Friday, October 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 133

I really have been trying to blog more lately, haha :). I have so much to share about earlier this month during our trip to see family, and some Thankful Thursdays done to share the great time we had will be coming, Lord willing next week. But for the time being I just wanted to share all the things I have to be thankful for *this* week :)!

~Serving the Lord with my family at our church.
~Watching Peter help all of the men bring in the chicken while we were making brunswick stew at the church last week. They were bringing it in on carts, and Peter was just working away :).
~And all of the people at our church who have invested in us. It was so sweet to see all the people we've gotten to know the past several months giving the little ones rides on the cart, having a picnic with them, and working together with others is always enjoyable to me :).
~Sitting with Peter talking to a dear friend last week.
~Mommy's many talents. She amazed our neighbor the other day when she found out that Mommy was the one who had given all the haircuts that morning :). 
~Tori's devious little mind... and all of the totally hilarious pranks she comes up with, haha :). Like taking face painting over one lady's birthmark.. and then giving her identical twin sister a birthmark instead. Haha!
~Learning new things with Tori.
~That, when Emmi was "damaged by the dob noor" (a.k.a., hurt by the door nob), it wasn't too bad. I love the way they talk ;).
~Watching Josiah scooting across the floor- he has finally started going forwards, haha :)!
~Coffee... nice, warm coffee... as much for warming my hands as enjoying the taste, lately, heehee :). I love fall... but the mornings have been so chilly this week, haha!
~A good book.
~Seeing Bethi cart Josiah all around.. it is both hilarious and sweet :).
~Our neighbor's blowing off our driveway just to bless us. So sweet :).
~The lessons the Lord has been teaching me... and his grace when I ignore them again and again and again.
~Getting to sew and fellowship with a friend here in VA yesterday :).
~The delicious soup recipe Mommy made!
~Colorful little Abbi. She is so funny... she just saw an orange Christmas tree and fell in love with it...?!?!?!? Heehee :).

 “My heart exults in the Lord;
my horn is exalted in the Lord.
My mouth derides my enemies,
because I rejoice in your salvation."
                        ~1 Samuel 2:1

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