Friday, June 24, 2016

3 Months Old...

 Talking to Mama :).

He desperately wanted Tori's brownie on Bethi's
birthday, haha :). It was cute!

 Okay, y'all. I don't know what it is about this
outfit. But it is probably the cutest thing on
him I've ever seen. His little hands coming out of the sleeves.
And his dark hair. Those cheeks. Yep, he's a keeper!

 Look at his fluffy hair that won't stay in the wrap, haha!

Baby Cakes is getting so big!!! He hit ten pounds last week, and he definitely tried to laugh, though he can't repeat it yet. The little munchkin also tried to roll over last week (the very first time he was set on the floor!). I wasn't there, but I hear that if he had a little more perseverance he would have made it, because he certainly got close.

Noah hates heat, and loves for his hair to be blown. I came inside a couple weeks ago from working in the yard, and Tori told me, "Noah LOVES when you blow on his hair." I was like "...yeah. I know." She looked at me and asked, "How did we both just randomly find that out?". Lol! It's amazing the silly little things we'll do trying to get a grin or some sort of reaction out of this precious tiny people, haha :). He grins if you purr at him (as I was saying...), and loooooves singing, especially Mama's (unless he's already stressed, I've found. Then he's more likely to give me an answer that I think might be translated as please. shut. up. ;).). He loves Bethi; she can get him to calm down when most of the rest of us have run out of tactics. He looks AWESOME in green and brown... much like Peter :). He still holds his little thumb, signing a "T", just like Bethi did when she was little, it's too cute... and he pulls his own hair all the time like Peter did. Haha :). The poor baby has too much of it to know what to do with it all!

I think it's adorable how much Noah looks like Peter, especially since Josiah looks nothing like them. Tori has dubbed the three little boys our oreo cookie; two chocolate babies, with our lighter-haired, sturdy Siah sandwiched in the middle :). It's hard to believe that this tiny little guy has been with us for three months now. He just fits right in, getting loved to pieces :).


  1. Okay, so I'm posting this comment whether I have to do it anonymously or

    I can't believe he's three months already!! So adorable...I love his expression in the last pic :)

    ~Alyssa :)

  2. You can take that top sentence out lol ;)

  3. Don't know how... aren't I a good blog editor? Lol....
    But thanks :). I think he's pretty adorable myself :). That's one of my favorites, too!

  4. lol i know it works now so i just won't comment what i don't want showing hahaha ;)


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