Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 130

This will be shorter than usual. It is so late, and we head out tomorrow (!!!!) morning for our grandparents house (!!!). Very excited, but we have so much to do, and I should be getting to bed, so I'll just type out a few things really quick and then be going. I've got a couple posts scheduled for this next week as we are gone, but probably won't have much time to be online while we are busy having fun with family :). 

This week I can be especially thankful for...

~Andrew, who turned eight on Tuesday!
~The time we had to help with the Hidden Treasures auctions the past two years. I was sad to hear that there are no more currently in the plans, but it is completely understandable with how things have changed, AND, it sounds like there are some plans coming up for other ways to help... so I am excited about that :)!
~Our colorful little Abbi... She was saying her prayers last night in a sing-song voice, and when she finished, she informed Daddy "I always do it colorful!".
~That I dream in color. I am told that that is not normal. That would disturb me I think to dream in black and white. Lol! And yes, that was brought back to my mind by talking about Abbi.
~Peter's snuggles... when I notice them. He climbed into bed with Emmi and I a couple nights ago in the middle of the night. Emmi wasn't too into it, and woke me up to complain. I was so tired I didn't even check before telling her to go back to sleep, she was just dreaming, it was okay, nobody was on her, move back over... rolled over to move her back to her side of the bed... and sure enough, there was Peter practically on top of her. Haha! That was so very odd!
~Tori, who is out right now celebrating her birthday with Daddy :).
~Acorns and leaves under my feet.
~Seeing Andrew and Bethi sitting together reading their bibles.
~A letter from a friend I hadn't heard from for a whole.
~Orange, fall, all that fun stuff... have I ever mentioned how much I love autumn?
~And our trip coming tomorrow :)!!!

"I will also praise you with the harp
for your faithfulness, O my God;
I will sing praises to you with the lyre,
O Holy One of Israel."
               ~Psalms 71:22

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