lord of the Rings (except Frodo...)... a.k.a., Tori. Who turns thirteen today :)!!! And we can never hear again that we just have to wait until we're both teenagers to become fighters, because we woke up this morning pretty good friends, like always ;). In fact, she just accepted my friend request ten seconds after it was sent. Heeheehee!

Tori loves to read, and can make some yummy, yummy biscuits. I could really eat them as dessert, haha :). She lets me know when she thinks that something I've done could be done better... and is usually right. She has quite the artistic eye. She is also so good at playing the piano. She can hear a tune, and go pick out the notes right away... and she doesn't even have to be sitting at the piano to do it, it is amazing! I love to hear her play, and so does her buddy :). They can often be found listening to or playing music together, it is so sweet :). She's a wonderful "little" sister... who is only an inch shorter than me... haha :). 

Happy 13th Birthday, Tori :)!!!! I love you!

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