Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Emmi Joy!!!

Emmi is six years old today :)!!!

While we're being packed up today and can't do much, we plan on celebrating her birthday later, and we threw a double party for Emmi and her friend Elise when she was here last week, per Emmi's request. It was sweet for them to get to do that together :). They've loved getting to know each other while Katie and I have skyped, but this was the first time that they got to meet each other :). They had a Little Pony themed party, because that's their main topic of conversation when they've talked before, heehee :).

Emmi is a very dramatic little soul, haha :). She lives life very enthusiastically, but has been dubbed our little "Sadness" (incidentally, she's watching Inside Out haha :) ). She just... *is* that character, haha :). Andrew dropped some spaghetti noodles on the floor a couple weeks ago, and Emmi thought it was so funny for some reason. Tori said something about them being "squiglets", and now every time we see spaghetti noodles, someone will say "Squiglets!!!", and Emmi laughs so hard she gets red in the face, haha. She cries at the mere thought of someone leaving, and tells stories like her life depends on it. She uses such heart in everything! She's a strange mix of thinks-of-every-way-something-could-be-dangerous and a complete daredevil. She has become a very good reader this past year, and she and Abbi got their own bibles a couple weeks ago :)! Usually Mama and Daddy wait for their birthday, but the girls were so scared that they wouldn't be able to find the ones that they were eyeing in SC that they let them get them early :).

Happy birthday, Emmi :)!!!

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